Simple yet powerful. Splice makes it quick and easy to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your phone for free and without ads! The performance of pro-level desktop editing, optimized for your mobile device. Just tap to trim clips, add music, adjust speed, and create beautiful movies and slideshows you’ll love to share on social media. Watch your followers go crazy for your gorgeous video edits. Quick, simple, stunning. It’s never been quicker or easier to edit on the go like a pro. Splice Video Editor: make stunning videos in a snap!

Things You Should Know Before Using Splice App
+ Splice offers the best tools for making videos and movies on mobile.
+ Trim, cut, and merge your photos and video clips in seconds.
+ Adjust speed for fast or slow motion.
+ Quickly add music choosing from our library of 400+ songs.
+ Add titles and text overlays.

+ Import photos & videos and set the perfect length.
+ Quickly organize & combine your pictures and clips within our intuitive timeline: Video making has never been easier.
+ PRO Trimmer & Cutter: Trim and cut your videos to split them into more clips.
+ PRO Merger & Joiner: Merge your clips and join photos in seconds to create an incredible montage, slideshow, or stop motion video.
+ Fit the right aspect ratio: Create masterpieces with the perfect size for your favorite social media such as Instagram (posts, stories, and Reels), TikTok, and YouTube.

+ Change speed to slow down clips or make fast motion edits.
+ Stand out on social media with timelapse and hyperlapse.

+ Add the perfect background song to your videos and slideshows.
+ Choose from a huge library of free music.
+ Trim and mix multiple audio tracks with precision.
+ Adjust the volume of your songs.

+ Add text to photo and video and communicate with your audience.
+ Customize your project by choosing the best font, color, and size and add fade-in and fade-out effects.
+ The quick, easy, fun way to build a connection with your social media followers.

+ Export videos in high quality.
+ Easily select the right aspect ratio for each social media channel.
+ Share to YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Mail, and more.
+ Save videos to your camera roll.

The best mobile video editor you can find! Try Splice for free and create your 5-star video: Edit with text, music, and fast/slow motion speed effects!

What is Splice app?
Splice is a free video editing app for iPhone, and iPad. The app is easy to use and lets users edit HD pictures and videos into a professional quality video that's great for sharing online. The app provides many features including transitions, trims, borders, sound effects, background music and voiceover.
Is the Splice app free?
Splice app is one of the most popular free video editing apps available for iPhone and iPad users.
How much does the Splice app cost?
Splice (iPhone - Free Trial then $2.99/week) Slice is one of the best all-around video editing app for iPhones if you're looking for an easy video editor. Slice is slicker than iMovie, has better transitions and tons of music and sound effects.
Is Splice a good editing app?
Overall, Splice is a nice mobile app to have around if you enjoy making videos. If you're thinking of using it as your mobile editing solution, consider the following pros and cons. Pros: Easy to use – you'll likely pick it up within a few minutes.

Is Splice worth the money?
Splice Sounds is the world's largest marketplace for music producers and songwriters. And in a nutshell – it's worth every penny. The real benefit to having something like a subscription to Splice Sounds is that you don't have to download a full pack – just the individual sounds/loops you like.
How long is Splice free trial?
You have a 3-month free trial which begins when you download your first sample.
Can I use splice video editor for free?
Splice Video Editor is a free video editing application that works on iPhone and the iPad. With it, you can easily add titles or transitions, crop, delete, resize, change the start and end points, or even adjust the speed of your video clips.
How long can videos be on Splice?
Anything more than 6 seconds of unnecessary screen time can go. The excess clips should not even make it into Splice. Ever.

Does Splice watermark?
In its play for fast adoption, Splice is even leaving off the standard watermark from its videos—for a limited time.
Do producers use Splice?
Splice its a very popular music platform that is used by a lot of producers. Splice offers a huge database of royalties free samples that can be used in music production.
How do you get paid on Splice?
In order to make money on Splice you'd need to supply Splice with a professional sample pack. If your sample pack is accepted by Splice, your pack will appear on their platform. You will receive royalties for all samples that are purchased with Splice credits.
What do you get with Splice?
But Splice lets artists pay $7.99 per month to download up to 100 samples they can use royalty-free to create music. That's cheaper than it costs to listen to music on Spotify. Splice then compensates artists based on how frequently their sounds are downloaded, and has already paid out over $7 million.

How do I cancel Splice?
How to cancel your Splice plan: Once you're on the Splice Plans page, select the Cancel modal on the plan you wish to cancel. Once you've chosen a reason and select Continue, please be sure to select Cancel subscription to ensure you've fully canceled the plan.
How do I download off Splice?
icon on the right-hand side of the sample or preset. You can also click Get Pack at the top right to batch download all samples (doesn't work for Presets currently). Lastly, you can shift select or batch select samples using the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the sample.
Can I use Splice on my computer?
Our desktop app is the central hub of using Splice – where you can back up your projects, manage your Rent-to-Own plugins, and navigate your Sounds library. The new desktop app is bigger and better and integrates seamlessly into your creative workflow.
Why does Splice download fail?
If you receive an error message when downloading new or previously-purchased samples, try re-linking your Splice folder, and then try downloading the samples again. If the issues persist, most download issues can be resolved by clearing the cache folder for the Splice app.

