eBay is one of the most used platforms to buy and sell goods online with simple steps taken. It is known for its auctioning and consumer to consumers sales, both new and second hand items are sold here like books, shoes, bags, clothes etc. When you view an auction listing on eBay, you may want to know more information about this seller's reputation before you can make your bid or purchase. Although the listing only shows the seller's feedback score and number of transactions, you can view the person's profile to see the person's join date, ratings given to him by buyers old buyers. It's always good to check these information's before biding on any seller, their ratings and reviews depend on how they well the perform so you'll be able to avoid any troublesome ones who will give you headache. In our upcoming writings we'll take a look at how to find sellers on eBay.

How To Find Sellers On eBay

Navigate to eBay
The first thing you'll have to do is to navigate on eBay, at the top right corner of it you'll where you'll see advanced at top-right corner you'll see it next to the search bar. You click on the advanced button which will lead to a new site cover.

Click by seller
When you succeed in pressing advanced you'll be led to another site on the top left which contains on eBay motors, by seller, by item number, stores, item in stores, find stores. From here what you have go do is to enter the sellers ID on the left top side that you see. 

Type the sellers ID into the search box
In the by seller field, type the eBay user email ID of the person you'll like to know more about, If you don’t know the seller’s user ID, try finding one item being sold by the seller. To display the seller’s other items, click the “View the seller’s other items” link under the Meet the Seller section on the right side of the listing.

Show completed list because
If you're thinking of doing business with this seller it will be good for you to see what he has conducted in the pass, everything he sold. To do this you have to select the Show completed listings box. You can also decide to see all the fixed price listings including auctions that have ended in one day, 1 week, in the last 15 days, and 30 days maximum. Results and records are only kept in eBay for 30 days so if you try to get results from transactions that were carried out 31 days and above am sorry to say you won't be able to find anything.

Go to the sort by drop down box
In the short sort by drop down box you can select the way your want your results to be displayed on  screen of the device that you're using. And if you'll want to see the transactions that are closing right away you just have to choose the select end date:recent first.

Decide the number of results to see per page
You can decide on the number of results to be displayed per page on your screen for instance if the number of results of the person you're looking up is 100, you can limit the results to 25 per page on, 4 different pages

Click the search button
All you have to do now is to click the search button.

Tips on how to recognise a good seller on eBay

  • The best way to be Abel to determine a good seller is my the feedback left by his customers or the people he's carried business with before. After every transaction both buyer and seller have the opportunity to right on how smooth the transaction was carried using the eBay eBay feedback system. All you have do is look at the feedbacks and see what most people have to say about the seller with that you'll be able to determine if he is a good seller or not. Mostly these feedback comments will praise fast shipping or the successful completion of the purchase. You can usually ignore these comments as they are either automatically placed (using an eBay option) or they are not carefully thought out. But if you look through the feedback comments you should see more specific feedbacks. These can be product reviews after a product has been tried, or they can be complains.
  • Be careful of new sellers or those who have changed their names, most of the time it's just a way for them to try and get rid of all the bad feedbacks that they had receive and are trying to cover up.
  • Look for Negative Feedbacks and be sure to read through them to see what the problems were.
  • Lastly make sure to ask the seller some questions, a reliable and good seller will respond to your questions quickly and completely. Whereas bad sellers will avoid trying to answer your question, take more time or even ignore them. In the seller Information box you will find a link to “Ask the Seller a Question.” Simply click on this link and fill in the simple form. eBay will send the Seller an email with your question. Make sure your questions are precise and direct so you see how you'll be treated when you do business with the seller.
eBay is a wonderful place for you to buy and sell stuffs, any thing can be sold on eBay and bought all together, you just have to be careful so you don't end up like one of the few people with bad experiences from their time on this great app.