​Good news for Jio users! They extend their offer up to 15th April. The company said the service had been extended due to the overwhelming response from the customers. Jio called it as "Jio Summer Surprise" which is exclusively for their Prime customers. Prime customers who make the first recharge before April 15 using its Rs 303 plan (or higher package) will get complimentary services for first three months. So buddies, keep surfing YouTube for three more months, as Jio didn't get enough amount of prime member as they expected.
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You can even see Jio effect upon Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, the top telecom companies in India. They also started giving one GB data per day with the unlimited call to any network for 300-350 rupees to keep them updated in this race. Even "Meghbela Broadband" which I use is no more exception. Yesterday I checked their Blogspot site and found that they are going to bring some new plans and the list is updating. I called them and asked about this matter. They said, yes the news is true, and they are really going to bring some excellent offers. Currently, i pay 750 rupees for 1.5 Mbps net which is literally unlimited. They claimed to increased that to 2 Mbps, or even it can go to 2.5 Mbps or maybe more higher. Who does not love a faster internet connection? Especially YouTube will be super fast. Maybe 2k also run without buffering. I wrote an article on how to increase YouTube buffering speed last night, hope you will find this useful. Learned another thing from the internet. Yes, even you can use copyrighted music to your YouTube video and even you can monetize this with AdSense ad. You have to change the audio a little with 'Audacity' software.

I am using minimum ads in this blog. Too many ads can diminish the reputation of any site. As I said before, my primary target is to make this an authority site. If you are focusing on authority, don't think too much about backlinks. Sites like IGN or Amazon, they even don't think that much as we think for SEO or backlinks. Still, Google can't simply ignore them. White vast contents, valuable and unique contents, which visitors are seeking. You will get good rank in search engine. My primary target is to complete 100 blog posts. I will write one post each day. So it will take more than three months. My main topics are make money blogging, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, internet tricks and tips, coding and all. You have an enormous scope of writing those. Plus I experimented a lot with ad networks and got failure lots of time. So I want to share them the ways which won't work so that my readers can save some time and money!

We are planning for a large outdoor gate. Yes, it will be a giant size gate. With our house name. Still, now our house remains unnamed. I will name it- "Muskaan". It's basically a Hindi term. Though I'm not good in Hindi, still I like this term. "Muskaan" means happiness, which everyone wants. We have to talk with our home builder. I already have a great design. It's little complicated. We have to simplify those. Let's see what happens. But I'm really really excited about it.

Probably I'm getting "unsocial". I don't use Facebook almost nowadays. Don't check news feed. Only get 2-3 tags from closest buddies, check them only. I can't remember about my last conversation with unknown people. I have only 150 friends. I keep only them who are active to my profile, Who shows engagement to my profile, to my posts. I keep only them. And now myself is going inactive. Honestly speaking, though it has been invented for better communication, still a lot of people misuse it. Meaningless status, useless selfies, so better to stay away from it and concentrate on my work. Even I don't use WhatsApp now. I don't need many friends to keep myself happy. Whenever I need a friend, I call Uttiyo. We go for a great scooty ride with funny gossiping. I will tell you about sharing some of my favorite motivational quotes and here are these. 

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Again I will say, lavish lifestyle does not make me greedy. Instead, those help me to increase my level up to reach my goal. Even one day I can also reach that position, not only me, but everyone can just need proper motivation. You can find a lot of motivational books on Flipkart or Amazon. Either you can read them, or you can gift them. Del Carnegie is one of the famous motivational book writers though I'm not fortunate enough to read his book still now. I hope I will get those books one day. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is also an excellent book by Robert Kiyosaki. I heard a lot of positive comments about this book. This book is worthy. In fact, you can follow some motivational Facebook pages like "Millionaire's Sayings" or "Dy Billionaires Club". And there are much more. Choose your idol wisely, who can motivate you. Like Cristiano Ronaldo's hard work and dedication motivates me. One of his quotes is priceless to me, "Your love makes me stronger. Your hate makes me unstoppable." Our mentality should be like this to get succeed.

Finland's education system is one of the finest education systems in the world, and now they are going to decide for an innovative education system, where different subject concepts will be no more. They say, for our modern world, our current education system is old now, so we have to think something innovative. In this system, the examiner will provide you topics, and you have to analysis that. For example second world war, you have to analysis that in perspective of history, political science and maths. I think the concept is pretty good. Somehow our education system is unable to judge talents. Like you see the most successful people belongs from the average academic categories. Einstein was a medium grade student. His school's principal said to his father,"you son would not be successful in any field", and the stories you all know! I have seen so many "academically failures" who are extremely successful in their fields.

I think we should differentiate their talent first. If you say a blue whale to climb on the top of the tree, it sounds ridiculous, same for our education system. I love Brazil and Argentina for their love of football. There, parents can think easily that my son can go or a sports career. I have a close friend who is excellent at soccer. I am sure he could get fame if he chose that career. But his parents did not allow him. You are from a good family, and you want to be a sportsman??? I am so lucky that I have never face such difficulties. I wanted to study computer science, and I read that in class 11 and 12. my parents did not ask me for a single time- you could go fo Biology. I am that much lucky. When I left my college, I am proud that they believed in me, even when I could not believe myself, so thanks a lot to them! Well, no more today. If you have any questions related to this post, feel free to send me a message. Just do drop a comment below or you can contact me via skype- sahasourajit17. Love you. Have a nice day.