Looking for a portable scanner? iScanner will turn your device into a powerful digital office and help you become more productive in your work and daily life. Download this scanner app for free to instantly scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG or TXT formats. Go paperless with our fast PDF scanner – store all your documents in a neat mobile office right on your phone!

iScanner - PDF Scanner App Review


This tiny yet powerful free scanner app is a must-have for students and anyone involved in a small business: accountants, realtors, managers, or lawyers. Scan anything you need, including receipts, contracts, paper notes, fax papers, books, and store your scans as multipage PDF or JPEG files.


ID-CARD & PASSPORT– a mode specifically designed for fast and convenient scanning of ID-documents.

MATH– solve math problems and complex equations. Just point your device camera at a math expression, whether handwritten or typed, and get a solution instantly.

AREA– measure an object’s length and calculate the total room area.

COUNT– count similar objects automatically via camera.

QR CODE– read any QR-code with your device camera.


  • Scan documents and photos to PDF, JPEG, or TXT
  • Easily scan multiple pages into one document
  • Recognize text from any scannable object with OCR
  • Put your electronic signature on documents


  • Edit scans using color correction and noise removing features
  • Sign your scans manually or add a signature from an image
  • Mark up documents, cover or blur text you don’t need to be seen
  • Add text over the forms or autofill documents using custom templates
  • Use file manager with folders, drag & drop, and document editing features
  • Protect your confidential scans by locking folders and files with PIN


  • Scan documents and share them in just a few taps
  • Print contracts and invoices right from the scanning app
  • Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive

Would you like to keep your entire office in your pocket and increase your productivity at work? Use scanner pro features to handle your paperwork with ease. Say goodbye to huge and ugly copy machines and get this ultra-fast scanner app for free now! With this secure free scanner app, any scanned or exported documents are stored locally on your iPhone, and neither we nor any third-party can access them. Made with love in the USA.

What is the iScanner app?

iScanner will turn your iOS or Android device into a full-featured powerful and fast document scanner. With iScanner you can scan any kind of documents, ID cards, books, receipts, paper notes, whiteboards, schedules and timetables – anything you might need in your day to day life.

Is the iScanner app free?

US-based #1 scanning and document management platform. Ad-Free and trusted by over 80 million people worldwide! Download free for Android.

Is iScanner a good app?

This highly rated app earned 4.9/5 stars on the App Store with more than 105,000 reviews for its total ease of use. Whether you need to scan documents for work or homework for remote lessons, it's simple to get started. iScanner works perfectly across a wide range of everyday tasks, for both business and education.

How does iScanner app work?

iScanner is a handy scanner app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a powerful mobile scanner. Like a traditional scanner, an iPhone scanner app can also convert images, text, documents into digital form for easier storage, display and share.

Is iScanner safe?

iScanner provides clear security and privacy policies, eliminating the possibility of users' data being sold or shared without their consent.

How much does iScanner cost?

iScanner is a free download (includes ads), however, the new Count mode is only unlocked with the Pro subscription. That runs $9.99/month or $19.99/year. But you can test out the new Count mode with a Pro free-trial, just be sure to cancel before the end if you don't want to keep it.

Which country invented iScanner app?

Which country invented the iScanner App? iScanner application was developed by a company called BP Mobile LLC, in Miami, United States. Hence, the iScanner App belongs to the US.So, iScanner was developed in the US.

How do I merge documents in iScanner app?

On the home screen of the iPhone scanner app, tap the Select button at the top right corner, then tap the thumbnails to select two or more scanned PDF files, touch the Merge button at the bottom to combine them.

Is iScanner available for Android?

iScanner will turn your iOS or Android device into a full-featured powerful and fast document scanner. With iScanner you can scan any kind of documents, ID cards, books, receipts, paper notes, whiteboards, schedules and timetables – anything you might need in your day to day life.

How do I scan iScanner?

  • Open the app and tap at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Camera.
  • Choose what you want to scan: Documents, ID Card, or Passport. ...
  • You can scan another page to add it to your document or tap the icon in the lower right corner to go to your scan. ...
  • Tap Save.
  • Tap Done to create your document.

Can you fax with iScanner?

iScanner provides an opportunity to send your files to a printer from the app—just be sure the printer is connected to your mobile phone! Also, iScanner export options include a fax feature. Download our Fax app in advance to send contracts, receipts, and schedules to your colleagues across the globe.

How do I print from iScanner?

CamScanner provides a cloud print service. Signing in your Google account can enjoy the wireless printing feature. ü After signed in, it will search cloud printers automatically, or tap “Search Printer” manually. ü Choose printer and tap “Print” to print it out.

How do you use iScanner?

In order to use the feature, users need to open the iScanner app, swipe on the scan function at the bottom of the app (similar to switching modes on Apple's Camera app) to find the new “Count" mode. Then, users just need to take a picture, crop the borders if needed, and tap 'Count'.

Can iScanner scan in color?

Scan a document; Adjust page size if needed and tap Save; On the Scan Settings screen, tap the color wheel at the bottom bar to change the scanning mode (grayscale, color, etc). Tap Save.

How do I delete documents from iScanner?

Tap the icon in the lower right corner to open the document with the measurement. On this screen, you can choose one of the common paper sizes, change measure units, rotate the document, or delete it.

How do I email an iScanner file?

  • Make sure you've entered your email in your device Settings.
  • Open the document.
  • Tap the Share button.
  • Choose to export as PDF, JPG, or TXT;
  • Select the Email option.
  • Tap Send.

Is iScanner worth?

It did the job, but if you're in the business of perfect-looking documents, this may not be the right option for you. The iScanner app is easy and intuitive to use. It's better than other scanner apps I have used in that it captures images automatically and has a number of features with which you can edit them.

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