Basically, I love to do portrait photography. But recently I have two events where I have to do concert photography. So when last night, I came to know that there will be "competition among bands" (Band er Juddho) in Kalyani book fair, I told Uttiyo to go there so I can even practice before entering the field. nexus'18 and sunburn are two important events for me. Actually, I was not as much interested even one month ago. Now I have better gear; I can experiment even more. The ambience will be night, too much light, lasers, smokes, fire and all. I will definitely give my best to capture those magical moments. and one more reason, I love to share, a few days ago, probably on 2nd December, I went to a KUEHS reunion promotional event named "Exubeatz", I went there very casually and captured some pictures. But somehow my batchmates and juniors love them, share them a lot. That was completely unexpected. And when google crawled all the images and enlisted them in their database for google photo search, it was amazing. Whenever you search for Exuberant, you will find all those pictures had been taken by me there. So it's like a very big surprise, gift, feeling so honored that a boy whom almost nobody knew at his school life, shy, introvert, and now he is representing his school "KUEHS" on Google. It's my pleasure. Thank you flash-mob for giving me this opportunity. You are beyond awesome.
Sourajit Saha & Uttiyo Dey 1

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 12

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 11

Sourajit Saha & Uttiyo Dey 1

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 10

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 9

Sourajit Saha & Uttiyo Dey 3

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 8

Sourajit Saha & Uttiyo Dey 4

Sourajit Saha & Uttiyo Dey 5

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 7

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 6

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 5

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 4

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 3

Sourajit Saha With Friend

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 2

Kalyani Bookfair 2018 Pic 1

Sourajit Saha & Uttiyo Dey 6
So when we went to book fair and saw a local band performing, even I didn't know the name of the band, did not hear their song. Still, I have captured some of their pictures. And going to share them all here. I took some more photos of the book fair also. Its kind of fun, when you have this kind of gear, everything becomes easier, so you can perform better with less knowledge. just have to know- how to control light. All pictures have been captured by Sony mirrorless A7iii. It's dope, literally.  
KUEHS Reunion 2018 - Exubeatz

KUEHS Reunion 2018 - Exubeatz 2
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