​Finally, all the construction works of our home have been completed. It took almost four months, just only a gate. And I decided my house name "Muskaan" 4-5 years ago. Now the dream comes true. I am really very happy. Here is the picture of our front door. Hope you can see the name and address also. You can send me some gifts if you want. :P Just joking. I think that name of a house affected anyhow. A smile is the best thing we can to keep ourselves happy. So I like this name very much. One of my uncle's daughter's name is also Muskaan. They don't stay here, live at U.A.E.
Muskaan- Sourajit's Home

I'm going to do a tattoo on my both hands next day. I'm really feeling excited. The tattoo is something that you can describe yourself, your soul, your heart, what you want, what you actually are. The theme is- peace. Peace is all I want, always. I searched google for the best tattoo parlor in Kolkata and google suggested me- 3 Cube Tattoo parlor. I went there within few days and talked with Rajdeep-da and Sayantan-da, who are the highly professional tattoo artists. It made me surprised when I saw their work for the first time. As it will cover full hand, so it will take 5-6 days to complete the work. I will try to book a guest house for few days and will try to stay here to avoid the long journey.
I read the novel "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" today, one of my favorite novels ever and I find a lot of similarity with mine. I told my mom yesterday- it is a story of bipolar disorder. When I read this for the first time, I was probably in class 10 or 11. I found it as my own story. It's a very painful moment when the depression phrase runs that I can't describe. Like I've got many blessings from god, in the same way, many curses too. So you can call it balanced. :) Ok. Take care.