Technology began with inventions. As years passed by, a lot of inventions came into existence. In this century, technology has risen to a higher level. Humans can no longer do without technology. Scientists have taken their time to correct some of the things a lot of people thought be look at in electronics. 

Years ago, when there is an interruption in the power supply, your compact disc, or digital video display would not pick up from where it sopped. If for example you are watching a movie on your digital video disc and there is an interruption in the power supply, you would not have the opportunity of watching your movie from where it stopped before power was interrupted. 

You will have to make do with starting all over again. But the modern ones that have been created do not have their problem. Once there is an interruption in the power supply, you can start watching your movie once power is restored from the exact scene you stopped when power was interrupted.

Will Roomba Pick Up From Where It Stopped?

In this article, we are not concerned with other devices. Our concern will be on Roomba. A lot of people want to know if Roomba also picks up from where it stops. If you are also in the category of people that have been hoping to know if a Roomba picks up from where it stops, then you will get your response in this article. Although, the main discussion in this article will be centered around whether a Roomba picks up from where it stops, other information about Roomba will be discussed briefly.


Roomba is a robotic device that allows the user to sail through the floor of his home and cleans it. The Roomba has a lot of features that distinguish it apart from other vacuums. It has a performance map application that allows the user to check the performance level of all the features.

Will Roomba Pick Up

This is the segment of the article where we will provide an answer to the subject matter. With all we have said about Roomba, what it does, its features, its characteristics, and how efficient it is, we are sure our readers will be eager to find out if the device picks up or not. Roomba does! Great news right? There’s always something that sets Roomba out above other Vacuums and the "Recharge and Resume" feature is one. The Roomba S Series and Roomba I Series have this unique smart feature.

Roomba is built and designed to immediately start when the battery gets weak. As soon as the battery charge to the required capacity, the Roomba device will begin cleaning from where it stopped before the battery became low. By charging the device to the required capacity, the Roomba device gathers enough power to cover areas that cannot be covered when the device has a single charge. 

How To Know If A Roomba Is Charging

There is something to look out for to know if your Roomba has started charging or not. To know that the charging process has begun, the Roomba will dock and the ring will change back to the blue pattern which shows that the Roomba device is returning to dock to recharge. The downloaded application on your smartphone will immediately show that the process of charging has begun. 

Immediately the battery has stored enough power or the charging time has passed, you will hear the resume song, and the light will change to the resume pattern. As soon as you notice these two signs, you can be assured that the robot will continue the work it started before the battery became too weak.

The Roomba i7, s9, and m6 models use the smart recharge and resume. The recharge and resume use the smart maps. The smart maps are designed in such a way that it gives the Roomba the opportunity to know the extent to which the cleaning has been done, and what part of the Roomba still needs to be cleaned.

Approximate Charging Times For some Models Roomba Device Models

Here, we will look at the approximate charging times for four of some Roomba device models. If you own any of these models or you are planning to buy any of these models, these are the estimated charging times. The four models are Roomba s series, Roomba I series, Roomba 900 series, and Roomba m series. 

1> For Roomba s series, to have a full charge, the estimated charging time is 1 hour and 25 minutes.

2> For Roomba I series, to have a full charge, the estimated charging time is 1 hour 25 minutes also.

3> For Roomba 900 series, to have a full charge, the estimated charging time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

4> For the Roomba m series, to have a full charge, the estimated charging time is 1 hour 15 minutes.

The Roomba s and I series have smart recharge and resume features. What this means is that the charging time might be lesser than what we have estimated in some cases.

They also have smartphone applications. The smartphone applications help the Roomba to detect what has been charged and what is left to be charged. Instead of charging completely, it will charge the device to the extent that it will be able to complete an ongoing task. When the task comes to an end, the device can now charge fully pending another task.

All you need to do is simply start it and leave it alone. It will recharge and continue cleaning from wherever it stopped. Leave it alone to do its job or you might get it confused. When it’s time for the robot to recharge it parks and recharges and when it’s done charging, it plays a tune after parking to announce it’s done. 1700 soft requires one recharge and will take 2 -1/2 hours from start to finish. So yes, the Roomba picks up its unfinished cleaning after a good charge and there’s no cleaning left undone.