Recently I'm using a software to enhance sound effect in my PC. It's true that there are thousands like this in web still it's working really well. It is FX Sound Enhancer. You can free download their normal version from their website. If you want to get its full benefits, then you have to shift to their premium edition. It takes near around 35-40 USD. Better, search in the torrent and install. Enjoy better sound effect from your speakers. One more thing, I heard the best speakers in the market is Audio Engine A5+; mine is Bose Companion 5. It's also excellent. If I have to purchase new speakers in future, I will shift to Audio Engine! This is the interface of FX Sound Enhancer! It will work in background with any media player like KMPlayer/Windows Media Player/ VLC Media Player even with YouTube and online streaming sites also.
FX Sound Enhancer
We have a community on Facebook named-Crypto Hub. Here we discuss all type of cryptocurrencies, latest news, trading skill, helping comparatively newbies, who are just joined. I check everyday bitcoin news, ups and downs. I read many analysts, well-known investor's advice. The moral is almost same. But some bitcoin and forget about it. Check it at least five years later. Just like we make a fixed deposit in bank. Long term investment. So we should always remember this thing. But some of the members of our group are very tensed after 2-3 days from the moment they bought. Ohh god... price falls... huge loss.. what to do.. blah blah blah... do you want to see some examples? Well, let me show you.
Bitcoin Forum Thread 1

Bitcoin Forum Thread 2

Bitcoin Forum Thread 3 
Bitcoin Forum Thread 4
What will you say now? Our group moderator takes it easy and answer it with humor. Another guy also gives a smart reply to all those- "Cry Baby". And the video link he provided is really helpful. You can also take a look to the video who are interested to invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Forum Thread 5

Bitcoin Forum Thread 6

Here is the video. Take a look.
​I was sitting lonely and thinking of doing something creative. Photography is one of my passions. So I captured some pictures around my house. S8's camera is excellent. Especially the night mode is superb. But two fault is- pictures are sharper and more vibrant. Otherwise, pictures are awesome! You can suggest me some photography tricks or ideas as well. Just add a comment. Here is some pictures captured by me within last 3-4 days!
My Photography 1

My Photography 2

My Photography 3

My Photography 4
As I previously said that now I'm able to capture 360 pictures and this is my new hobby.. go to any place. Take off my mobile from the pocket and start making 360 photos. All these are HD quality. If you are from desktop or laptop, you can use the full-screen mode and see it. It's just amazing! I thought- if I got it earlier, then I could capture my Thailand tour's picture. It would be awesome, no doubt! Well, here are some more 360 pictures to share. Hope you will like the environment. Green, green green. Greenery everywhere. Actually, it is. Our city(Kalyani) is wonderful. I will post more 360 picture later.
Starting a Youtube channel is not my today's idea. I thought it many times before. Even I have a YouTube channel, very very small. I uploaded some of our cultural program's video on my channel. Even I wrote this previously that YouTube channel is not my cup of tea. Nothing is impossible, I know. But I think writing suits me better than talking in front of lights/camera. I was looking for some YouTube channel's idea and got some videos. After watching those, I thought- how can someone think like this? A YouTube channel makes some videos... 20000 matches vs. iPhone/ Coca-Cola/ eggs and much more. All those are interesting. Here is one of them. If you need to see all of them, check his YouTube channel.
Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto series is very popular action/adventure, open world game. Though Rockstar North has other production also, GTA is their base. Their last version is GTA 5 which is a huge success. That game made $ 1 billion dollars within two days. Now all GTA lovers are waiting for next release called "GTA 6". we don't get any information from their official source about releasing time. It may be in 2018, may be 2020 or later. We got Los Santos city in GTA 5. one of the most asking questions is, what will be the next city in GTA? Well, there are many conversions over the web. Some say it will be from the USA. Some say it will be out of USA. for last few days, I got some facebook notification from an unofficial Facebook page about GTA. They created some pictures of different cities which look like posters and posted it. I found those posters interesting. Here are 9 locations, okey? Which location will you prefer in upcoming GTA? Leave your comment below.
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