In the last post I talked about my YouTube journey. Nothing big has started yet. I am playing games, recording, uploading. Earlier I used to post only gameplay of GTA V. I made a gaming PC just to play GTA V. I earn from blogging and spend time playing video games. I have posted several GTA V videos before. But I didn't get many likes on the videos. So I got frustrated and quit Youtube. It's been almost 10 days now that I have been regularly posting various game videos. I have 7-8 games, whose videos are very realistic. I post videos of those games.

Initially I used to post FHD quality videos. Then I saw who uploads game videos now, all in 4k quality. So now I also post 4k quality videos. Video processing takes a long time. I have upgraded the internet package to speed up the upload. It has been somewhat beneficial. Videos are uploading faster than before. But the processing time is the same. I have given today's YouTube statistics here. It will help me to understand how much I have improved.

My Youtube Statistics
To be honest, I am now very interested in making videos. I only took two short clips on my last trip. A friend of mine repeatedly requested to record their video but I didn't. I told him- "I don't record videos." It's true. So far I have only clicked photos. Never thought of taking a video. So I don't know how my YouTube journey started. All I know is that I'm very interested in making videos now.

My channel will have four types of videos. Gameplay, pets, travel, concerts. The maximum video will be the gameplay video. Because it is the simplest. Just play and upload. But the beginning is a bit difficult. Because there are so many youtubers who upload gameplay videos. I used to watch their videos myself. still see GTA V gameplay video mainly. Many people stream gameplay, I haven't learned that yet. Sudip asked me many times to stream, still unable to do so. Let's see, maybe I can stream in the future. And when there will be 250-300 videos in the channel, the channel will continue smoothly, the views will be good.

Some equipment is required for making videos. My lens captures very good video during the day, but not for night. My mobile is good, but I need a good lens to take good quality videos at night. I checked web and contacted to a store. The lens can be found there. I will go to buy the lens within two or three days. I wanted to buy drone, but I stay at home all of the time. Drones are of no use to me. If there were someone with me, I would have bought it for sure. If I buy a drone, I would definitely buy a DJI company drone. Let's see if in the future.