​Google is called the search engine giant, and they provide the best data among all over the internet. But controversy is such a thing that does not care how big or small you are! A few days ago Google was fined 2.4 billion euro for manipulating search results by the European Union. It's really a significant amount! Anyway, again we found an incredible mistake. Google is now highlighting the best torrent site results in their search engine result page. I recently found this article where they claimed that Google forgot to hide/remove the highlight of torrent site list from their search result. Just now I tried to do the same, but the snippet has been withdrawn from the search results.
Google Algorithm Fault
When Google has been asked, why we see torrent site lists in snippet especially which is illegal. Google spokesperson said, this kind of result has been generated by an algorithm, whenever we get any report, we tried our best to fix it. This is not the first time, even we have seen pirated site rating in google search result too apart from IMDB (Internet Movie Database) rating.

When I was a teenager, Justin Bieber's "Baby" was most viewed YouTube song for a long period. Then "Gangnam Style" came and broke Baby's record and became number one. Now 2-3 days ago Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" broke all the previous record and became the most viewed Youtube video ever. Another video's view has been increasing rapidly, that's "Despacito". Despacito is a Spanish song by Luis Fonzi. It can be predicted that Despacito will be most viewed video within 2-3 months.
Gangnam Style

See You Again

Good news for Paypal users! Apple finally bought an option for their customers to pay with Paypal for buying products from iTunes, apple music, app store etc, which was previously not possible. This is undoubtedly a good step. This is such an era where we are trying to connect all with a single method just like Bitcoin. Paypal has been accepted by many big sites. Two days ago I renewed my domains from Namecheap with Paypal. The benefit is that you don't have to put your debit card information directly to others/unknown sites. If the site is Amazon, Flipkart, even you can't be sure if anyone is tracking your keyboard stroke by sending any virus. So Paypal is the best way for payment. If anyone already has used Paypal for buying products from apple, please share your experience here with us!
Apple and Paypal
I use an app to connect my PC's VLC media player with my mobile so that I can control my music player even laying on the sofa. Whiting some notes for my blog and changing songs with my mobile. It's really cool. There are many apps in the market. I used another one when I had iPhone. Now for Android, I use VLC Mobile Remote. It's really good, and I have spent 160 rupees more to buy the premium ad free version with some more extra features!
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