To all those who don’t know what an Amazon Fire Stick is: Amazon Fire Stick is a tiny device that gives you access to stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and other series, by just connecting it to any streaming device. You connect it to the HDMI portal space of your TV (or anything of your choice) and there you go! It is a great way to enjoy binge-watching shows and movies wherever you are.

It is a portable device so you can carry it anywhere around you go. Connect it to the HDMI port to the nearby available screening device if you wanted to watch something. It can also stream photos, music, and games. In short, it’s the substitute for your TV to carry everywhere. Read the guide to know how to properly set up your Amazon fire stick TV. If you receive a blinking orange light, here are several possibilities and solutions for issue to solve.
Amazon Firestick Remote Blinking Orange Light

Proper setup

You can enjoy the features that the Amazon Fire Stick offers only if you know how to use and connect the remote. Ensure that you have read the manual properly and worked on it. Once the setup the device and the remote completely, wait for the remote to blink. If the setup is right, itshould give an indicator color of blue light blinking on the remote thrice.Do not blame the device if your setup is not proper.

Even after the entire setup, you receive the flashing or blinking orange light on the remote, don’t worry. This orange light issue alsooccurs at timesin the middle of nowhere when it had been working fine previously. Down are the various possibilities to check for and solve the issue. A good internet connection is mandatory for the Fire Stick to stream on good quality and thus allows you to enjoy a high-quality video. In most of the cases, the orange light issue had been due to the internet connection.

1. Internet connection

Ensure that you have good internet connectivity at your home. If you are not at home, check the Wi-Fi speed and connection with the manager of the place. A poor connection can also be responsible for the blinking orange light. Move the device closer to the Wi-Fi. Else,switch your device to an Ethernet connection if the Wi-Fi is weak. Try restarting your Fire TV recast. It is very simple. Go the settings. Under Live TV Sources, you will find the option to restart your cast.

2. Incorrect password

When you read the guide provided by the Amazon Fire Stick manual, it says the indication of orange light maybe because of incorrect Wi-Fi passwords. Re-check if you have entered the right Wi-Fi password or check if it has got changed.

3. Resolve Wi-Fi issues

Try rebooting your Wi-Fi setup. If it works fine for some time and reports the same issue again, check the IP address of other devices at home with Fire Stick. Try assigning a static IP address to your Fire Stick.

4. Connectivity issue

If there has been any loose connection inside, the Fire Stick might have stopped working. Try to unplug the Fire Stick from the HDMI portal for 30 seconds. Unplug it from the power outlet/adapter also. Now plug them back again respectively. I hear this to be a good solution and it worked for many people. When you plug it in again, make sure it is right and tight.

5. Battery check

Remove the batteries from the remote and put them back after a break. Or use a fresh pair of batteries for the remote and reconnect the remote to the device. If the orange light has stopped, then it’s been the remote that has been malfunctioning.

6. Factory reset

A Factory reset can be done by any of the following two methods. If one doesn’t work, try performing the other. Remember this method will only reset your remote so as to start working.

Use the remote

Disconnect the device from power sources. Press the Menu button, Back button, and Left navigation circle button simultaneously together at least for 10 seconds. Wait until at least 60 seconds for the remote to factory reset. Now remove the batteries of the remote and unplug the device. Wait for around 60 seconds and re-plug the device back to the TV. Wait until the menu bar displays before inserting batteries into the remote. Once done, insert the batteries and press hold the Home button for at least 30 seconds to reconnect the remote and normal functioning of the device. Your device will now get back to normal and starts working like before. Make sure the orange light does not still turn up. If it continues to be the same, try the alternate one.

Use a USB Keyboard

Connect a USB Keyboard to your TV and try the following solution for recovery mode. You can try this to recover your device. Mac keyboards generally do not have the print screen key. Ensure to use a keyboard that has one. Press Alt+ PrtSc+ i. In easy words, this is similar to a task manager option for Windows. It kills all the tasks that are currently been running on the TV and will start to boot up the process. On booting the device, the system enters the recovery mode. If you do not see the reboot, try pressing the keys continuously until it starts the process. Now, you should receive a message that says “System Update was not successful”. Once you see this screen wait for the menu bar to pop up. If you still do not see the menu bar, press the keys Alt + PrtSc + i once again. Else, press the Home button for normal functioning. Now use the keyboard functions to navigate along the menu bar. Choose the Factory reset option and press Enter.

I hope the above suggestions gave you a solution to solve your issue. Read the guide manual before you start using your Amazon Fire Stick TV. They provide details about all the color indications in it. Let us know if these suggestions worked on your device.