I was thinking to provide some Google AdSense problem solutions which are common to many of new AdSense users. Later I find a good way. I have collected all these questions in blue color from different different Blogging/SEO/Make Money Online forum and solve them the best possible for me! I will be glad if you will find these helpful. This is the first post of this series. Many more problems will be solved in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned.

Why are my YouTube earnings not appearing on AdSense payments?

You can not see the immediate reflection of your YouTube earnings in your AdSense account. It will transfer to your account after the month is over.

My AdSense account linked with my YouTube channel is stuck at 98.46$ since last 2 to 3 months. Even earnings on YouTube analytics are not showing in AdSense. YouTube analytics shows 103$ as my earnings. So what to do next?

You won't get the details of your earning from YouTube analytics. If you watch YouTube analytics page carefully, you will see the term "Your estimated rev­en­ue" was been stated clearly. You will find the final revenue details on your AdSense payment page.
Common Adsense Problems & Their Solutions
Sometimes you also find some threads like this. It's clearly an attention-grabbing suicide threat.he is going to suicide as his AdSense account has been stolen. And see what one of Google AdSense official forum's top contributors give him a reply to his thread. 
Some people think adsense is the only way to make money from the internet. Obviously, Adsense is an important ad network for making money from the internet but that does not mean if you lose your AdSense account, your entire blogging career will go in vain. Please explore the online market. Here are vast options for making money, only you have to stuck with it. Here is the post for you who are looking for another good, reputed, trusted ad networks apart from Google Adsense. Hope this will help you.

AdSense ads are showing, but revenue is not generating.

Probably you forget to add your site as AdSense verified site in your AdSense account. You only get revenue from the site(s) verified by your AdSense account. You don't have to verify each site separately. As soon as you get an AdSense account for a site, then you can add as many sites as you can, which comply with Google AdSense policy. Just think, someone stole your AdSense ad codes. It's easy, just have to go source code of your web page and copy that. Later he used this code on a website which does not comply with Google AdSense policy, or the site faced some issue like click bombing or something like that. So you can't be liable for that incident. So Adsense only cares about the verified sites.

I have been trying to link my Payoneer to my AdSense, but when I pick the wire transfer it says it needs a Swift BIC code and I have no idea how, my account in a bank in the USA, how can I link it to AdSense?

Unfortunately, the Payoneer option is still not available for Google AdSense. You have to use brick and mortar bank of your own country. If you don't have a bank account, it's highly recommended to open one.

I want to create a website about coffee about health, like coffee health benefit, the negative effect of coffee on health, the relation between coffee and cardiovascular disease, etc., similar topic to caffeineinformer.com. My article will be written by an online content writer, of course, the writer will be unlikely to have expertise in it, but as long as it's a good article, I'm fine with it. Will this be a problem with Adsense? I've read many times that Adsense hates health related sites unless you're expert in it.

You are right and wrong in the same way. First of all health related niche is excellent and you can monetize hat blog with Google Adsense. The niches which are against AdSense policies are- weapons, drugs, rape, abuse, violence, hacking, etc. you can not monetize these type of niche with AdSense ad. better to stay away from it if you love your AdSense account. Moreover, it's not entirely true that Google does not hate novice writers for health niche. But consider, if your best friend is suffering from a serious disease and you google to find any way to keep him safe. If you get a blog that has been made by some novice writers just to make money from Adsense, and that information basically has no value. Will you be happy if it happens to you? Google thinks in the same way. They consider medical is a very sensitive issue, so when you search for a disease, you will find selected sites which are highly trusted and have huge authority like WebMD. But your niche concept is not that much critical, better to say it's information. If you are a biology student, you can definitely run a health blog like this, but your content must be valuable and unique. If you copy from the site which ranks even in number one position in the search result, still you won't rank your blog as those are copied content. So be unique.

Adsense Approval - Does Google care about the domain name?

No, they don't have such type of policy for approval. You can even use a Blogspot site to get Adsense approval. But I will suggest you not to use a brand name in your domain as it will be considered as copyright infringement. Like you can't make such blog- amazonproducts.com, as it contains the trademark "Amazon" which will violate copyright policy. It's not necessary but highly recommended. 

why people choose Google AdSense over other ad CPM network?

Well, this question may have several answers. First of all, AdSense is the advertising platform made by Google, which is considered as the biggest ad network. As Google is mentioned all over that it is search engine giant, so definitely it has a huge reputation. We always go to the store or brand which has a high reputation or brand value unless we can't afford. Adsense is absolutely free.

I have worked with several CPM, CPC ad network and AdSense is definitely best among them. Best for their payout timing, best for their per click rate. You even can make 50$ from a single click. Obviously, it differs from niche to niche. 

It's very easy to get an AdSense account. Just apply to them, and it takes up to 72 hours to confirm you, whatever you have been selected or rejected. (the rejection is not obviously desirable!)

After approval, you have almost no work to do. Just create ad unit and put the ad code to your blog. It will take maximum 1 hour to crawl your site content and start displaying ads. Then you don't have any a headache for that. Just keep writing quality content, as the number of visitors will increase to your blog, your revenue also starts growing at the same time.

What is better AdSense or affiliate links on a starting blog?

You can use both at a time, but remember- too many ads can destroy your blog's reputation, can be annoyed to your visitors. Do you love those blogs which show one after another pop-up and ads all over? Probably no. So be limited to the number of ads. from the very first, your primary focus should always be on the quality of content, and apparently the blog design, which is called the first impression to your readers.

I plan to do a site on Google AdSense, buy adult traffic from traffic platform, what sites can improve adult traffic hits, and, does not violate Google AdSense requires. For example, adult content sites should not have put Google AdSense ads. Can dating theme site put Google Adsense advertising?

Dating can be okay, but you can not monetize an adult content blog with Adsense. Adsense always prefer family safe content. That means you can see that content with your family without any problem. So if you have a plan for buying adult traffic from adult ad networks like TrafficJunky or Exoclick, forget about it.

Can I create multiple ads for placing them on the website? e.g- Ad1 - Header/Ad2 - inside post/Ad3 - Sidebar and so on. OR Can I use the same code with changing ad dimensions?

You can use a single code for multiple places, where the size will be fixed like 336x280. The problem is that you could not get the report for the individual placements, you could not understand which position works best for your blog. If you want to use a single code for different places for different dimensions, then the responsive ad is perfect for you. Here is the tutorial of how you have to implement this by Amit Agarwal. Hope you will find this helpful.