How do you freeze frame in Splice?
You park on a frame in the source monitor, match back till you're looking at a master clip, then select Clip > Freeze Frame and choose a length. This generates a clip of the frozen frame and media for it. You can then cut it anywhere you want.
Does Splice save automatically?
Regardless of which sync preference you choose, any project file tracked with Splice will back up new saves automatically. You can access a project file's previous saves on the project timeline.
Can you use Splice on mobile?
With the Splice mobile app, you can browse, collect, and download samples from our catalog anywhere, any time using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can install the app on your iOS device via the App Store, or your Android device via the Google Play store.
Can you sell beats made with Splice?
The license for samples you download from Splice Sounds can be used for commercial and non-commercial uses so long as you comply with our Terms of Use. You also may not transfer, broadcast, stream, redistribute or use your Sound except as incorporated into a music product.

How much do artists make from Splice?
Now the company has revealed how that's paying off for the producers of the sounds it offers to musicians. Splice paid out $11m in royalties over the first nine months of 2020 according to MBW, taking its lifetime total to $36m.
Can I sell sounds on Splice?
If your sample pack is distributed by a digital marketplace such as Splice, then you'll earn a royalty percentage. If you decide to sell your pack independently, while it can be harder to achieve a wide reach, you can name your price and make up to 100% of the profit.
How much do Splice pay for sample packs?
The creators of the loops are compensated according to how many times they've been downloaded. By the end of 2019, the company had paid out $25 million to creators, whose samples have been used on everything from adverts to hit singles.
Is Splice safe to download?
Splice is legit. At the very least, you can pay for it for one month ($8 or something?) and see if you like it. Splice just totally removes the need to buy entire sample packs and hope they have what you're looking for.

Is Splice easy to cancel?
To cancel your Splice Subscription, follow these easy steps: Go to the 'Billing' section in your settings. 3. Select 'Manage' next to the subscription you wish to cancel. Click on 'Cancel Subscription' to proceed.
Which is better Loopcloud or Splice?
Both Loopcloud & Splice are great. Loopcloud is better for creativity, allowing you to layer sounds, add effects, change pitch & test sounds before buying. Splice has better sounds, presets for synths, & offers rent to own plans on plugins.
Is Splice really royalty free?
Borrowing, copying, remixing, reimagining. Splice Sounds samples are completely royalty-free, which means you can incorporate them in your own compositions and recordings without any further clearance or royalty obligations.
Who invented Splice?
Founded by entrepreneurs Steve Martocci and Matt Aimonetti, Splice is located in New York City, NY and Santa Monica, CA.To work with our awesome team, apply here.

Does Splice work with FL Studio?
Using Splice, you can back up all of your FL Studio projects, keep track of song revisions and easily collaborate with producers around the world. You can also create a release to share your FL Studio projects publicly for remixing, collaboration, inspiration and more.
Where do Splice downloads go?
Downloaded samples from Splice are copied to your hard drive. The files can be found in a folder called “sounds” within the Splice folder.
How do I clear my Splice cache?
You can also solve most download issues by clearing your Splice app's cache folder. Relink Your Splice Folder: Go to Preferences > Splice Folder > Set New Folder. Then, select your original Splice folder.
What can you do with Splice?
Splice is a free video editing app for iPhone, and iPad. The app is easy to use and lets users edit HD pictures and videos into a professional quality video that's great for sharing online. The app provides many features including transitions, trims, borders, sound effects, background music and voiceover.

Can you do green screen on Splice?
You can now chroma key on your mobile phone using the Splice Video Editor which is a huge win for filmmakers on the go! If you want to edit your green screenshot on your computer you can use Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or After Effects.
Can I get a refund from splice?
You have purchased a weekly, monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription to Splice through the Site, and provide us with the proof of payment; You contact us within the first 30 days after your initial purchase at and. You are not satisfied with your video editing results.
What happens when you cancel splice?
If you cancel your subscription, you'll still have access to your Splice Sounds or Plans subscription until the end of your billing cycle. After that, you won't be charged, but you will lose access to the Splice platform, including your credits.
Is Splice good for loops?
Splice currently has the largest collection of sample and loop packs out of any marketplace online. There is great value with this cloud-based subscription service for you to download samples, loops, presets, and so much more.
How do I remove Splice sounds?
Navigate to your repack on the left-hand side, click on the ellipses on the right-hand side of the sound you'd like to remove, and click on Remove from (repack's name).
How do I contact Splice?
You can contact us at and we will figure it out. Thanks!

For more information, check the official website of Splice. 
Download Splice to your smartphone from appstore and playstore.