Life is all about how much you are ready to improvise. Success does not have one face, it has many. Now and then, the need to raise small cash or just have a means of guaranteed cash comes up. Side hustle jobs refers to things you can do in your spare time and earn money; Side hustle jobs include Food or good delivery, blogging and affiliate marketing, starting a tutorial for students or whoever needs it, Freelancing on freelance platforms online, renting out your car or house, mini-retailing business, the list goes on and on. The important thing about side hustles is that they do not require much of a capital to start with although as the case may be, some side hustles need you to have a prerequisite before you are eligible to do them.
how to download amazon flex
One side hustle that is lucrative but does not seem popular as a lot of people have no idea it even exists is the Amazon flex program. The Amazon flex is a program that allows individuals (who have cars) to make money by working as delivery men or women for Amazon i.e. they are tasked with door to door delivery of goods that have been ordered by people to their doorsteps. Amazon flex like other side hustle listed above is for part-time earrings as the program is purely based on an hourly schedule. One thing to note is that this program is app-driven and this article will give you a walk through on how to download amazon flex app while giving you an insight into the program.

Amazon flex is still unavailable in a lot of countries as it is still not yet very popular among people. You have to be 21years old and above with a drivers licenses for you to be eligible for the program. The program is app based. The app contains all the vital information you will need as an Amazon flex driver like delivery destination, map, and GPRS accessibility all which can also only be accessed on the app. Due to the significant importance of this app, it always comes a shock and stumbling block then for aspiring drivers to find out the app is not available for download on Android play store or iPhone Apple Store.

The question then is, how to download amazon flex app?
The first thing to do is to sign up for the program which can be done on Amazon official website. The main reason why the app is not on the play store is to ensure that each and every driver is dully accounted for. After signing up, an email will be sent to your mailbox where you can now proceed to the next stage. I would be giving a walk-through for both downloading options i.e. Android and IOS based phones

1. Android smartphones

To download the app on your android device, you need to run an Android operating system of 4.4 KitKat or higher and at least 2gb dedicated RAM in your smartphone.

If you pass this requirement, you can then proceed to click the link that was sent to your mailbox where you would be required to provide your phone specifications. Once you do that, the download link will appear and you can now download and install it on your smartphone.

2. iOS devices (iPhones)

IOS device users have to go through more scrutiny. First, almost all iPhones are eligible and there are no special requirements, unlike the Android smartphone case. Unlike the androids where after providing your phone specs a download link will appear, for iPhone users, the download link will be available through email.

Now that we are clear on that, I think we can proceed. Once you finish signing up and state that you use an iPhone, you would be asked to provide some additional information which includes your full name, hotlines, email address, your city’s zip code, etc. Note: there are not that many questions. After you have done that, you would receive a message that tells you Amazon will get back to you via email. This might be instantly or take days or weeks.

Note: The flex app is available only in English and German language. Any other language will cause app issues and would probably not work. This can be another stumbling block albeit a small one.

You have the app and have signed up, here are some things you need to know and some tips to guide you:

Amazon pays its flex drivers $18 to $25 per hour:- This is the fixed hourly salary for drivers which is pretty moderate. The pay is fixed for every flex driver in a city i.e. the pay differs based on your location or city. One thing to note is that if your shift occurs during bad weather, the pay for this shift increases.

Delivery: - Amazon flex gives drivers all the advantage they need. As soon as you sign in for your shift, you can decide how fast or late you want to complete the shift i.e. how early or late you want to finish your deliveries. No matter how you go about it, you would still be paid in full as soon as you complete all deliveries that were assigned to you during the shift.

Failed deliveries: There might be the time you won’t be able to complete the delivery due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, you must ensure you return the packages you are carrying back to the pick-up point so that another driver can complete the delivery.

Tips:- The faster you complete your delivery, the higher your chances of being tipped. Tips are good especially when they accumulate. It would do you a world of good to ensure you deliver on time and make the client or customer happy.

Wear the provided uniform:- Amazon flex is still largely unpopular and thus, you would make delivery easier if you have the provided uniform on when making the delivery.

Also, ensure you can communicate well with the customer you are making the delivery to. The amount of money you make from side hustles depends entirely on you so dig in!