There was a time when shopping online is considered a risk, rarely everything online for purchase was rigged. The system that was put in place that time supported Sellers more than buyers and in addition, there was little to no guarantees for the condition of the goods or product being purchased. This leaves a lot of people red-faced, confused and sad for not getting value for their money.
How To Make Payments On Amazon
Amazon is an online shopping website with tons and tons of goods. The amount of goods on offer for sale on the website is almost unbelievable. Amazon overtime has developed policies to protect buyers and make them fully satisfied after receiving their delivery. Even though these policies are in place, a platform as big as Amazon is always going to be packed with mediocre products as well as quality products. Every one of us at some point in time has had to search for a product, order it only to find out it was confused with another product entirely or that the description of the product was a bad description of the product.

One of the benefits of shopping on Amazon is there are endless possible services you can buy with your money and enjoy. Amazon keeps improving its service and adds more ways of making people buy more from the website.  There was a time when people had to search for how to make payments on amazon before completing their order because it was very complex. Now Amazon supports many payment options to make it easier when shopping on the website. This article is going to give you guides and tips on successfully shopping and getting what you ordered for.

1.Create an account

This is the first step before you can purchase any item on the website. Once you are ready to buy a product, log on to the official site of Amazon and sign up. Then meticulously follow the prompts and steps that would be displayed on your screen.

Note: it is very important to fill in your details correctly.  Information like your contact number, home address which would serve as your delivery address when you place your order, zip code, etc. would be required.

2.  Search for the item
After signing up you can do three things,

·  Edit your profile – which is not important except perhaps just to make your account look and feel more credible; OR

·  Add a payment method – which is how you want to pay for the item you are buying; OR

· Immediately get down to making your purchase. As I mentioned earlier, the website is home to lots and lots of items; one reason is due to the fact that Amazon allows people who have something to sell to create a profile and offer their products for sale on the platform. As a result of this, what we get is loads of items that make it difficult to identify which one is best for us or not.

After making your search, the next thing is to choose from the search results which trust me, would be numerous as in large!

3. Place the order

This is where most of us encounter difficulties and I would be giving you tips on how to go about it.

· Amazon choice: As large as the search result will be, Amazon provides filters you as a buyer can use to reduce the search result which you should please use! After doing that, you would still be left with a lot of products.

The best first thing you should look for in such a case is the tag ‘Amazon choice’ on the items. This tag is only available on a limited number of items. They are either goods that are sold by Amazon itself or goods that are up for sale but have been purchased on numerous occasions or goods that have very good ratings and review or goods being sold by top-rated sellers.

These are the goods you should look for and buy it you don’t want to end up with what you didn’t order.

· Buy from only one store: The more you buy from different outlets on Amazon, the higher your shipping charges. The best way to reduce this is by trying as much as you can to buy all the items you want to buy at one go from just one seller

· How to make payments on amazon: there are a number of ways you can make a payment on Amazon. They include Amazon pay; credit cards, etc. The most important thing here is to ensure you are ordering from a credible seller or Amazon warehouse itself

Note: items that refer you outside of Amazon before you can buy should be shunned. Amazon would never ask for your sensitive details outside of their website. Should in case you find items like this, do report it to Amazon customer support so that an unsuspecting user won’t fall victim to it.

4. Subscription

Amazon offers paid subscription to make things, even more, easier for its customers.  A good example is Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime affords you many incredible services like:

·  Two days free delivery on your ordered items i.e. once you place an order,  as Prime customer,  your order comes with free delivery although the shipping time is two days.

· Unbelievable extra fast delivery i.e. with Prime Subscription, you are eligible to pay a small token to receive your order within 24 Hours! Now that is one hell of a perk if you ask me

5. Ignore 1-click ordering

This is something that has to be addressed. After completing your first purchase on Amazon, there will be prompts for you to sign up for 1-click ordering. One click ordering means that anytime you want to purchase a product, as soon as you click add to cart, you have automatically purchased it. So unless you are very sure you need it, it is very advisable to ignore it.

Note: once you place an order, you have about 30 minutes to cancel the order for free without any fee as a penalty. After 30 minutes, you would be required to pay a certain fee before your order can be canceled. Wise shopping!