Hi friends, this is my new blog, obviously personal blog. I will share here my everyday incidents, pictures, my thoughts. But the major portion will be some posts related to online marketing. I will share here the mistake I’ve done, the experience I’ve gained till now. Those who are involved in online marketing or blogging may have face a little or huge rank drop to your blog. Yes this is because of Google’s latest algorithmic change named “Fred”.
SearchEngineLand wrote about it - New, unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’ shakes the SEO world. It mainly focuses on unnatural link building, sitewide link building. So, if anyone’s blog has been affected by Fred, no need to worry. Just do some little things. Remove unnatural backlinks by Disavow tools. And obviously remove all sitewide links which are basically external links. I don’t think any internal sitewide affect ranking drop. We have a secret blogger community named “Premium Tricks”, where we discussed about the possible reasons of rank dropping. So, that’s the final conclusion here.

I’ve sent one of my domains in Flippa bidding. As far as I know the last bid was $100 dollars. Too low. There are 8 days remaining. Let’s see. Escrow is definitely a good option but they take 12-15% as their fees, which is a huge lose I think, still I will say it’s remarkably safe to use escrow for money transfer. Here are the stats of my blog. You can take a look here-

I think if you use Paypal, there will be no possibility for money loss [I mean fees] as far as I know. But that will be little bit risky for buyer as well as for seller. Here are some screenshot of that blog’s statistics. The bidding part is really interesting. Check the primary bidding for last 2 days.

Thought about buying an affiliate blog from Flippa.  But Have not enough money now to buy a established affiliate blog. 
I am going to start any new project, obviously related to blogging, but not sure about the monetization strategy, which will be best for me. It will be Google Adsense, may be Amazon Affiliate, maybe Peerfly. I made a little mistake on Peerfly application. See the image below-

They told me to submit an ID proof, anyone like Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Passport or Driving License. I sent them my own photo taken by my camera. LOL. Today got an email from their side and submit my driving license proof as an ID proof.

Found an Youtube channel today, named Justin Bieber Videos 2.0, don't know who is the owner, but he/she have a really great collection of Bieber videos. Bieber will come to India for his "Purpose Tour" on 10th May. They program is likely to happen on D.Y. Patil Stadium. This will be one of my biggest regrets not to attend the program! 
Even Bollywood actors/actresses like Papon, Barun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Badshah [Not SRK, but singer badshah. I don't think SRK have enough time to attend the show :P] are excited about this program, have seen a little video clip on Viral Bollywood. In case, if you are unable to find the video here is this video for you. Check this now-
I think it's really really good for our country that some international stars are coming here and perform like Justin Bieber, DJ Snake, Cold Play and many more. I forget to tell you, I wanted to go Delhi 2-3 years ago just to watch Enrique Iglesias. That was also a rare opportunity... for me, for you, for all. 

If you have any suggestion about 'Fred' you can post that as a comment below. Anyone if you have some good monetization ideas, please feel free to share it here. And if anyone is fortunate to attend Purpose Tour Live in India, share your experiences. Give me your facebook photo gallery link, I will check those for sure. You can even upload video(s) in Youtube and post your video link here. Take Care.