Yesterday I wrote about how Google ruins event blogging. Not only event blogging, but they are also continuously working on to improve search result and provide the most relevant data in the snippet. I gave some examples on that post. Today saw one more feature. Online color picker. I use this too much. When I need to edit a template, I need to change some colors. So, in that case, the color picker is the best way. Nowadays Google is trying to replace those sites with their rank zero inventory. 
This is the new addition. Though you can not pick up color from an image. Still, those site owners will undoubtedly face a huge revenue loss. I'm feeling sorrowful for those bloggers. Again I'm saying that Google is doing their job at its best. So in their perspective, they are doing a superb job. Users will get the more user-friendly system, a hustle free search experience. Specifically for those who are not that much internet savvy. 

If you are a blogger you know, sometimes we have to face some cheap content site which outranks the authority blog with domain authority stacking, using lots of PBN links.Just check the screenshots. outranks trusted blogs like and, with "Exact Match Domain" and PBN links. This is irritating sometimes. But the good side is that they could not stay on blogosphere or page 1 for a long time. As Google algorithmic change can completely smash them.

I updated my Quora profile today. Updated the sites I own, updated my education, work and everything, even profile picture too. Can you make money from Quora? The answer is no. They don't pay anyone for writing answers. But you can drive traffic from here to your blog. First, you need to select some particular topic you are good. Then start writing answers. Details description of the image (optional) with an example which added value. People will start following you. They may even visit your page. You can get 100-200 traffics daily from Quora if you works on it. Sometimes our indirect action works better, even more than our expectations. You can promote your ebook here. Thousands of people share their problems here. If you are expert on that topic, You can give a suggestion. Add your ebook link and say, "This ebook explains more details, You can take a look for better solutions". As Quora are the biggest question and answer platform right now, it's not impossible to make three figure per month from there. My subjects are psychology, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, Google Adsense and more. Today I thought about AdSense. I was crazy once about AdSense. But if you feel that deeply and analyse it, you'll understand how AdSense can ruin your blog image and reputation. Well, let me explain in details.

First of all, Adsense ads look unprofessional. Your reader will feel in their first glance that you are trying to sell something to them. Suppose you meet an unknown person who is trying to sell a product to you within few minutes of your meeting. Would you buy from him? Probably no. He may be probably suspicious to you. First, he should make a trust, should make the relationship more secure, then should go to sell their products. Same for bloggers. So build a relationship first with your readers. Then presell your product.

Adsense can even ruin your blog reputation, cause you have no control here which site's ad will be displayed on your blog and which would not. And you know almost anyone can put their ads to Google AdWords. They do not check they qualify so much. So in case if your blog is a reputed one, and AdSense shows a low content blog ad on your blog, your readers will click on that and redirected to that site, but they would probably find that worthless. They will blame you. As the ad has been shown to your blog, they might think that's your recommendation. As you know, bloggers are little bit internet savvy than average internet users. So we know that was not chosen by me, but chosen by Google algorithm. So before using Adsense in a blog which you are trying to make an authority blog in your niche, think twice.

Adsense makes us lazy. Cause once the ad set up is done, we just sit on the sofa, listen to music and check AdSense stat. That's the only work. Alternatively, they pay very less for 1000 visitors; you may get an average of 5-6 dollars. Whereas you can make 10x more from affiliate marketing with the same amount of traffic. Especially if your maximum visitors are from India, then the amount can go down to 2-3 dollars. Adsense pays very less for Indian traffic. I have a blog where the major part of traffic comes from India. 2 years ago, my CPC was 10-11 cents and currently its only 4-5 cents. Indian traffic has a less tendency going for conversion. They even don't buy or sign up usually. Suppose an advertiser spent $100 and his ROI (Return On Investment) is 90$. So he will decrease the CPC and check unless he gets to profit. Whereas you can easily convert U.S traffic though you have to pay more for them, still I will say if you funnel them properly and find the perfect demographics for your product, you can get a good amount of ROI.

A pro blogger knows how to convert their reader entirely. You should give email subscription a priority. You can tell that a call to action button on your blog. They are more call to action buttons also here like "Hire Me" page of your blog, of a related article. In that way, your AdSense ads also work as a "Call To Action". And as the user clicks them, they diverted to advertiser's page. It naturally increases your bounce rate. What else can you do in this case? You rather can get your visitors for more few minutes. Get more page views as they open any related article, higher chance of selling an affiliate product, where you can get 10-20x more commission than AdSense pays.

One more thing, if you use you Adsense, your money will come from only from ads clicking by your readers. That's the only source. On another hand, think about a blogger, whose niche is SEO and blogging. That can be anything; it's just an example. Suppose he provides SEO service himself and adds an option called hire me with details information in his blog. And you go to him for SEO service for your new blog and hire him and get an excellent result from it. So what will you do then? You probably hire him again for your next project. He will get more dollars from it. You probably share about his service to your blogger buddies, in a blogging community where 2000 members are there. It's not impossible that 10-15 are interested in his service and they really need it. Finally, they end up hiring him. He will make $$$$ from them. Some of them may hire him again for their next projects. Again $$$$. Can you understand the difference? It's spreading on "Words Of Mouth", on Facebook wall, on Facebook or google plus community. So there is an enormous scope of conversion.

Adsense ads have been shown by user's interest and the keywords the article consists. You can find many keywords contained a low quality article which makes huge money just because of they know which keywords can give him maximum CPC in their niche and stuffed that. Ultimately those articles add no value; they are using just for making money. And some authority blog, where the blogger's top priority is quality content that can be helpful for visitors. The density of keywords is not their priority. So they are lagging behind in this race.

Adsense is not okay for their small publishers. Their withdrawal limit is 100$ which seems impossible to many small or new bloggers. They even know very well that they could not reach that limit within 5-6 months. In this way, they keep millions of dollars to them. Cause if you check the blogosphere, you will find maximum these type of bloggers. Whereas Many ad network's payout rates are 10-20$. As you know Adsense gives approval to almost all publishers, who apply. So they can reduce it to 50$ at least.

Are you using Google Adsense? What's your experience? Share with me. I would like to hear from you too. If you still have any question related to Google Adsense just send me a message below. I will surely reply. I want to share also few blogger's blog, where you can learn SEO tricks perfectly without a single penny. I will share some blog which can inspire you a lot. Even I want to share some blogs of my friends or known people in my upcoming posts. No more today. Bye. Take care.