Developed by Age of Learning, has won quite several awards from parents, educational organizations and media institutions for its achievement as the leading digital early learning resource for kids between the ages of two to eight years old. The application offers a thoroughly researched curriculum for children in pre-school, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade and consists of over 10,000 learning activities and 850 finished lessons. ABCmouse also covers all the major academic subjects which include maths, literacy, science, social studies and health and also has a music and art-based section that are helpful to young kids. Indeed, recent research conducted on assessing the effectiveness of the ABCmouse platform has indicated that it helps children a lot boost their math skills and their level of literacy at a very early age. It's also very cheap and families can pay for monthly subscriptions for use on tablets, smartphones, and computers. ABCmouse has always been the leading digital children learning the platform.
ABCmouse on Android Tablet
ABCmouse Academy for Learning English

The English learning Academy in the platform assists children aged between three and eight years old to learn and understand the language in a developmental and hypnotic environment. The academy teaches English in various natural ways such as speaking, listening and understanding, reading and phonics, and later writing, which is the same process that a child uses to learn their native language. The English academy consists of over 5000 interactive learning activities that include puzzles. Songs, games, books, and art activities. Most importantly, the English Learning Academy enables kids to learn and spell over 2000 English phrases and words.

ABCmouse for Schools and ABCmouse for Teachers

Age of learning has gone further ahead and made the ABCmouse learning curriculum for children available at no cost for teachers in the U.S public and private schools. The ABCmouse teachers' platform enables them to utilize ABCmouse to teach the whole-class, individual learning and also small groups. Furthermore, it enables teachers to send personalized instructions to every kid and also engage parents in their kids learning activities and thus enhancing a school- home learning environment. Over 70,000 teachers in the United States often use this platform in their classes. ABCmouse for schools was later developed in 2016 to help school districts and groups located in the United States and internationally meet their students' performance requirements.

ABCmouse for libraries and Community Centers

The program's developer, Age of learning also provides free ABCmouse accounts to libraries all over the U.S and Canada that consists of the full Early Learning Academy curriculum. Established in the year 2014, the library accounts are available to over 60% of U.S citizens freely through the local libraries in their states. Libraries are of great importance to children at risk, and that why the Age of Learning has been working hard to extend their platform to almost all libraries in the country. Age of learning has also done great work to the community by ensuring that children residing in public housing in over 27 cities can access ABCmouse for free. This has been achieved by making sure that the platform is available in all public houses computer rooms.

ABCmouse Assessment Centre

The program's assessment Centre helps parents gauge their young patrons' skills, ability, and knowledge in various important areas such as math's, literacy, language and consists of enough assessment items. In collaboration with the ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, the assessment center helps provide specific learning activities based on each child needs. The assessment center evaluates each child's learning proceeds and was made a success through collaboration with SRI and NORC experts from the University of Chicago.

Other ABCmouse Mobile Apps

In addition to the ABCmouse Early Learning Academy App, Age of learning has also come up with eight added mobile apps that parents who have already subscribed to ABCmouse can access them for free. They are all available in android tablets, smartphones and iOS and children can use them to access learning activities available in the ABCmouse module. Most importantly, seven out of the eight applications can be accessed offline and thus making them easily available especially when traveling.

Reading IQ

Reading IQ is also another great digital library created for children below the age of 12 years. The platforms enable teachers and families to access hundreds of quality books written by experts to help boost children literacy. Some of the best children literature available in this platform include national geographic books for kids, Newberry and Caldecott award winners and thousands of fiction and non- fiction books published by some of the best authors.


ABCmouse module has indeed received several awards for the best digital learning resource provider for children between two and eight years old. Also their new education application, Mastering math has also received a lot of praise due to its educational supremacy. The platform won the 2016 Teachers' Choice Award which was introduced in 1994 by the Learning Magazine. The ABCmouse, Early Learning Academy also won two awards at the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA). One of the awards was for the Parenting Resources Competition while the other was for the Children Product Competition. The platform also won the Parents Choice Gold Award, which is one of the oldest American non-profit programs that recognize various media channels that are very useful to children. The program has also won 3 Gold Stevie Awards for its Mastering math digital product. Stevie Awards began in 2012 and award the best businesses that standouts in its industry and provide the best products and services. The product is also a winner of the Mom's Choice Awards and most teachers and parents rely on this award to evaluate the best products and services suitable for their children. ABCmouse on Android tablets is indeed one of the best digital learning resources that you should consider subscribing for your children as it provides an easy and enjoyable learning environment.