Media buying is a great opportunity for today's digital marketing. You can effectively promote yourself or your product via media buying. Just like now you can see Vidya Vox and Shirley Setia's ad on television. They are singers get familiar to all from their Youtube channel. Nowadays they perform all over India. A few days ago Shirley Setia came to one of our nearest colleges to perform. Unfortunately, I missed that program cause it started from 12.30 am probably. It was not possible to stay there for a night long. So I had to come back. Shirley is one of my favorite cover singers, and she looks awesome. Singers like they promote their ad on Youtube as well as Facebook (maybe) too. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for advertising. Everyday 1.18 billion people use Facebook so that you can get a lot of targeted traffic to them. I have tried once to promote Teespring offer via a Facebook ad, but I failed. Maybe due to my lack of experience. I made a Facebook ad campaign on Teespring offer for those who are born in March. A quote has been written on it- "Genius are born in March". Naturally, people who are born in March have a tendency to buy those, as it's everyone's weakness, his/her birth month or birth year. I targeted united states probably as they have higher tendency to buy a product from online. But unfortunately I got no sale, and I wasted 7-8$ for that. This type of marketing is called CPA (Cost Per Action). When a user takes action on your offer, you will get a commission. But I will discourage newbies not to come in CPA marketing first unless you make some money to spend this type of projects. As CPA marketing needs good investment.
I'll Discourage Newbies For CPA Marketing

I also tried another CPA ad network before. It's an adult network, named CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue is the leading ad network. You can promote "CrakRevenue" offers in various ways. Maybe with your blog, maybe with Tumblr blog, or through Reddit posts. The best traffic is tier 1 country traffic which converts best, especially united states traffic. I tried to promote hem in a different way. I used media buying and promote their offers. As you know not all media buying company won't allow you to promote the adult offer, so I chose "Exoclick" as my network. You can alternatively choose Juicyads or Trafficjunky. Those are excellent for promoting adult offers. In the first campaign, I got 0.07% CTR; then it started increasing in each and every campaign. The highest CTR I got is like 0.77%. So you can definitely say it as a vast improvement. From the very first campaign, I targeted tier 1 and tier 2 countries. But later saw that only a few countries work well like USA, Canada, etc. though you can not say that USA and Canada are the best only as it differs from one offer to another. I found iPhone or iPad does not work well. Wifi is not okay as a carrier. Verizon Wireless, Sprint Spectrum and AT&T are the best carriers among united states. Android is the best mobile operating system and Chrome are the best browser. After wasting few $$$, I came to that conclusion. Still, i will tell you to start from the beginning and then funnel your stats, device, operating system, location, carrier, banner size, etc. as it may differ from mine. for banner i will recommended 300x250, 160x600 and 728x90. Those are the best banner size. And always experiment with 4-5 banners and check which performs better. I've wasted 600$ in Exoclick and got 102$ (22 leads and one sale)from it. Media buying is a high risking investment (still you can make a big profit from it, once it is your cup of tea), and in that case, you must invest a big to get the result, to get the accurate data and demographic which suits to your CPA offer. Moreover, you have to deposit at least 200$ at a time to start your campaign, which seems costly for many ones. So if you have not enough money right now,  I'll never suggest you go for media buying. You can start an Amazon niche blog or a niche blog that has been monetized by Google Adsense, as CPA is not instant cash process unless you get habituated with the system. Even Adsense or Amazon affiliates are not also quick money process. Still, you have to invest very little amount comparing to ca investment. And I will strongly suggest you not to buy pbn links or any links. Let your blog grow naturally. Otherwise, you have to suffer later. 

My MacBook is no more with me! It has been removed from my table, and a "Vornado 660" has been placed there. Vornado is really a reputed fan company of United States. Who knows about Vornado nothing to tell new about it to you. It's not only a fan but an air circulator. You can enjoy the air which is moving surrounding the room so that everyone can get a comfortable environment. Though it's not so good for hot countries like India. But if you are from United status, you can definitely take a try. It can reduce your room temperature up to 5-degree Celsius. I've added two banners today on my blog. One about iPhone another about Bose headphone. I use both products and recommend them genuinely. If you are not a Bose user, you can surely give a try. I use "Bose Companion 5" for my desktop, and it's still the best desktop speaker I have ever heard. Anyway, if you have ever tried CPA marketing, feel free to share your experience. I  failed on my first attempt that does not mean CPA does not work. So many people make $$$$ every day from CPA marketing. If you have any demographics related question, just drop a comment here, I will surely answer this. No more today. Take care. Have a beautiful day.