Instagram, with its ever-evolving features, provides users with a plethora of creative tools to enhance their stories. Filters, in particular, have become an integral part of storytelling on this social media platform. While these filters add an artistic touch to your images and videos, some users prefer a more discreet approach. 

How to Hide Filter Names on Instagram Stories?

The desire to keep the creative process under wraps has led to the quest for hiding filter names on Instagram stories. In this guide, we'll explore the methods to maintain an air of mystery around your creative process.

Understanding the Importance of Filter Names:

Before delving into the ways to hide filter names, it's essential to understand the significance they hold in the Instagram storytelling experience. Filter names not only serve as credits to the creators but also enable users to identify and use their favorite filters easily. However, there are instances when users may wish to keep their creative choices confidential, whether it's for personal reasons, maintaining a unique aesthetic, or simply to add an element of surprise to their content.

Method 1: Utilizing Instagram's Built-in Options

Instagram, recognizing the need for user privacy, offers a straightforward way to hide filter names within the app. Here's how you can do it:

Access Instagram Stories:

Open your Instagram app and tap on your profile picture to create a new story.

Apply the Filter:

Choose the filter you want to use and apply it to your image or video.

Edit the Story:

After applying the filter, click on the "Aa" icon to add text or captions to your story.

Hide the Filter Name:

Select a blank space or the background of your story and type any random text or emoji. Place it strategically to cover the filter name.

Adjust and Share:

Resize and reposition the text or emoji to cover the filter name completely. Once satisfied, share your story without revealing the filter name.

This method employs a simple yet effective technique of overlaying additional elements to obscure the filter information.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

For users seeking more advanced options and a greater degree of control, third-party apps come into play. These apps often provide more customization features to enhance the hiding process. Follow these steps:

Download a Third-Party App:

Explore app stores to find a suitable app that allows you to edit and customize your Instagram stories. Apps like Unfold, Canva, and Over are popular choices.

Import Your Story:

Open the app and import the image or video you want to share on your Instagram story.

Apply Filters and Overlays:

Use the app's features to apply filters and overlays to your content. Many apps offer a variety of filters and graphics that can enhance your story without revealing the original filter name.

Add Text or Stickers:

Utilize the text or sticker features to add additional elements to your story. Place them strategically to cover the filter name.

Export and Share:

Once you're satisfied with the edits, export the edited image or video and share it directly to your Instagram story.

Third-party apps provide a more sophisticated approach to hiding filter names, allowing users to explore various creative elements.

Method 3: Manual Editing Before Uploading

For users who prefer a hands-on approach and have some basic photo editing skills, manual editing can be a viable option. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Take a Screenshot:

Capture a screenshot of the image or video with the applied filter.

Open a Photo Editing App:

Use a photo editing app like Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed, or any app of your choice.

Import the Screenshot:

Import the screenshot into the photo editing app.

Overlay Elements:

Use the app's tools to overlay elements such as shapes, stickers, or text to cover the filter name.

Adjust and Save:

Adjust the overlay elements to cover the filter name completely. Save the edited image.

Upload to Instagram:

Share the edited image on your Instagram story without revealing the filter name.

While this method requires a bit more effort, it provides a high level of customization and control over the hiding process.


Hiding filter names on Instagram stories is a quest for privacy and creativity. Whether you choose to use Instagram's built-in options, third-party apps, or manual editing techniques, the goal remains the same – to keep your creative choices a secret. As Instagram continues to evolve, users can expect more features and options for customizing their stories and maintaining a sense of mystery in their online presence. Embrace these techniques and enjoy the freedom to tell your stories with a touch of secrecy and flair.