Smart life plugs are great means of automating your home. They can convert your basic home electrical devices and appliances in to smart devices. When you put your smart life plug in any outlet, you have a remote control to regulate your home appliances or even lights. This deceptively simple device can turn any outlet in to a smart one or any basic home appliance to a smart appliance. It does not require a smart outlet and the devices for which it is used do not need to be smart either. For all the benefits and convenience it provides, it is an investment worth doing.

How do I Reset My Smart Life Plug?

How it works

The smart life plug acts as an adapter between the power outlet and the appliance you want to manage. You need to install the Smart Life app from Google play store on your phone and it allows you to manage the power supply being provided to the home appliance through the smart life plug. Therefore, your appliances can now be remotely controlled via the internet or the WIFI network in your home. 

The smart life plug has an inbuilt WIFI antenna that allows it to connect with any smart home system like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Once connected, the smart home system can now easily communicate with the smart life plug through the WIFI network. You can give a voice command to your smart home system, which will then transmit the message to the smart life plug and it will act accordingly. 

How to begin using it

Before you begin using the smart life plug, firstly enable WiFi on your phone. Download the smart life app on your phone if you do not have it already. Make sure that the smart life application is compatible with your mobile device. Once installed, click on the connect application. Now log in to the smart life application and plug your smart life plug in to an electrical power outlet. When the LED light starts blinking a green color it is an indicator that the plug is on. Now you can plug your appliance or device in to the smart plug and it is ready for use.

Why is my smart life plug not working? Do I really need to reset it?

Considering the multiple functionalities that the smart life plug offers, it is a pretty useful device. However like any other device, it too can face glitches. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi signal may be lost, the signal may be misfired or any other issue may cause disruption in its working. 

While there are certain issues that may not be fixed without resetting the smart life plug, before you apply a reset to it, do go through a checklist to see if any other measure helps fix the issue and enables the smart life plug to get working again.

  • Check if your device and the app is updated. Ideally whenever it is connected to the Wi-Fi it should automatically update itself if an update is available. However if it doesn’t, you can simply fix the error by going in the app and getting it to update to the latest version available
  • Make sure that there is power availability to the device and it is plugged in correctly to the power socket.
  • Sometimes there may be a problem with the Wi-Fi router and it may not be functioning properly. For this all you may need to do is turn it off and then on again. The devices connected to the router will reconnect and the glitches if any will be resolved.

Reset the smart life plug

If all the above mentioned points have not enabled the smart life plug to get working again, you can try restarting the plug. Try turning your smart life plug off, wait for some time and turn it on back again or plug it in the socket again. If it is still not working, you may need to reset the smart life plug.

Resetting the smart plug to factory settings will erase the device from your account. You will have to do the entire set up process again. It is a little tedious and that is why we suggest you to check thoroughly for any other issues that may be causing the glitches before resorting to the smart life plug reset.

In order to apply a factory reset to the smart life plug you need to follow the following procedure. 

  • Keep your smart life plug plugged in the power socket. 
  • Now, look for the button on the side of the smart life plug, press it and hold the power button down. 
  • Give it a good 10 to 15 seconds before doing the next step. 
  • Now release your hold on the power button. 
  • You will hear a clicking sound and the LED blue indicator light will blink five times. After the clicking sound, the LED light will flash slowly. This is an indication that the factory reset has been done on the smart life plug.

As we mentioned earlier, when you apply a factory reset to the smart life plug, you will have to do the setup procedure again as the device will be de-registered from the smart life app. 

Having a smart life plug is a matter of great convenience and flexibility. You can increase the efficiency of your home appliances and also cut down your electricity expenditure. So if at night you are tucked in bed and all ready for sleep and suddenly realize that you forgot to turn off the outer lights or did not switch off the TV; but you do not want to leave your bed. Well, with a smart life plug installed in your home, all you need to do is open your app on your mobile device and switch off those lights or the TV.

We hope this article was useful in guiding you how to reset your smart life plug and walking you through the checking points you may cross out on the list before determining that factory reset is an absolute must in the situation.