I came back from Digha yesterday. The trip was great. Unfortunately, I have very few low-quality pictures, which are basically selfies. I don't like a selfie. I took my DSLR (Canon 600D) with me, but somehow we forgot to use that, I am that much lazy. Why will I carry a 750 grams camera when I have 50 grams mobile. The place is named "Old Digha", I went there 3-4 years ago, and it was not a good place for enjoying. But now I saw a dramatic change there. It turns into a beautiful place. People are walking at evening, buying things from the local shop. There are few shops also like "Wow Momo" and "Barista"; the place is called "Biswa Bangla", made by our respected CM. Thanks a lot for making old Digha impressive for once again. Our bus is also good, air conditioned bus, though I went before by it. It takes almost 6 hours to reach our destination. All pictures are on my mobile they are too low quality to upload here. Still, I will try if I find any good one from them.
Make Money From Facebook
I often thought, why people make a Facebook page and post all days all night? Is it just to entertain us? Do they actually make a profit from it? Just like "Sarcasm", it's one of my favorite Facebook pages, and they post 250-300 posts per day, really a huge number. But what he get from it? Or is it just entertainment purpose? Now I know that you even can make money with your Facebook pages. If you have a particular niche, you can make money from it with your targeted traffic.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you can choose any one affiliate offer and promote it through your Facebook page, like Bluehost or GoDaddy or Namecheap web hosting. You can provide them with a coupon code will offer 50 percent discount. And each time when you create a Facebook promotion, choose your demographics wisely. Like men only for this case, case women have less tendency to buy web hosting or domain name. Age can be 18-45. The particular part is interest- choose blogging, domain, web hosting, SEO as their interest. 

You can also use "Viral9", which is basically an ad network that allows publishers are sharing their content in return for money, they pay on CPM (cost per mile) basis. Suppose the have a CPM rate like 2$, which means if 1000 visitors click your link and see the article you will get 2$. If you have a fake girl account with 5000 friends and you share 4-5 viral news from Viral9, it's not impossible to make 8-10$ per day. There was also a way like that. Make money with Facebook and shortest. Shortest is an URL shortener site. You can short any of your URLs and paste it to your Facebook page with a click bait title. You could make tons of view on that post, but unfortunately, Facebook bans using those short URLs except goo.gl and bit.ly which are the most reputed. 

Alternatively, you can take advantage of CPA advertisement. Go to any CPA ad network like CPAlead or Peerfly. Choose an offer and promote it to your page. Visitors will click on your call to action button, and they will redirect to squeeze page. Next, they will redirect to email sign up, or phone number verification or zip submit as per your CPA offer. As soon as he/she finishes the job, you will get $$ from it. Reminder: Beware from promoting adult dating offer. If Facebook finds something offensive they might ban your account too. So play safe. 

You can also post some sponsored post from your Facebook page to make extra money. If you have followers more than 100000, you can easily get some messages requesting you to post a sponsored post, in return they will give you $$ in your Paypal account. What's so bad in it? You will get money in exchange for you have to do nothing. But I will suggest you before posting those sponsored post, just check once their quality, cause now you already have a reputation, don't post some cheap content that can ruin your reputation.

if you are an expert on any topic like on page SEO or off page SEO Or event blogging, you can post first 10-15 minutes of a video highlighting all subjects. Now inform there that you are making $100/day by using this killer method, the full course will start from XYZ date, some seats are already reserved, so hurry up and confirm your place before unavailable. The course will be done via Google Plus or Skype. 1 hour per session. If you fix your fees as 500 dollars per head, and you get 12 students, then you will get 6000$ from that. That's pretty good I think. But I will say the same wording here- branding. If they have a trust on you, they are willing to pay you as you demand can you are a trust worthy person to them. And branding is not an overnight process. If you visit the Facebook page named- "Millionaire's Sayings", you will find- they are continuously posting some valuable posts under "motivation" niche for like 4-5 months. Later they open a website named millionaires sayings, and then write some viral content to their posts. Next they post those stuff on their Facebook page. They drive traffic from Facebook page and send them to their blog and make money from it. It's a passive money making idea still a good one. 

There are some more ways where you can earn money from Facebook. You can create a "Teespring" campaign and promote it through your Facebook page with choosing proper demographics. Like if you promote "Genius people are born in March" t-shirt, you have to select "March" as birth month. Alternatively, you can create a "Shopify" product store and sell your product through Facebook ads. Try them and let me know which is working best for you? Obviously, not all will be profitable or you, depending on our experience demographics and many more things. But don't leave hope. Keep experimenting. Or if you have already started your journey, let me know about your journey. I would love to hear from you. No more today. Take care. Have a beautiful day.