Google is one of the few companies the world at large depends on when it comes to Technology advances. Simply put without these companies rolling out new gadgets and software for personal and other uses, I don’t know how it would have been. I guess the process of developing and civilization would have been very hard. The truth is, all these companies are trying their best to beat each other with all their releases. Apple developed and release Siri a voiced artificial intelligence in their product and people loved it. Amazon and Cortana also released their own version of voice assistants. In other to challenge these assistants and keep up with them, Google released its own AI called Google Assistant.

What is Google Assistant really used for?

Google Assistant was designed to respond to voice interaction and controls while also responding with its own voice. You can ask Google Assistant to do a variety of tasks for you like setting you a reminder, set alarm, read messages, make phone calls, read the news, read your phone’s notifications, play music using the play music app, etc. It can even be used to play videos and music on your Google Chromecast, find a restaurant or read about the weather! In fact, Google claims there are going to be many more functions and things the google assistant will be able to do in the future.

One amazing and impressive thing about Google assistant is how far it has come since being developed. Some might even claim they believe it is one of the best assistants out there. Google Assistant has since gone on to integrating itself with many things in the Tech world. Most cars, speakers, even fridges and majorly smartphones now have Google Assistant in them. As good and advanced as Google assistant is, it also comes with some infuriating albeit minor glitches. For instance, to access your Google assistant from your phone, you can either tap the app or hold down your home button. Google assistant is known for randomly popping up even when you were just trying to minimize an app. This can be very frequent that some people wonder how to turn off google assistant android. It is understandable if you are one those group of people. This article will discuss the advantages of using devices that comes with Google assistant. It will also teach you how to turn off google assistant android permanently for those who experience these pop-ups.

Wearable gadgets

Google assistant is now available for use in so many wearable gadgets and devices today. As long as the wearable has the Android wear 2.0 update, Google assistant is on it. It is also important to note that more and more headphones an earbuds are starting to support google assistant. Examples of these wearables include Android smartwatches, Google’s pixel buds, and headphones like Bose QuietComfort series.

Home gadgets

Amazon has a TV with Alexa integrated on it, it was only a matter of time before Google assistant found its way into a TV. Sony is one of the few brands that has successfully created an Android TV that is compatible with google assistant. Now you can access your TV using voice controls.

There are also a host of home appliances that can be interacted with using voice command thanks to Google assistant. As long as you have the latest versions of Smart Home devices, Google assistant is there to help you.

Outdoor use

There is nothing more annoying than visiting a place you don’t know. The fear of getting lost is so much, sometimes people decide to avoid traveling the distance. Google Map is one discovery that has made it easier to get over this fear. Now, you can access the google map using google assistant. The interesting part of this is that you do not have to rip your phone out every 10 minutes to know your location. Cars that have google assistant make it easier to travel without getting lost.

How do you permanently turn off the google assistant from randomly popping up on your android?

You can do this by following the steps below

STEP 1: Complete Deactivation

  • Open google assistant app the normal way you access it. In other words, you can either long press the home button on your device or tap the app or by saying the wake word.
  • You can now access the Menu. You can do this by clicking the three bars at the top right corner or the profile picture image.
  • Choose the settings option, navigate your way to the Google Assistant section and click settings under this section. Next, you will see the option to disable the Assistant.
  • Once you do this the Google Assistant has been deactivated completely

STEP 2: Partial Deactivation

You can follow these steps if you only want to stop the google assistant popping up when you don’t want it. This means that you get to activate it only when you want its help-

  • Go to settings on your android i.e. the normal settings of your smartphone
  • Scroll down until you come up to the Apps icon.
  • Move to the Default application option. You can do this by tapping the nut icon at the top right corner beside the three dot icon.
  • Click on the option that says Assist and input or something related to it. This is because the option depends on the version of the android.
  • Now you can decide which app you want popping up should you hold the home button. You can even decide to turn off the feature so nothing happens if you hold down the button.