​Make money blogging is very popular keyword nowadays. It gets million of searches every day. I checked those articles. Their statements are almost same. Build a blog on Wordpress or Blogger platform. Add Adsense ad to your blog. Use some SEO tricks and make money from it. Well, today I'll give you some example, example of some bloggers, some blogs and some Facebook page. Though I have written about this before, still let me allow to explain in more details. First of all blog. Creating your brand can drive massive traffic. Just like AllTechBuzz, a blog founded by my friend, philosopher and guide Imran Uddin. He spent good amounts of time to grow this blog. Once it grew well, he promoted his new blog that time, named AllIndiaRoundUp. It gets huge traffic overnight. 
What's the secret behind it? Simple. When an authority source promotes something, that will be trusted to audience easily. AllTechBuzz made this site; surely this blog is worth reading. So the recommendation is crucial. And the easiest thing is to promote your new blog named Blog2 from your old authority blog named Blog1. If you notice carefully, you will see that famous new sequel movie gets huge success if its previous parts have a good reputation, just like fast and furious series. When the new fast and furious 8 with the release, it don't need much promotion as a new movie needs to cause its a sequel movie and the series has a huge reputation. So people will automatically go for it. There are huge numbers of bloggers like Imran who turned his first blog into authority blog and then promote his new blogs through it. When the promote, they also get a backlink from that authority site which boosts it's search engine presence quickly.

You can make audience from an authority Facebook page too. Like Rajnikanth v/s CID Jokes or Sarcasm or Team Shah Rukh Khan. You much give effort on it. These pages publish 200-250 posts every day. So you have to spend a quality time on it. Share your old posts to your new visitors. Keep doing this. You could also make your audience. And the number of followers will increase every day. 
But remember obviously you have to make something unique so that people can remind about your page and tell your friends. 'Words of mouth' is also a useful and effective way for promotion. Once Rajnikanth v/s CID Jokes made their audience, it's time to monetize those amount of massive traffic. How? They create their website and. Post viral content with click bait title and post the link to their page. And put AdSense ads and native ads like RevContent in their site. What's the benefit? The blog starts getting traffic without no time. Get 1000-2000 shares per post which are a signal for Google ranking. That helps to rank better in the search engine.

You can also start your Youtube channel. If you can sing well, start a channel and post your cover versions of favorite songs. You can make whiteboard presentations and upload those. As an example check my "About Me" page, the first and only video is a whiteboard presentation. If you are a gamer, you can post your game play videos with commentary. If you can play the guitar well, you can make a channel like Sungha Jung and earn money. 
If you are a tech savvy person, you can review some products like Headphones, Smartphones, DSLR camera, etc. In that way, you can make money by three ways at a time. You can make money from Adsense ad in your Youtube video. You can add your website name and write- "Check here for reviews of all exclusive gadgets". They user will visit your site for sure. You can use AdSense ads there for making money. Alternatively, you can use affiliate links in the blog post, where you can make some $$$. You can also add your affiliate link to your Youtube video. Like you review a DSLR camera named Canon 700D. And you add a line in the description- you can buy this camera from (your link) at best price available in the market. You can alternatively sell your ebook here. Just inform about that in the description. Remind that your ebook topic and video topic have to be same.

I read about one person who is highly active in Quora and makes a reputation there. He gets 100-150 traffics daily from Quora to his blog. This is also a way to build your audience. You can also use Twitter. I'm on Quora too.
Blog commenting is a good way to build an audience. Find the blogs under your niche. Read them, comment there wisely. A comment that adds value. The blog owner never wants to give a chance someone to promote their blog. Your comment should look like you mean to say that really, not just to find an excuse to put your URL there. Moreover, a witty comment also helps to drive traffic. Suppose there is an article on how to increase your Adsense CTR? You post there a comment about your some experience related CTR and any killer tricks that helps really. Say like- "I follow this method and it helps me to increase my CTR by 270%". Some People will inevitably open the link and visit your blog to see your Adsense ad position and if they find any other tricks from your blog.

Most new bloggers have a tendency, they try to monetize first and then seek to build an audience. The correct way is to build an audience first, then drive it to your blog. In that case, personal branding is more preferable. Like Neil Patel - he is a digital marketer. He has multiple blogs like Neil Patel, Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg. If a Neil Patel's follower knows that Neil used Audi A5 [suppose] and posted- "This is the best car I've ever used". Suppose that guy is rich, he can afford an Audi A5, and he is automobile lover. So will not he want to buy an Audi A5 as Neil suggest this? Maybe Neil has less idea about car, but his brand value makes things happen. Hope you will get the basic idea from here. If you have any more query, feel free to ask me here. Send me a message below the box. I would like to hear from you. Thanks. Have a beautiful day.