Have you ever wondered if there are apps that you can use to make money and get paid, we use several apps each day and spend lot of hours online with no reward for that. There are actually apps where you can work to get paid real money, who doesn't like having dome extra cash. With these apps all you need to do is have and smartphones  and  register and do some few taxes to get some money out of it. There are legitimate money apps that will pay you real money and direct into your PayPal account, so if you were wondering on the various apps that you cab install, make money and get paid through PayPal  here is a list of what you've been looking for.

This is one of the best app that can pay you real money for the services you render. It rewards you by allowing you to end points just by doing some stress free tasks on the app. They reward you with points known as Swag Bucks or SB. This points can then be redeem for money which is paid directly into your PayPal account, the point can also be redeem for gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The tasks you need to do includes browsing on specific websites, shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos and playing games online.

This app pays you real cash just for providing your opinion for brands in regards to their products and services. It's simply you just carrying out surveys and it's one of the best survey apps that pay you through PayPal. They work with companies who will like to know how the general public feel about their services and so they need you to carry on some surveys and give your honest opinions which you get rewarded for with points. You can then redeem the points for money which can be paid to your PayPal.

With this app you can get paid just by shopping. What you do is download the app and register with your email that you use for online shopping receipts. With your permission they then track these receipts and your store policies for you. They then allow you to get refunds for items you've recently purchased that have reduced in price or value. By tracking your receipts they'll be able to determine when there's a potential savings for you. They the let you know and you can be paid the money through PayPal.

This app simply pays you for downloading apps and trying them on your device. You get points for every app you download and try. You can then redeem the points for money and it's sent to your PayPal account. You can also redeem them for gifts for places like Starbucks and amazon.

Like its name says you watch to earn. This is an app that simply pays you to watch videos online and referring it to your friends. They give you points as reward which you then redeem for money and paid through PayPal.

All you need to do with this app to be rewarded is do download other apps, you also get to give your opinions about the products how use and the places you visit everyday. That's all you have to do to redeem your points for money and you can get it through PayPal. 

With this app you can be reward for watching videos, taking surveys, checking emails, playing games etc and you'll be reward with your points to redeem for money and get through PayPal.

If you're wondering on apps to make money through PayPal then this is the right app to get as it pays you for watching your favorite TV shows on your phone. It focuses on live streaming and you can check it to turn into live TV and watch movies from various providers like netflix, Hulu and amazon. And the can pay directly into your PayPal account how about a fun way to make make money.

Embee Meter
The only thing you have to do to get paid is install the app and let it run on the background of your phone. It does this to monitor the quality of your phone's Internet called and monitor how well your phone performs. While it runs in the background it gives you points for it which you redeem for money and get through PayPal.

Play games, download and try apps that are recommended by AppLike sounds like a dream job right, it rewards you with points and you can redeem them for money which you get through PayPal.

Mr. Rebates
This app pays back about 8% to 10% when you shop at any of the 2,500 shops it features. It also gives you a $10 reward just for registering or signing up to the app.

These apps may not pay you huge sum of money good enough for you to quit your job but they do pay for work that you barely do. You just need to do most of them in your free time to earn some money which you'll get through PayPal. If you were ever in  search of apps to make money through PayPal then we hope this was your answer.

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