A tiny disk running around the house and absolving one of one’s cleaning responsibilities is always a breath of relief. Brooming, mopping, everything is done, without any actual broom or mop to the effect. That is the Roomba, your cleaning robot. However, imagine that little robot losing its efficiency and abandoning its work. Sounds terrible, right? 

An absolute waste of a beautiful day. Sad as it is, quite a few of us seem to have encountered this problem, where the Roomba only runs for a few minutes and stops after that, sometimes with certain messages such as “I’m done” when its not, or “Please charge” even when it is charged. But don’t worry, the reasons have been identified and solutions looked into!

Why Does My Roomba Only Run For A Few Minutes?

Battery Issues

The most frequent problem is that of the battery runtime. To overcome this, you need to give a test to what the full battery runtime is. This requires you to follow a three-step procedure. First, charge the battery to the maximum extent. Second, press the clean button and let the Roomba start cleaning. If in 60 minutes or so your Roomba plays the ‘I’m done’ tune, then your Roomba is alright and it has calculated the room size and it takes only a little time to clean the room. 

However, if your Roomba plays the ‘please charge the Roomba’ sound in less than sixty minutes, this means that you need to change the battery of your Roomba. You can do so by going to a service center. Or you can order the battery online on the official website. 

You can also get it from an unauthorized dealer who sells Ropomba parts. However, it is advisable to always get parts of your Roomba from an authorized seller. If your Roomba is well within the warranty period, then talk to customer care executives and figure out how you can solve the issue. The customer service is excellent and you will not need more than a couple of days to get your Roomba fixed. 

Make sure that your Roomba is actually getting charged

The problem might also be in your charging socket or the Roomba’s charger. Before calling customer care or proceeding to buy a new battery, check to see whether your socket is working fine and whether the Roomba is actually getting charged. To check the workings of your socket, remove the Roomba’s charging plug and try pitting your phone charger. 

If your phone charges normally, then you can be sure that your socket is working fine. If you think that the plug point might be the problem, try setting up the Roomba’s home near another plug point to verify whether the issue is in your Roomba or the charging situation. Ensure that the Roomba is actually getting charged. There can be issues with the wires too. 

If you see that your Roomba is getting charged properly but it still works for only a few minutes, then it is most likely an issue related to the battery. 

If you have recently re-mapped room boundaries 

In some Roombas remapping, the room has caused these problems. If you have recently remapped your room and your Roomba is topping after running for a couple of minutes, then it could be due to that. But this isn’t such a huge issue. You need to re-map the room again. Delete the app, and start the entire re-mapping process again. The Roomba will take 2-3 days to adjust to the new boundaries and the new map, but the issue should be solved after that. If your Roomba starts running into the same problem again after a couple of days, then it might be an internal issue. You should contact customer care to pinpoint your Roomba’s issues. 

How to solve your Roomba’s issues?

Changing batteries

If you conclude that your Roomba’s issue is due to its battery, you should get a new battery. However, before ordering a battery, talk to customer support to ensure that it indeed is a problem in the battery of your Roomba and not a software issue or other issues. Buy your Roomba’s battery from an authorized seller to ensure that you get the authentic battery. 

Doing a factory reset

Doing a factory reset will delete all your app data and you will have to do the entire process all over again, but in most cases doing a factory reset solves the issue. The customer care executives will also ask you to do a factory reset before looking deeper into the issue. So it might be a good idea to try it before calling the customer care executives. If your Roomba starts working fine, then the entire effort is worth it. Besides, you wouldn’t need to spend money on buying batteries or on getting your Roomba repaired. 

Removing the battery and putting it back

Another thing that customer care executives ask customers to do is to remove the battery of the Roomba, keep it aside for a few minutes and then put the battery back in. This can solve the problem sometimes. You can also do an entire reset after removing the battery and putting it back. If none of it solves your issue, then you can rest assured that the problem is either in the battery or in the software. It could also be a hardware issue. Contact customer care. 

Updating the software or loading a new firmware 

This is something that the customer care executive will do for you. You don’t have to do anything. Just contact the customer care executives and if they think that your Roomba needs new firmware, they will ask you to keep your Roomba at its base and they will load new firmware in your Roomba. This has shown to be effective in solving the issue of Roombas working for a few minutes and then stopping. If your Roomba works fine for only a few days after the update, then contact customer support immediately and ask them to fix your issue.