Facebook is the most used social media app in the world with over 2 billion people using it each month. This platform is used by people of all ages the young, the old and even kids with the lowest age being 13 years. Millions of posts are recorded each day with about 1.49 billion active users each day. Which other place will you like to post your job so everyone can see it and it will be easier for you to get the right candidates?. The question here is how to post a job on Facebook, it’s a fairly simple process but requires multiple actions. Which is what we are going to look at below.
How To Post A Job On Facebook
Create a Facebook business page
Before you get all excited and start posting about your job the first thing to do will be to create a Facebook business page. You create a Facebook business page where you'll be able to post your job. When you create it log in to your Facebook business page and navigate to the content badges just below the text area where you “write something” to create a new post.

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Create business details
Now that you've created your business page on Facebook you'll be asked to fill details on the type of business it is. You make sure to put each detail that will enable people you to know what you are offering and what you expect them to do in case they're hired. This way the right people will go through them and will contact you when seen. The way you give the business details is key as it will determine how many people who will be interested to apply for the job after you post it. If you have a business page, you can create your Facebook job postings by simply using the status updated tool on your page. The job posting will appear in the new tab for jobs along with your page. Facebook users who are interested in your open roles can click the “Apply now” button and send their personal information directly to you via Messenger.

Post in private account

If you ever were wondering if there's another way on how to post a job on Facebook then you can post on your normal account,  you can still post it directly from your personal Facebook account. With your personal Facebook account you already have a bunch of friends on Facebook page who you can tag in your job post before uploading, this way the job will be seen by a variety of people who will then apply to you when they see it. You'll be able to see their personal accounts too and have a glance of a potential employee information.

Facebook groups

You can post your jobs on Facebook groups so that the group members will see it and the interested members will contact you, the members might also be able to find someone they think might fit in the job perfectly thereby making things easier for you as you sit back and relax while waiting for the right person you'll like to hire come to you. You can either post on a social group or on professional Facebook business groups.

Use Facebook paid advertising

One of the best way to get the to the right people when you post will be through the Facebook paid advertising for you. If you're in search of a qualified candidate in a hurry you can use a Facebook sponsored post by clicking Boost post, the cost to boost a post on Facebook varies, depending on how many people you want to reach. If you set a budget, Facebook determines how many people you can reach with your post, depending on the targeting options you’ve chosen. Using a sponsored saving post will grab the attention of highly talented candidates who will be flooding you with messages in no time. Using a Facebook paid advertising shows professionalism and will attract many people.

Send private messages

May be you may know some people you will be interested in the job you're hiring. All you need to do is inbox them and send them private messages with details of the job you're hiring on. And then you'll wait while the interested once get back to you and you'll be able to pick the most qualified once.

Tips for an attractive post

1. You should make sure to write just the correct length of words that will be strong enough to capture your readers attention and make them want to read and find out more.
2. Make sure to use captivating images that defines your business during a post. Like its often said a picture speaks a thousands words so yours should too, use a picture that will make them want more.
3. You can also use a video to advertise your post,  video is s nice way to express what you may want the people you're trying to reach out to see so you can post s short video a good one at that to help you out.

Anyone who has a business and doesn't advertise it on Facebook doesn't know what they  are missing, this is the best platform where people all over the world come together and socialise. It's the best place to take advantage of to promote your business.