​I started my Facebook journey in 2010; maybe I was in class 12. Facebook was not so popular as today. Now we find everyone from 10 years to 50 years old. To be honest, I was addicted highly. My full day job was just to chat with friends, check news feed, scrolling down... down and down. Now I've stopped using Facebook almost. Instead of scrolling down, I give that time to my reading and writing. It helps me to improve myself more. What are the good sides? Well, it's like an addiction to scrolling down for checking more and more news feed. The more friends you have, the more feeds will help you get, and there will be a higher tendency to spend more times on Facebook. Sometimes it seems to me that Facebook is a free version of Match.com, you can find here too many girls. Have you seen the movie "Social Network"? 
Facebook: The Biggest Time Waster!
It seemed like he is highly interested in girls as he collected too much girl's picture and started a competition by their hotness, though Mark denies it. He claims he had not such an intention like that. If you want to ask my personal experience, then I will say yes. It is used to find a partner (both serious and casual). I made all of my girlfriends from here. Basically, I'm very shy type and introvert. So it's quite easy for introverts like me to talk with girls without physical presence. That made me so comfortable. I heard about many married couples where they met each other on Facebook for the first time. If they are really happy now, then I will say its a good side of Facebook, but we have seen the bad side much more. If you asked me about my local boys, yes they have a high tendency to send friend requests to pretty, hot, sexy girls. When the friend request has been accepted, boys start to send messages continuously. And when they get no reply they start abusing those girls. Whey they are showing so much attitude? Why don't they give reply even after accepting friend request? Well, I will tell you to see the incident in girl's perspective. They get too much friend request, too many messages from the people who are already in their friend list and from them also who are not even in their friend list. If all of them start messaging her altogether, whom she will give reply? Is it possible to give responses to at least 50-100 pending messages? Probably not. So I will request you to think like this and then take action. 

Yesterday I saw a Facebook live (my friend told me to see that) of a girl; she has utterly requested everyone not to abuse her. she claims herself as "Smokey Girl", and she has some of her profile pictures at the moment of smoking. As she smokes (smokes even being a girl) so people treat bad with her as this is her fault, that she smokes. So she requested everyone not to abuse her anymore and unfriend her as she has not enough time to sort out her friend list and unfriend a large number of friends. So what do you think? What's your point of view? Well, personally I don't smoke, even I can't tolerate the smell but that does not mean that smokers are bad to me! No, obviously not to me! People smoke means that he/she is bad, obviously not. Apart from metropolitan cities, if a girl smokes then people think she is characterless, in our country. Those people... maybe some of them are die hard fan of Shah Rukh Khan, who has a reputation as a smoker(good or bad)! so you are supporting a thing in the film, in your imagination and when you see it, in reality, it becomes bad to you. It's not right. I have seen her profile pictures. I don't want to share her profile link here due to her privacy issue. She is junior to me. At this age, we are addicted to something that is bad apparently to elder's view. The most amazing thing is that, negative or bad things are much more attractive, so we definitely have a tendency to go for them. As we are getting older day by day, we can understand what id good or what is bad for us, then we stay away from that. When I was junior, like her age, I had some friends, who do not like to study, had some addiction of, smoking and drinking alcohol, they were literally bad. Yes, they were my friend, but I really have great self-control. Even if I stay with them, still I can control myself. One day my teacher told me to avoid them as they are not good. I still remember I cried a lot for that incident. how can I approach them that I have good self-control? I told it to them only. As the days passed, passed almost eight years and I still remain same, I has no addiction like before. I did not waste my time, rather I read articles from Google to improve my optimization knowledge. You may get wrong by the term addiction as I've added it to bad characteristics. Well, I mentioned that as per elder people's perspective, it's not my perspective. 
Don't Hate Quote 1
only I will say, yes you can obviously drink or smoke, but under control. if it becomes regular addiction then, I will request you to stay away from that or to control that. So I'll say if you see any addicted teenager(s), if he/she is dealing with any problem you can politely explain the matter to her instead of any attacking nature. You can do nothing by attacking mentality except your self-satisfaction. But if you really care about her, ask her but never force her. Addiction can not be completely gone in a single day. If she needs help for that, stand by her. If you can't help anyone that's good but please don't make fun of her. It's shocking when I see someone who is matured by age still laugh at her live videos. I will ask them- please think about age before commenting this. at the age you were immature, I was and everyone. she may do wrong, but it's your duty to help her to sort out the problem, instead of making fun. 
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Now I'm hearing James Bay's "Let It Go". Such a lovely song. I've found a cover version of that song by Sofia Karlberg. Someone comments- "I'm crying now. That's the song that was played at my dad's funeral" and another comment- "I have been so depressed ever since my papa died this song was played at his funeral. I only got to meet him once. That was in the hospital. I loved him so much.
Let It Go by James Bay
I don't know what should I say for this moment. This is life. Well, you can hear the song from here, it is really soul touching song though it defines the time of break up, actually detaching with someone who was very very close to us once. No more today. If you have any question related to the post, feel free to comment here. Just do drop a message below. Take care. Have a nice day.