Google home mini basically performs every task any of the other Google Home devices would do, the only difference is that it comes in a totally smaller package; smaller structure, smaller speakers. Google Home Mini for the control of your smart devices at home or at your workplace can be very exciting, imagine adjusting the volume of your television or adjusting the temperature of your room heater with nothing more than your voice.
How To Reset Google Home Mini
It is a brilliant Google assistant that helps out to carry certain manufacturer restricted tasks you tell it to do. Some of the tasks that can be performed on this device are:

1. Answer user-defined voice prompts.

2. Set alarms and timers.

3. Play music.

4. Read out news and latest information from the web.

5. Control a set of smart home devices.

This article helps to explain to users when they need to reset their Google Home Mini, how to reset Google Home Mini and how to check whether you should reset your Google Home Mini device.
Performing a Factory Reset on Google Home Mini

Performing a factory reset on Google Home takes under a minute, if you are keen on knowing how to reset a Google home mini, this is how it is done.


Taking this action will clear your personal data from this device and can’t be reversed or retrieved on a later date. You will have to set up afresh like it is a brand new device.

Also, your Voice prompt cannot be used to factory reset your Google home mini device and it cannot also function during a factory reset process or thereafter, until it is set up from the beginning.


For latest Google Home Mini devices, there is a physical hard reset button. If you ever run into any trouble with your Google Home mini device, you can perform a hard reset with the following simple steps. These steps are guaranteed to restore the default settings of your Google mini device.

1. Turn over your Google Home mini

Do ensure to keep it plugged in as performing a reset would require as much energy time as possible.

2. Press and hold the hard reset button

This button is located just below the power cord on the bottom of your device for a few seconds (usually 15 seconds or more) until you hear your Google assistant will warn you of losing your personal data on completion of reset process and confirm that it’s resetting your Mini device. Continue holding device until a chime sound is heard.

3. Turn back over and wait for a startup sound to come on

After this is heard, you will then see a prompt to set up the Google mini afresh. This is more like your device is now brand new and ready to be set up from scratch.

4. Set up Google Home Mini as a new device

Why You Should Reset Your Google Home Mini?

A hard reset is mostly done either for selling the device or trying to get rid of reoccurring problems with your Google Home Mini device by reverting to default settings.

One of the popular reasons to reset the device is if you are selling your Google Home Mini device or would probably be returning it to the store where you purchased it. Resetting your device will erase personal data as well as Google home account details.

Another popular reason to reset Google Home Mini is when you are experiencing frequent connectivity issues or if the Google Home Mini randomly reboots itself. If this be the case, you should try rebooting the device before performing a Google Home Mini reset. To reboot, just unplug the Google Home Mini device, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back into an outlet. 

If you are having problems with your Google Home Mini, You should consider resetting it to enable it return to full functionality. The steps are basic and it doesn't take long at all if the steps are followed correctly you should have a working Google Home Mini device in less than a minute.

When Should You Not Reset Your Google Home Mini

If you would sign into an entirely different broadband provider, change your current Google account used for linking smart devices around you or to rename your device you can do all this having a Google Home app installed on your smartphone.

Most errors can be resolved by troubleshooting but if such problem such as disconnecting from Wi-Fi connections continues after troubleshooting, a factory reset seems unavoidable, letting the device start from scratch.

In some cases, maybe you don’t need a factory reset, sometimes what you need is to check if the outlet is bad and replace if they are bad. It is advised to do proper troubleshooting.

How to know if Google Home Mini was reset successfully?

A successful factory reset helps to completely eliminate bugs and errors. When the reset for Google Home Mini is completed, there is no voice prompt telling you that factory data reset was done successfully or not hence you will need to check out a green colour light that indicates a successful reset process.

If you need a further guarantee to check whether your Google Home Mini was reset successfully, you can ensure that after the device is powered on after reset, you got the voice prompt telling you to set up your Google Home Mini.

What's Next?

After your reset for Google Home Mini is done, you can then set it up afresh again just as you did after you first unboxed the device. When you boot the Google Home app on your smartphone, you will be notified of a new Google Home Mini device which has been detected. Click on the notification on your smartphone to start the Google Home setup process by following the command prompts made available to you.