Before you go on to find out about how much is a 3D printer is, you should have a basic idea about what 3D printer and 3D printing is. What do they do and what is their purpose? Stuff like this, you should know about it since you want to know how much it costs, so you must be thinking of buying it too.
How Much Is A 3D Printer
3D Printing

A process in which you can join your material or furthermore solidify it using computer controls is 3D printing. Using this, you make a 3D object. It is often done by adding material together. The material is often added together by layer over layer. The machine which is used to do all this stuff is known as a 3D printer. The 3D printer is now considered as an industry technology due to its production being produced. This is due to the reason of high precision, material range,and repeatability.


The 3D printer has quite a variety. It is available in so many models ranging from low to high price. The normal price range of 3D printer is usually around $300 and $1000. Those 3D printers which are considered to be in this price range are also considered to be more suitable, better, capable as well as reliable for both the users who are experts and beginners.


The average price you can think of buying a 3D printer is $700. If you want the cheapest 3D printer in case you cannot be able to afford high prices, it will be around $200. But, in case you can afford expensive 3D printers, you can also buy a 3D printer in thousands of dollars which can be one of the best since they are that expensive.

The good news about 3D printers is that over the past few years, the price of 3D printers is dropped quite much. It used to be so difficult to find a good quality printer under $2000 some years back. But, now the tides have turned. You can buy good quality 3D printers under $1000, and you also have a variety of options to choose from as well.

But, if you are a professional, the 3D printer can cost you more than an average user. This is due to the reason that professionals are keen on investing in quite high tech equipment. In 2017, the average budget of an expert was around $9504. This is a sign of how much companies are always trying to succeed and trying to find more worth in their product as much as possible.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 3D Printer

So if you are planning to buy a 3D printer, you have to know the questions you should consider and ask from yourselves. This is due to the pure reason of having so many different models of the same electronic device. They all have something more and different. So you need to know which model is best suited for you in price and can fulfill your usage to the maximum. The first question you should ask yourself whether you are planning to buy it for your professional work or for your home. After that, you should know about what are you buying it for, what is the reason that you need it, you have to know the answer for this if you do not then there is no reason to buy it. After that, the budget is the most important thing for you to consider. It is quite a simple start you can say. But, it can help you a great deal of narrowing down your options. If you are able to answer these questions properly, then you can have a lot of help in making a better decision. 

There is a different variety of 3D printers available in the market. There are in total five different categories of 3D printers which are entry-level, professional, hobbyist, industry,and enthusiast. The price range is different for each and every category as is the usage. If you want a 3D printer of the category of an entry level. It can be around $200. But, if you want a 3D printer of the category of the industry, it can cost more than $100,000 too. It all depends upon your usage and needs. The bonus fact of 3D printers is that they are always changing so you can get better machines at low prices.

Entry Level

This category is for beginners. If you are new to this, then this is great ay of learning about a 3D printer before moving on to the new and upgraded to a better version of it. They can be noisy. Their price range is around $200 and $400. The best 3D printer of this category is, you can say, FlashForge finder.


They are a little bit of experience. They can have a real passion for this. It is quite a possibility at this point. The price range of this category is around $300 and $1500. The best 3D printer of this category is, you can say, QIDI Tech I.


This is for more serious people. But, this is not a good category for you to move on to a production level. The price range for this category is around $1500 and $3500. The best 3D printer of this category is, you can say, Lulzbot TAZ 6.


The next category id of professionals. The price range for this category is around $3500 and $6000. The best 3D printer of this category is, you can say, Fusion3 F400-S.


Serious business needs serious machines. This category is for this purpose. The price range of this category is around $20,000 and $100,000. 

This is just the cost. You should also consider other factors like maintenance, electricity,etc. which will also have a separate cost as well.