JUUL is an American company that produces electronic cigarettes known as JUUL. The company was founded after PAX labs in 2017, and quickly became extremely popular. In less than 2 years, it dominated the American e-cigarette market with a share of almost 72%. The estimated revenue for the company in 2018 alone, a year after its inception, was almost $2 billion and the company is currently valued at $38 billion. This is massive for a brand new company that sells only electronic cigarettes. 
How much is a Juul
The device comes with disposable pods known as JUUL pods that contain nicotine salts and in many cases, different flavors as well.It also has some pods packaged in leaf-based nicotine instead of pure nicotine. The amount of nicotine in JUUL cartridges is a lot more than any other e-cigarette in the market. In fact, one JUUL pod that provides almost 200 puffs has a little more nicotine than an entire pack of cigarettes. JUUL also claims that their device delivers nicotine in almost 5 minutes, which is the same as smoking a cigarette. This is why many people consider JUUL the best alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The pods resemble a USB drive and use a magnetic USB port to charge as well. This shape makes them very easy to carry around, thus making it accessible to people everywhere.

Who uses JUUL and is it harmful?

JUUL is marketed as an alternative for adults who smoke cigarettes, yet it is most popular among young adults, adolescents and even people who did not smoke before. JUUL’s plan, therefore, to improve the health of millions of smokers around the world by providing them with a vapor-based alternative, has not been highly successful. Many adults have started substituting JUUL for cigarettes,and it has been helping them a lot. On the other hand, there has been a great increase in the number of young adults and teenagers who have started using JUUL as well. According to a recent study involving almost 13,000 young people, it is estimated that teenagers are 16 times more likely to get involved in JUUL than adults. As compared to 2017, the estimated increase in-electronic cigarettes in high school students is 77%. This is a huge percentage, which exists mostly due to the fact that JUUL is extremely popular, and considered cool which is why so many young people are attracted to it.

According to a survey, almost every high school and college student has used or seen a JUUL being used at school. The number of adolescents trying to buy JUUL has been increasing day by day. They try to buy online or through retail stores.  

JUULing is considered better than smoking and vaping because it does not include smoke inhalation and contains less harmful contents than vape liquids. On the other hand, it has a great nicotine content. Since the JUUL pods contained concentrated nicotine, inhaling large amounts of it comes with extreme ease. A whole pack worth of nicotine can be inhaled without even knowing. This is extremely dangerous for young adults and teenagers who have just started JUULing.

Nicotine helps old smokers in leaving cigarettes, but it has adverse effects on developing brains. The young generation that inhales JUUL can have bad effects on their brain due to the high concentration of nicotine in the pods. Nicotine is highly addictive, and it causes young brains to become dependent on it. This means that teenagers who start JUULing find it hard to think or function properly without nicotine. Other than that, it affects lung development in young people with developing bodies. It is also known to hinder the development of the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain responsible for judgment. 

The FDA is making great efforts to keep JUUL out of the reach of children and teenagers. JUUL has also started a thorough age verification program on their online store. Many countries have also banned the selling of JUUL and pods in their territories to keep their young generation from being hooked. These are positive steps, but people always find a way to get their hands on JUUL.

Which flavors do JUUL pods come in?

JUUL pods are available in the following flavors:

Mango which is the most popular
Virginia Tobacco
Crème Brulee
Classic tobacco

How much does it cost?

Depending on the country and state, the price of JUUL varies. The device and starter kit is around $35 to $50, but in countries like India where the sale of JUUL is banned, they sell illegally for as high as $150. A pack of 4 cartridges or JUUL pods comes for $16, which makes one pod worth $4. Paying $4 for a pod that provides 200 puffs comes much cheaper than cigarettes, which is another reason many smokers are switching to JUUL. A pack of cigarettes costs about $10 and provides the same amount of puffs and nicotine as a $4 JUUL pod. JUUL is also less messy and easier to carry around. It does not require matches or lighters either.  Many past smokers admit that JUUL has helped them quit smoking and save them money.


JUUL was only created to help millions of smokers around the World in quitting smoking and switching to better alternatives. Due to its immense popularity, many young adults and teenagers have started using this device. It greatly affects their brain activity as well as lung development. Therefore, strict actions should be taken to prevent them from getting into young people’s hands. Seminars should help to create awareness about JUUL, nicotine and their effects on brains and the human body so that unaware adolescents can stop before they get addicted. It is being banned in many countries around the World due to health and ethical reasons,and we should encourage such steps to ensure a healthy future for our younger generation.