Google accounts are added in all android phones for the purpose to synchronize all the data with that account and one can easily restore the personal files at any stage or in case of loss/theft. Adding a Google account to smartphone give you the freedom to download and run different types of applications and program which are mostly available at Google play store. Apart from that without creating google account in the android phone you will often face too many faults while running some programs and features.

Once you buy a brand new smartphone, so at the first step you have to add an account by following some specific options. On the other hand when you are going to change your phone or want to sell out it, so you have to delete your google account by following different steps. In subsequent few paragraphs,I will explain in simple steps to delete google account. Here it is pertinent to mention that the procedure below will be slightly different from the one which you are using as depend on smartphone manufacturers and version of Android.
How To Delete Google Account From Android
In this article, you will be guided through how to delete google account from android? As it is very important article because every time, most of us change our mobiles and as all such androids need to be clear from all your personal data including your account ID, so it is necessary to delete your account from that android mobile.

There are different methods for account deletion from android but we will discuss some of them for your guidance. As all mobiles have different options because of the different User interface, but you will get to the point by applying such steps.

Gmail ID

A Gmail id is required for every smartphone and android phones. So, you have to know first about how to create a Gmail ID.

Go to and there you will see the signup option. Click on that option, some information box will open for you. Just fill all the required information including your mobile number.

When you save all the information, you will get a code on your number given in the information box. Enter that code in the code box and you will get a Gmail ID. Now you can use it for multipurpose. You can email from it to everywhere and also you can use it for your androids.

When you get a new mobile, you have in need of that Gmail id for the new mobile because for any type of app installation from google play store, you will need to have a Gmail id for account creation at google play store.

Deleting Google account from android

To delete google account from your Android phone, first of all, you have to go to tap the setting icon that you should find on the home screen or in the app drawer. Here one thing more important is that deleting your google account will delete your synchronize personal data i.e messages, contact, etc.

In the next step, you have to scroll down the setting menu and tap ACCOUNTS. By tapping this icon you will find a list of different accounts you have created in your android phone like Whatsapp, Messenger, Google, etc. here you have to select Google account. If you have more than one google account then select the specific one which you want to remove from your phone.

By taping the desired account the synchronization menu will be open in front of you which includes different options like Sync Calendar, sync Contacts, Sync Docs, Sync Drive, Sync Play Games Cloud Save, etc. At the end of this menu, you will find Remove/Delete option. Tap REMOVE ACCOUNT. By tapping REMOVE ACCOUNT a pop-up notification will open in front of you that removing this account will delete all of its messages, contact and other data from the phone.To confirm this once again select the REMOVE ACCOUNT option. In some older version of android if you are unable to find the overflow sync menu, then select the three vertically stacked dots shown on the top right corner of your screen.

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work then try the other method that is:

·       Open a file browsing app on your android phone like Root Explorer etc

·       Select system/data folder and here you will find “accounts.db”. Select and Delete this file.

·       If you are unable to find the .db file then go to /data/system/sync and here delete “accounts.xml”.

Some of Google store related bugs fixing requires removal of account and adding it back. You will find the above-mentioned steps to remove the account without factory reset very helpful and easy and will enjoy errors free applications and games downloading on your android phone.

In some cases, you face problems while removing primary google account from your Android phone which is tied up with different applications like google play store, etc. To rectify this issue first you have to add another account to your phone and if this technique also fails, then you have to perform a factory reset on your phone. This will also erase all the data available on your phone, so to avoid data losses always run Data Back procedures before performing Factory reset on your phone.

Sometimes users face an unexpected error i.e when they open the setting menu and then accounts but as they try to open Google account a pop-up message appears at this stage “Unfortunately Setting has stopped”, then they get back to main setting menu.To cater to the said issue we would like to suggest that first, you try to open stock gallery application, then tap the menu button and click setting from here to access Google account and synchronization option. So by studying all this article, you will be able to know about how to delete google account from android? So follow these steps and be satisfied from the old mobile either you want to sell it or keep it with yourself.

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