Roomba is a self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner manufactured by the iRobot Corporation. As you may already know, your Roomba robovac operates on a rechargeable battery that provides hundreds of cleaning cycles. Maintain it properly to extend its life, and the key is to recharge the battery after each cleaning session. 

When you put a Roomba into an on-wall outlet, the charger's solid green light indicates that it is charging. However, what if your existing model is recharged through a Home Base? It is quite usual for the unit's light indication to go out when charging via the Home Base, as the Home Base itself does not have a light indicator. 

Why My Roomba Is Flashing Orange?

The reason for this is that throughout the charging process, both the robotic cleaner and the Home Base must exchange energy. After the robot vacuum docks, the Home Base's power button turns green for four seconds and then turns off. Meanwhile, once linked to the Home Base, the little cleaning machine's charging light will likewise become green; similarly, it will extinguish after a minute.

So, how can you determine if your Roomba is charging?

These are the things to know when Roomba is charging accurately.

  • On the unit, press CLEAN.
  • When the power indicator is green, it indicates that your robovac is completely charged.
  • The amber hue indicates that the battery is still charging.
  • If the indicator goes red, this is a sign of a low battery and you should charge it immediately.

If you are utilizing the 900 series, the simplest solution is to download the iRobot app. The Roomba battery's state will be presented on the screen, indicating the optimal time to conduct a cleaning cycle.

How does Roomba Work

The working modalities of Roomba need some explanation before it can be fully understood. We promise to simplify it in this article so that our readers can understand.

Roombas are robot vacuum cleaners in the shape of a Frisbee or large disc. The bottom of a regular Roomba has rotating brushes like any other vacuum. Many Roomba users are unaware that their robots drain electricity while not attached to a power source or home base. 

Internally, a few applications operate instantly as long as the battery is inserted. If you do not utilize a home base or connect the power source directly to the Roomba's side, a gradual but steady drain occurs, resulting in an extremely low battery level. 

When this occurs, the Roomba charging system detects the need to perform a "special battery recovery" program and indicates this by flashing the Clean indication light on at a rate of 120 interrupts per minute (IPMs) over the following 16 hours during the special battery recovery program period.


Modes of operation: Start/Pause/Sleep

1. Start

A. When the switch on the bottom of the robot is activated, the CLEAN button indication will gradually turn blue.

B. To begin cleaning, press the CLEAN button on the main body or on the remote controller. The robot will be equipped with

2. Pause

To temporarily halt the robot’s cleaning:-

A) Hit the CLEAN button on the main body; 

B) On the remote controller, press the ON/OFF button.

3. Sleep mode

To put the robot into sleep mode, which will result in a darkened display indicator (robot in standby mode, not switched off):

A. If no order is received within 30 seconds, the robot will automatically enter sleep mode.

B. For two seconds, push the CLEAN button on the main body or the ON/OFF button on the remote controller. The robot will enter sleep mode.

Whenever an Orange color light with a quick pulse appears on your Robot vacuum whether it is a 400, 500, 600, 700, or 800 series robot, it indicates that the robot has begun a 16-hour refresh charge cycle due to a severe depletion of the battery. 

After one minute of charging, certain versions will also turn off all of the robot's indicators. This is natural behavior designed to conserve your energy. A refresh charge will occur if the Roomba has been removed from the Home Base® or charger for a prolonged length of time. 

This thorough charge rejuvenates the battery and enables it to run for an extended amount of time. If you want the best results, please do not interrupt the refresh charge. The CLEAN indicator (battery icon indication on the Roomba 700 and 800) will pulse fast to signal that the refresh charge has begun. The refresh charge cycle cannot be started manually; it begins only when it is necessary. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Roomba Battery

With appropriate maintenance, the battery in your robot can survive for several cleaning cycles before needing to be changed. So here are a few battery care suggestions to help you extend the life of your battery and keep your Roomba working at its best:

1. Utilize only iRobot batteries.

2. Make occasional use of your robot. It is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, and when used often, will provide most cleaning tasks.

3. When not being used, keep your robot connected to a power source.  Let the Roomba charge on the Home Base. Keep your robot connected to the charger if you do not have a Home Base

4. Make sure your robot is charged and stored in a cool, dry location.

Maintain a clean robot. If it becomes blocked with hair or dirt, it will have to work harder than normal, which will drain the battery more quickly. Recharge your robot immediately after use; waiting several days might cause the battery to degrade. 

If you will not be using your robot for more than a few weeks, keep it in a cool, dry location. For best performance, fully charge the battery at least once every six months.

Never keep your Roomba unplugged from a charging component for an extended period of time after completing a cleaning mission unless you remove the battery to avoid a complete discharge and probable battery failure.