Having a small robot mopping up floors and cleaning your house on command, even whilst you are away? Yes, please. This is Roomba, making life easier and more efficient for us. Roomba’s are amazingly versatile and can mop and broom various kinds of floors including hardwood, linoleum, tiles, and even carpets. If you have a huge house with many floors and if you are wondering if a Roomba can clean many floors, then the answer is yes. Here are two ways by which you can do it. 

How Does Roomba Clean Multiple Floors?

How can we make Roomba clean multiple floors?

You can move your Roomba from one floor to another.

The easiest and cheapest way to go about sweeping multiple floors is to manually move your Roomba from one floor to another. A simple, low-cost Roomba is all you need for this task. This is very efficient for slick floors but you may need to invest in a high-end one for carpets. For improved results, you should leave your Roomba on a high traffic floor, like the one that consists of the kitchen, and move it around once or twice a week to other floors.

However keep in mind that if your Roomba has a self-navigation system, you should not move it around. You cannot stop these Roombas mid cleaning and put them in another room. If you have a more advanced version of the Roomba, you can map the different floors separately on them. Your Roomba will identify which room it is in and will clean properly. But make sure not to pick up your Roomba midway through a cleaning session as the Roomba can get confused and lost. A few Roombas can memorize up to 10 floors, so it really should not be an issue. 

Install charging stations on each floor

Installing charging stations on each floor is a good idea as you don’t have to carry the Roomba from one floor to another again and again. You can simply instruct it to go home. As the Roomba maps your house, once the cleaning of one floor is done, it will go back to its house on the same floor. Later, you can take the Roomba to the other floor, and again it will navigate its way home on that particular floor. For some Roombas, the charging port or the Roomba’s home can be quite expensive. If you find that a charging port is costing you too much, you can simply invest in another low-cost Roomba and put it on the floor that requires lesser attention. 

Can I put different Roombas on different floors?

Yes, you can definitely use more than one Roombas in your house. Most people who have various floors invest in more than one Roombas. If you have one expensive model and you don’t want to spend on another expensive model, you can buy a cheaper one. On the floor that needs more attention, place the more expensive Roomba. The other floor which does not require a lot of attention can be cleaned with the cheaper Roomba. 

When installing more than one Roomba in your house you have to make sure of a few things. If your house has stairs, do not keep Roomba’s house near the stairs. The Roomba might find it difficult to navigate its way home. Moreover, the Roomba can easily fall down the stairs if you keep the home near the stairs. 

Don’t set the home base of two Roombas near each other. The Roombas might get confused if their houses are near each other. In that situation, the Roomba will keep hovering outside its house but will not go inside any of the houses. 

You can always remap your Roomba if you decide that you want to move your Roomba to another floor. So you can try all the combinations to see which Roomba works best on which floor. 

How to map different floors on a Roomba

 If your Roomba has the option to add multiple floors, you can simply add different floors to it instead of setting up different stations or buying different Roombas. Here is how you can set up different floors in one Roomba. 

Step 1- Place your Roomba on the floor that you want it to map. 

Step 2- Start the cleaning process on that floor. The Roomba will map the new location on its own. Thus might take two to three attempts to get the mapping perfectly.

Step 3- after two cleaning cycles, you can customize the map. You can change the name of the floor, adjust floor divides or name your rooms. Your Roomba guesses the layout of your home. Based on this a map will be formed. On this map you will get the option of moving room divides to actually match the plan of your house. You can adjust it to perfection. 

Step 4- You can do more customizations once the room setup is done. In this step, you can add cleaning zones and keep-out zones for your Roomba. To do these customizations, you have to press the map icon on your touch screen next to the robot. 

Step 5- Save your map after you have adjusted room boundaries, added cleaning zones and keep-out zones, and made other changes. 

Remember that you cannot move your charging dock with your Roomba. Don’t carry the charging dock to different floors or change its location. The Roomba uses the location of the charging dock as its starting point to navigate things. Moving the charging dock around can confuse the Roomba. It is better to install different charging docks on different floors in case you do not want to move the Roomba around a lot. 


Roombas are very efficient gadgets to have at home. Once you invest in a Roomba you do not have to spend hours cleaning your house. Even if your Roomba is an older model you can easily clean several floors by simply moving it manually. You don’t even need to have an expensive model to clean various floors!