We all have experienced that moment when our browsers were sluggish and at that time, we needed them to be fast. It may be that you need to delete your cache. Cache are pieces of information your computer browser (in this case Chrome) stores like logins, pictures from sites so it will load faster, email addresses, even passwords, and other data. These pieces of information can make your browser's speed irritating.

This article will be explaining how to delete cache in chrome which helps get rid of excess info that might be making your chrome browser slow. Deleting your cache will improve your browsing speed. We will be taking it step by step so as to make it easier and simpler for you to follow. It will take about two minutes to clear your cache.

There are two simple ways to clear your cache. You can go through your "History menu" or your "More tools" menu. We will be taking the two ways step by step. We will also be explaining steps on how to clear the cache of a single site, this is important if you want to choose the specific sites to target when deleting your cache.

Through the "History Menu"

Step 1
When your chrome browser is open to the homepage, there are 3 horizontal lines at the upper right corner of your screen that will show you a menu full of options. The "History menu" will be part of these options, just move your mouse and click on this option. This will open up into another tab showing you all of your browsing history.

Step 2

On the new tab, you will have to locate the option that says "Clear Browsing Data". This will lead to a new pop-up menu. In the pop-up menu, you will find options to delete specific things like site data, passwords, cookies or just your browsing history. You will choose the data you want to delete and also choose the range (month or weeks or everything since you started using the browser). After choosing the options and range, delete and wait for the pop-up option to go away. Once it is gone, you are free of all or part (depending on the data and range you chose) of your cache that was slowing down your chrome browser.

Through the "More Tools Menu"

Step 1

As is the case in the "History Menu" way. You will have to click on the 3 horizontal lines at the upper right of your screen when you open your Chrome browser. Instead of clicking the "History Menu" this time, you will click on the "More Tools Menu". This will open up to another menu with some options.

Step 2

Search for the option that reads "Clear Browsing Data". This is the option you will click. When you click on it, it will lead you to a pop-up menu that contains similar information to the one stated above. You will find a list, click on the box next to the line that reads " Cached Images and Files". There are time ranges and specific items to also delete here like in the first method, choose your preferred ranges and items and delete them. Wait for the pop-up to disappear and start browsing with increased speed. 

Note: These are steps to clear entire items like browsing history, cookies, logins, sites cache, and other items. There is another way to specifically target a single site and delete its cache without deleting others. 

This is very useful when dealing with the removal of all traces of one site from your chrome browser.

Clearing Cache Of A Single Site

Step 1
Open your chrome browser and find the "Settings" option. Click on the option and it will lead you to another list of menu, find "Advanced" in this list and you'll get another menu. In this menu, search for "Privacy & Security". When clicked on, you will see a menu with " Content Settings" on it. Click Content Settings and a pop-up panel will appear.

Step 2
In the pop-up panel, the word "Cookies" will be written on it. When you click on "Cookies", it will lead you to all of your cookies and site data. You will have the option to search for specific sites here and see their site data. You will be able to delete them specifically by clicking on the " bin" button which will only delete the site data you have chosen. Once this is done, you have successfully cleared the cache for the specific site you have chosen.

There is another way or method of deleting specific sites data, logins, passwords, and cache. This is a bit more straightforward but it can only be used when you're on a web page.

Deleting Through An Open Webpage

Step 1
When a webpage or website is open, you will have to click on the "Padlock" icon close to your tabs on your screen. This will lead you to a flyer where you will select "Cookies".

Step 2
After clicking on "Cookies", a full view of your cookies in use will be displayed to you. You can then choose which cookies or cache to delete and which ones to keep.

You can always delete your cache from your chrome at any time. It doesn't have to be monthly or annually, any time you feel your chrome browser is lagging or slowing up sites, it is a good time to clear your cache and make room for more data. You can also use these steps to clear specific data you wish to remove from specific sites like your passwords and emails. This will mean any time you're using the site again, you will have to log in like you're using it for the first time.