I have been out of school for more than ten years. School's memory is not very pleasant for me because I didn’t like to go school, didn’t like to attend some boring history or chemistry classes very much. But still, I will admit that school is a nostalgia. Whenever I pass though the road just beside our school, each and everytime I look at that giant gate. It doesn’t matter if it is weekdays or weekends. Some of my memories associated with the school are still evergreen. I didn't like to attend classes in school but the main attraction for me was playing football. When I was reading in Class XI or XII, I skipped a lot of Classes just to play football. Although in my later life I had to stop playing football forcefully  because of leg pain (a special type of spondylitis which I got genetically). Everyone has his/her own school, college, university in their life, but I have only option and that is my school, because I'm a college dropout. I left my college after my first semester. I have posted a blog here about my school days; my friends, my teachers and all. I am an alumnus of Kalyani University Experimental High School or in short KUEHS. Our school has a Facebook group of alumni named- Exuberant. KUEHS exuberant is a kind of family where we can keep in touch will all alumni. We can help juniors, seek help or suggestions from seniors. We can share our school day memories, pictures and so on.

EXuberant: A Platform For KUEHS Alumni

They have been arranging school unions for the past two years (2018 and 2019). Although I only attended our school reunion once in 2018. There is no doubt that the effort of team exuberant (reunion committee) have been successful. In 2018, Exuberant arranged a promotional event named KUEHS Exubeatz. I was able to participate in that promotional event (Exubeatz) in 2018. I had a professional mirrorless camera at that time for night photoshoot- Sony A7iii. I took about twelve hundred pictures in that 14 minutes promotional event in continuous mode. I chose 40 to 50 pictures among them and uploaded them to my blog. I'm talking about this blog. The camera had the capacity to capture 6 to 10 pictures per second. That's why in a very short time I was able to take twelve hundred pictures. If you search Exubeatz on Google images, you will find some pictures captured by me. Google will mention sourajit.com as the source or owner of the pictures. I didn’t use any watermark on any of those photos. I trust Google. Google will show you the actual owner of those photos, no need to add a watermark for that. I heard later that the members of the Exubeatz group (flash mob) were happy to receive those pictures, happy to see themselves on those pictures. I gave these screenshots as proof that the posts are ranked on Google.

Exubeatz 2018

KUEHS Reunion nEXus 2018

Anyway back to the context- KUEHS Exuberant. Those who have just passed out from school are most interested batch in Exuberant, logically and practically. We have also created a WhatsApp group, though only few were mostly active in that group. But after two to three days of joining, I left the group because I didn't like the huge number of notifications coming via WhatsApp. I made a blog post about the Exubeatz event and the link is already shared here as well as our KUEHS Exuberant group. It went viral that time (2018) and got lot of shares in social media like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. This made me even more excited to join the event- kuehs exuberant 2018. There were many friends at the event who met many years later. I didn't know what to say when I was present  there. It is very difficult for an introvert. Hopefully those of us introverts will agree with me. That's why I took my best friend with me to that event. Needless to say, we had a wonderful night. The passed out students worked really hard to make the event beautiful. I took so many pictures at that event, at that beautiful pleasant night,  that one blog post was not enough to upload  all the photos so I had to make two blog posts. Here are two links to those blog posts. I went to the event KUEHS Exuberant and met many seniors and juniors. It was a pleasure to meet them. I was feeling ashamed to share two of my blogposts nEXus 2018 - KUEHS Reunion [Part 1]nEXus 2018 - KUEHS Reunion [Part 2] with our alumni group Exuberant. Then I asked the group moderator if two of my blogpost could be shared in this group or not.  I love to write but I feel ashamed to share my writing with anyone else. However the group moderator said to send him/her two links of those blog posts and I sent him as soon as I can. Perhaps he was happy and asked to share those two blogposts related to exuberant in the Exuberant group.

I could not join Exuberant Event in 2019 due to my illness. I regret for not being able to join in 2019 event. A video of 2019 I saw on YouTube yesterday. 12 years of school life in 12 minutes. The events that recapitulate the first day to the last day of school life which are beautifully arranged in this video. No doubt the participants gave all their effort to make it perfect. In this video I got to see some of my friends. Here I shared the video, it will be great to see, especially for the alumni of our school (kuehs).

I miss school more when I see such videos or pictures. It is true that I did not want to go to school in my school life but it is a pity for me to miss all the current school events. Especially the events that Team Exuberant has organized are really recommendable. I can’t even think of my absence at Saraswati puja at our school, but last time it was missed. Here I shared a performance of Bengali version of the popular song Summer of Sixty Nine was held in KUEHS reunion nEXus 2018. It was performed by Sayan Chatterjee and his band (Probaho) members. Sayan himself translated the song in his own style during his school life.

This year the situation will be somewhat different. Everyone is wary of coronavirus this year. I don't know if the Exuberant will be held this year at all. Gathering more students in a small space is a very risky matter. Let's see what happens this year. But I hope the situation will be recovered somehow. Although the Coronavirus Pandemic, KUEHS Exuberant Facebook Group has hosted some events online. Here are a few of those events I'm sharing. Even in this corona pandamic, Exuberant arranged some webinars for the class 12 pass-out students, that’s really admirable. I saw two days ago that there will be a photography competition recently. 


Exuclick 1

Exuclick 2

It's a Great Initiative No Doubt. Now I am eagerly waiting for the December for the third reunion arranged by KUEHS Exuberant. No more now. I thought I'd write something short about the Exuberant group, but I couldn't imagine that the writing got a little bigger. It would be a shame to share in the group I'm sure but I will share it from my page. If you have any question related to the post or Exuberant, just do drop a comment below. You can share it with your friends too. Whatsapp share and messenger share buttons are given below. (Avoid those Google Adsense ads. They are part of this blog). Take care and stay at home with your nearest and dearest ones. [Related search terms: Kalyani University Experimental High School, KUEHS, Reunion  Exubeatz, Exuclick, Exugraphy, KUEHS Exuberant, nEXus]