My journey to internet marketing was not very smooth. When I passed class 12. I decided to make a blog and take that as my priority. And the college will be optional, just for getting a degree and improving my coding skill. And then you all know… my dropout story, who read my blog or follow me on Facebook. At that time, I built 2-3 Blogspot blogs, I have no idea how to create a custom domain and set up DNS (Domain Name Server). One day while searching Google, I found an article about Sitesell. 
Sitesell Homepage
Sitesell is a site where you can start your custom domain blog. They offer a starting course on blogging and online marketing. Then they provide domain, server and their monthly charge is $30. That means 2000 rupees each month at that time. I was so desperate to learn to blog at that point. I did not care about the fee; I just joined the course. The course was divided into ten days part. Like day one, day two, day three, etc. I completed the whole within 3-4 days. Hope now you will understand how desperate I was. I made a site with amazing facts. I collected almost 6000 facts from all over the web. I wanted to provide a picture with every single fact so that it appears more comfortable to read. At the time, the general AdSense rule was- your blog age has to be more than six months specifically for countries like India, Pakistan,China, Bangladesh. As I told you, I was desperate that time. I waited hardly 20 days; then I applied for Google Adsense. And guess what? I got approval from them!!! Yoooo!!!! At the time my main work was to click my ads as much as possible. I made $30-40 that time in 3-4 days and then suddenly got the mail from Adsense team- "Your account has been disabled". I spent total 50-60 use for that blog and made ZERO dollar!!! But I worked so hard for that blog. Conclusion- even donkey works harder than a lion. Don't go for hard work, choose smart work!

This was my maiden step towards blogging, and I failed successfully. But the thing I learned is that- blogging is all about marketing. You need 10 percent knowledge of coding, 20 percent knowledge about your niche and the rest 70 percent is for marketing. All your beautiful speech will go in vain if the place is an empty room. So you need first traffic. Build your audience first. Use social networks to promote your content. Even re-share your old contents. Find which contents are the pillars of your blog. Update them regularly to maintain your ranking. Build an email list. Send them your recommended product links and explain in short why he or she should buy that. If you gave a coffee machine blog, you might not promote fairness cream. All I want to say to promote your niche-oriented products only to get a good response. So, in that case, you don't need to use banner ads. Are not ads look boring? What do you think? Suppose if AdSense says I will still pay you per month the same amount even if you don't put ads on your site. What will you do? Will you still use ads on your site? I bet you won't. 

Moreover, AdSense ads redirect your page to their advertiser's landing page. They don't use a new window. So this is a high chance to increase your bounce rate. So I'll suggest you start a banner-less site. Use affiliate networks like ClickBank Amazon Associates, Peerfly to make money. First, you need to build an audience. Then choose smartly your monetization method. After building an audience, your first job is to make trust. Once audience starts trusting you, they will start buying the products recommended by you. Maximum young bloggers have a tendency to think first how to make money then I will go for that niche. You have to be expert to your audience whatever the niche is.

Suppose I'm searching for a noise cancelling headphone. I searched for it on google, and I found Bose Quiet Comfort 35 is the best noise cancelling over-ear headphone and its suggested by none other but CNET. If you are tech lover, you will be familiar with the name. It's one of the authority gadget blogs. Maybe I have a budget for 200 USD maximum where this one priced 350 USD. Still, I will go for it. There are two reasons. First of all, I'm an audiophile. Second, an audiophile like me is looking for the best noise cancelling headphone, and an authority blog like CNET suggests that. I'll simply end up buying this! That's the power of an authority site. And authority sites mean highly trusted. You can do a blind buy anything recommended by them. A few days ago I was talking to my pro blogger friend Imran Uddin. I asked what about your company (he owns an SEO company named All Tech Media)? He said, brother, I'm going to build authority now. Once we get authority, the job will be simpler. He is absolutely right. 

Even if you don't have any authority site right now, you can start guest postings on those sites, again similar to your niche only. Suppose Neil Patel. A famous online marketer, he writes on Forbes. People who know him, their first impression will be like- wow! This article is written by Neil Patel, let's read it. And others who don't know him be like- don't know the writer, but it's published in Forbes, let's read it. 
Neil Patel Forbes
That's the difference. You may be heard that an iPhone 6s manufacturing cost is near about $300 and they sell them for $900. If they increased that to $1200, still people will buy iPhone. That is called brand value. Let me say one more example of branding. Suppose you are a remarkable painter. You made a blog and posted your painting daily Or think you posted those on your Facebook wall. You know Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), everyone knows him. Think he also painted a picture, let's say he is an average painter. He also posted on his wall. Your picture will get 400-500 likes maximum. His picture will get 400-500k likes. See the difference. Your painting was better, but his brand value ends the game! Same for the Facebook page too. Pages like "Sarcasm" gets 200-300k likes in every post. If you post the same thing on your wall or page, you'll get 20-30 likes, again the power of branding. So when you're starting your blog, you have to give some efforts. Tom Cruise was not today's Tom Cruise in his maiden movie, he was just a fresh face to industry, and he had been treated like that. 

So what would be your initial effort? Suppose your blog is about Blogging and SEO niche. First, search for the blogs in that niche. Follow their Facebook pages. Comment on their post that adds value. When you will be their regular reader, they will show interest in you! While commenting, put your blog link in the website name. But Don't spam there. 
Sourajit Saha Blog
They will click on your name and reach on your blog. If you write really share-worthy content, you can get a backlink from their upcoming post. That's the easy way to get authority backlink in a natural way. Otherwise, comment backlinks are also good. Apart from backlinks, comments help to build a relationship with other bloggers. Post your article on a daily basis on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook. Join in the blogging community and share your blog post there. Those are you much more targeted traffic comparing to your friend-list. Create Facebook page. Initially, you can boost 2-3 posts and check the stats. 

I am not 'paid traffic' lover, so I won't suggest you waste your money by paid promotion. Use killer title, which we call click bait. Like- "13 money making ideas that can change your life"! People have a high tendency to click on the link. Post your old blog posts too, share them again. Give backlinks naturally to medium domain authority blogs whose authority will be between 20-30. When they check about their latest backlinks, they will find your blog and check that. If they find something share-worthy, you have a chance to get backlinks from them too. Why did I mention medium domain authority? Because if the authority is low, you have literally no benefit from that. Whereas if the authority is high, you know they'll not waste their time by checking new backlinks especially from a blog which is brand new! 

This is my longest post till now. Well, I'll share more about my blogging experience. I would like to hear your opinions too. If you have any doubt related today's topic, feel free to contact me here. Just leave a comment below and leave the rest upon me! Take care!