To make a slow-motion video in an Android phone, you need a good app to help you conduct this activity as most of these phones do not have the feature installed in them. The only phone that ever had this feature was the iPhone 5S and it allowed its users to shoot slow motion videos without installing any special application. Here are some few examples of apps that you should install in your android phone in order to shoot and record videos at a slow pace.
Add slow motion to Android Videos
 Slow Motion Video FX

This is indeed one of the best application that will help you shoot slow-motion videos easily. Moreover, Slow Motion Video FX doesn't only allow you to shoot slow paced videos, but it also helps you introduce a slow-motion effect to videos that you have already saved in your android phone before. Most importantly, the app is very simple to operate and all you required to do is tap the Slow Motion" key after launching the application. The app will later request you whether you want to shoot a video in slow motion or if you want to convert any video saved in your android smartphone. Based on your option, Slow Motion FX will either turn on the camera app that records slow motion videos or direct you to search for videos in your files. Moreover, you can choose your slow motion speed that lies anywhere between 0 and 1, and if the value you chose is closer to zero, your video will be much slower. However, if you choose a value great than 1, the application will produce a hyperlapse video. Therefore, if you are searching for an application to record videos in slow motion for your android phone, then Slow Motion FX is the app for you. Also, the app is free to use though it comes with ads.
Video Slow Reverse Player

This is also another application that allows android users to create fast and slow moving videos. Just like the Slow Motion FX app, this application is also very easy to operate. You are just simply required to choose the video that you wish to convert and it will do the rest for you. For users who want to apply the slow motion effect, you just required to tap the negative button/sign. One tap results in the reduction of your videos speed by 0.25X. On the other hand, if you need to apply a fast motion in your videos, you required to tap the plus sign on the app. Moreover, the app has a very special feature that enables you to reverse a video in play. The app is indeed free although it comes with ads too.

Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is also another very easy to use android application that will help you convert your videos and record them in slow motion. Slow Motion Frame Video Player is also similar to the Video Slow Reverse Player as it has a negative(minus) and a plus sign that helps you decrease and increase your videos playback speed. It's also important to note that this application does not allow users to reverse back their videos since it doesn't have this feature. The app is strictly meant for video playbacks and thus it doesn't provide the slow-motion effect. However, it's a very superb app for individuals who desire to watch their videos at a slow speed.

Videoshop- Video Editor

This is indeed one of the best applications for anyone who wishes to edit their videos using their Android smartphones. It has several features that enable users to add music, adjust their videos color, trim videos, come up with animated titles, and many more. Some of the most important features that this android application has, is the capability to allow individuals using it to apply and record their videos in slow motion. Moreover, the app allows users to select the part in a clip where they feel like applying the slow-motion effect. The app is also very easy to operate as users are only required to click on the "Speed" button and later chose the clip's part that they wish to apply the effect. The speed is then adjusted using the slider located at the top of the app. Videoshop is also downloaded for free although it comes with ads too.

Hudl Technique

This is also another application meant for sports fanatics and athletes. Hudl Technique enables users to watch a video at a slow pace to analyze various mistakes and skills that their favorite athlete may have. Anyone who loves sports and likes sharing sports clips should make sure they download Hudl Technique. Indeed, Hudl enables sports lovers to slow down various sports videos in order to show their favorite players techniques and also mistakes that they may have made in the playing ground.

Hudl Technique, Videoshop, Slow Motion Frame Video Player, Video Slow Reverse Player, and Slow Motion Video FX are some of the best apps that can help one enjoy playing videos in slow motion using their android phones. Slow motion videos are not only cool, but they also bring out an extra level of creativity. Mundane clips can also be made fun to watch using this android apps. Therefore, it's important to consider freely downloading any of these apps if you are interested in adding slow motion, playback or fast effect while enjoying your android videos. They are also free of charge and therefore there is no need for hesitating not trying them out. There also exist other androids apps that have this feature but the above five are the best and hottest in the market currently due to their ease of use with no cost.