InShot- Powerful Music Video Editor and Photo Editor with pro features- trim & cut video/movie, add music, text, stickers and glitch effects, blur background and No Crop! HD status editor for Instagram! Professional basic video editing features, record your precious moments of your daily life. Make music video for Republic Day, Holi, Diwali, New year and other special days! Share your daily life to others on social media!
InShot - Video Editor Review


Free Full-features Video Edtior

* Video cutter and Video splitter. Video maker with trim function. Cut videos to the length you need. Split videos into several clips.
* Video merger and slideshow maker. Merge multiple clips into one, combine and compress video without losing quality.
* Crop video in any ratios. Zoom in/out video. Powerful movie maker and pro video-editor for YouTube, Instagram, Snack video etc.
* Crop video to remove watermark or any unwanted part.
* Rotate/Flip the video.

Add Music to Video

* Video maker with music! Add InShot featured music, India dream music or use your own beat songs.
* Extracting music from videos has supported now. You can upload extract music you like from other videos.
* Add your own voice to your video, like a recorder.

Video Filters and Effects

* Add movie style video filters and cool effects such as Glitch, Stop Motion, Old TV, RGB, ect.
* Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Customized video filters and video effects.

Video Transition Effects

* Merger 2 clips by adding transition effects to make the transition of video clips more cinematic! Just simple click, you can become a montage video master with InShot.
* Now, 55+ transitions are available in InShot. Such as Fade in/out, Glitch, Light, Ghost, Slice etc.

Text & Sticker

* Add text on video, many fonts for the text editing. With music and text, you can make lyrical video with this MV status maker.
* Add animated stickers and emoji. 1000+ stickers can be chosed
* Edit the text and stickers with animation.
* Make custom memes and images to videos and photos.

Video Speed Control

* Adjust video speed with video filters and video effects. Fast/Slow motion full screen movie maker app.
* Speed up videos or add slow motion. Range from 0.2x to 100x!
* Freeze special moment.

Ratio & Background

* Square video, No crop video maker and pro video editor app.
* Add different borders. Background color and video blur editor.

Video Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker

* Easily convert video to MP4 format. Free video cutter app.
Photo slideshow maker, merge photos to create slideshow with music.

Professional Photo Editor & Collage

* Lots of stylish collage layouts.
* Unique filters & colorful backgrounds, blur background.
* 1000+ stickers, add funny memes to your photos.

Easy to Share

* Fit your video and photo in any Aspect Ratio. Easy-to-use instagram video editor and Tiktok editor.
* Custom video export resolution, HD pro video-editor (1080P or 4K) , professional movie maker.
* Share to all social apps YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

InShot is a powerful screen video editor & movie maker. Popular music video maker with all features, free photo editor. With InShot, you can easily add music to video, add text and stickers on video. Fast/Slow motion feature is super fun. InShot is a free HD full screen video maker and video cutter. You can crop video easily and export it without losing quality, and share your videos to social media by one click, or edit video with music and pictures for YouTube.

What is InShot app?

InShot - Powerful HD Video Editor and Photo Editor with professional features. Add music, transition effects, text, emoji and filters, blur background and etc!

Is InShot a free app?

A free and powerful video editing tool. Video Editor And Video Maker - InShot is a free mobile application that you can download on your Windows to create or edit videos and photos.

Is InShot app made in India?

inshot app belongs to the Asian country China. InShot Inc. Is basically a Chinese Android developer that has been active since 2011. InShot App is a video Editing app that comes from Chinese developer QuVideo.

Is InShot app safe to use?

InShot will never collect and store any face data when you use our application. And any PII can not be shared with any third parties. The only situation we may get access to your PII is when you personally decide to email us your feedback or to provide us with a bug report.

Does InShot cost money?

The InShot app is free to download, and you can do quite a bit in the app without paying anything. However, if you like the app and plan to use it a lot, you'll probably want to upgrade at some point, or at least spend a little money on the enhancement packs you'll use over and over.

Is InShot available on Android?

InShot is available for Android on the Google Play Store or from the App store for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Is InShot pro worth buying?

InShot Video Editor is actually a pretty good app. It's pleasant to use, and the interface is well suited to let you edit simple videos, or edit images. A lot of features are offered for free, and you have a choice of one-off purchases or subscriptions should you wish to use this app on a regular basis.

Is InShot good for youtube video editing?

Available on iOS and Android. InShot app is an all-in-one visual content editing app. That said, InShot is simple to use and has everything you need. This app is perfect for creators who want a mobile video editor that does it all without too many frills.

Can you do captions on Inshot?

The captions created with InShot are quite customizable. You can choose their font, color, size, placement, and even add shadow to separate them from the background. The only shortcoming is that the captions are not auto-generated. You'll have to type them yourself.

How do you blur the background in InShot?

Step 1: Click the large Portrait button. Step 2: Grant permission to access photos, then select the photo you wish to alter. Step 3: The app will then immediately analyze and blur your background automatically.

Can I use InShot music on Youtube?

So no, you cannot use anyone's music without permission. There are no “non-copyrighted” songs for you to use. They don't, and they can't. YouTube isn't privvy to your private license or permission arrangements and they have no way whatsoever of knowing this.

Is InShot music copyright free?

InShot will not have any ownership rights in the works you created. ... However, the Service and its original Content (“InShot Content”) is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws. InShot owns and retains all rights in the InShot Content and the InShot Services.

What is the benefit of InShot app?

You can make all basic changes to your videos within a few minutes. It requires only a few taps, and you are ready to go. There are tons of features available in this simple mobile app. You can add stunning effects, filters, text, GIFs, stickers, images, music, sound effects, and everything you like.

Does InShot store data?

InShot will never collect and store any face data when you use our application. And any PII can not be shared with any third parties. With your permission, the advertising providers may use personal data to enhance your advertising experience.

Can you use any music on InShot?

Spotify is a good place for you to find various music resources. However, Spotify doesn't offer its service to InShot, and InShot is only connected to iTunes now. It can convert any Spotify songs, playlists, radio, or others to common audios like MP3, M4B, WAV, M4A, AAC, and FLAC with 5× faster speed.

Who is the owner of InShot app?

InShot App is a Video Editing app that comes from Chinese developer QuVideo. InShots is an App with Chinese origin. InShot is Used by millions of people across the globe by the name of Viva Video.

How do you put two videos together on InShot?

  • Open InShot and tap Video.
  • Select the videos you want to combine. Your videos will appear on the timeline in the order that you selected them.
  • Trim each clip by tapping on it twice.
  • Add a transition, some text, or stickers.
  • Tap Save in the top right corner and select your video quality from the options.

How do you underline text in Inshot?

So, tap on the 'A' icon from the top menu bar. After tapping on that icon, you will see a few formatting and font-related options appear at the bottom of the screen. Among those options, you will find an icon that looks like a 'U' with an underscore. This is the underline icon.

Does InShot allow voiceover?

Click on the Voice Over option on the top right. You can pause your video by tapping on it so you can adjust and set where you want your voice over to start. Once you've figured out where to start, press on the record button and start your voice over.

Is InShot the best?

InShot is no doubt an amazing video editor. Its free version is also impressive, and the paid version is worth it. You can easily edit your videos like a professional. Your videos can stand out from the crowd.

Is InShot the best editing app?

This is by far the best video editor app I've ever used. I'm a new vlogger and i get the most vlog-like videos using it. It allows me to speed up or slow down my videos, add filters/ adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc, I can also add pictures to my videos and record voice clippings in the app.

Is InShot available on laptop?

InShot is among the most popular mobile photo and video manipulation software tools that allows you to create like-worthy videos in no time. However, despite the popularity, there is no dedicated app from InShot Inc. that you can directly install to your PC.

How much does InShot cost?

Affordable Cost: InShot is totally budget-friendly, even if you go all-out for the one-time $34.99 purchase (which is worth it if you're going to use InShot as your go-to video editor).

Is InShot stickers copyright free?

InShot will not have any ownership rights in the works you created. You represent and warrant that you own the Content created by you. However, the Service and its original Content (“InShot Content”) is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws.

Can you use itunes on InShot?

It is available for both Android or iOS users. In this entire process of video editing, background music is an essential part. However, if you are looking to add Apple Music to InShot, then it can't be done directly. As we all know that Apple Music has protected audios that are not available to use in any app.

What is InShot pro?

InShot Pro is the app's premium version, and it doesn't have any limits on the effects, filters, stickers and transitions you can use. Plus, you won't see the InShot watermark on your creations, and there aren't any ads to deal with, either.

How do I get InShot Pro for free?

Simply open the app > select from the 3 options which is video, photo and collage > import the media and then edit! Yes, it's free to download and use. But if you want to unlock more effects, transitions and other items, you can avail InShot Pro for just $3.99/month. Yes!

What does InShot Pro offer?

With an InShot Pro Unlimited subscription, you have access to all features and paid editing materials including stickers, filter packages etc. Watermark and advertisements will be removed automatically. - InShot Pro Unlimited subscription is billed monthly or annually at the rate corresponding to the selected plan.

You can download Inshot from appstore & playstore here.