I was thinking to provide some Search Engine Optimization related problem and their solutions which are common to many of new bloggers. Later I find a good way. I have collected all these questions in blue color from different different Blogging/ SEO/ Make Money Online forum and solve them the best possible for me! I will be glad if you will find these helpful. This is the second post of this series. Many more problems will be solved in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned.

Common SEO Problems & Their Solutions [Part 2]
Hi everyone, does anybody know that how does Google rank gov domain? I know "SEO" ranking isn't only about DA and PA, but actually, not every web page below gov.com has higher PA or DA than another web page, but they can still be shown on the first Search Engine Result Page.

You are right SEO ranking is not only about Domain Authority or Page Authority. If you install MOZ plugin and check a SERP result for any keyword, you will find they are not in descending order by DA score. Sometimes you may see a niche blog(DA12) outranks an authority blog(DA72). So, you can not predict that as per DA score of a blog. 

Search Engine Result Page Example
And Edu and Gov are those two top level domains which get maximum priority from Google. For that reason, you can see many backlink sellers write- 30 Edu and 30 Gov backlinks for $. Again I say those sites get huge priority from Google, as an ordinary person, x/y/z can not create a site with "Edu" or "Gov" top level domain. Moreover, educational and governmental purpose are always serious, anywhere in any way. 

We have an eCommerce site www.securitykart.co.in; After doing a lot of things, our ranking is still going down. We want to improve the Indian ranking of our site. Please tell us what we should do to improve our ranking and what are the best platforms to do so. Please give your valuable suggestions.

You are using HTTPS, that's necessary for this kind of site. Good. Now you are trying to rank in India, so .in or .co.in is perfect for this case. But if you consider any e-commerce site, nobody use .co.in, better to use only ".in". Always remember, try anyway to keep your domain length shorter as much as possible. Keep updating your site. Social media promotion plays a crucial part in these cases. I hope you have a Facebook page for your e-commerce site. You can definitely start paid advertising for your site. Though organic traffic is the best traffic for any blog. For e-commerce, I will suggest starting  "Paid Promotion" in social media like Facebook for initial boost up. And one more additional suggestion- always give priority to customer care support. The more active your support team will be, the more reputation it will gain. If you get a very delayed customer care support for any reputed site, you will fell annoying and try to find another site as an alternative. All the best for your site.

I am already working on SEO for my website. I am focused to on page SEO. I want to tell you that my initial seed keyword is "how to make money fast". But, this is one of the competitive keywords. I have 12 articles on this keyword. How can I make hard competition in this field with this main keyword? Please say something.

Well, it's similar to my niche though it's my personal blog. Anyway even being your competitor, I want to suggest you some tips. Yes, make money online is very competitive niche. If it were six months ago, I would recommend you to buy some PBN links with Higher Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. If you write 12 articles that are good and keep writing more and more. Use keyword research and find long-tail keywords cause they are easier to rank, use kwfinder tool for that. Write original articles, you may get detail idea from any blog, but write that in your own words. Maximum bloggers write same points on their blogs. If you can make a difference from them, you can easily get a proper priority.

I am curious to know that how to get the same visitor again and again on my site?

Content is the main criteria for this. If you provide good quality content to your readers, they will definitely come back and check your latest posts. So if you want to get same visitors, again and again, it's the best way to add a subscribe option in your blog. So whenever you add a post to your blog, your readers will get the notification to their email, and they'll visit again to your blog.

How to stable website ranking in the search engine?

Keep updating your blog. Add new content. Besides, update your old content. Updating old content works like a charm. Comment on other blogs (same niche). 

I want to make something like this mysite.com/shop and add affiliate products (with affiliate links) there, maybe from Amazon and the similar site. What do you think, is it make sense?

Shopify is the perfect option for you, where you can make your own store, it's totally up to you up to your niche. You can promote them via the Facebook ad and make a profit. But before going Facebook ad take a look at expert's point of view and suggestions all over the web regarding this matter. Here is an example of Shopify store. Take a look.
Shopify Store Example
This is just out of curiosity, but I noticed that there are plenty of promotion/advertisement services in which they help advertise a website of our choice for a particular price. I wonder if these services are safe enough to use, though, also are they better than working on ourselves? On my side, my leader tells me that it is better to work on our own, but I still not entirely understand why.

You can promote the blog in two ways. One is organic and second one is paid. Organic takes more time comparing to paid. You can even get instant traffic from paid promotion. I have not much idea about other advertisement services, but you can try Google Adwords, Bingads or Facebook Ads, which are considered as the leading online ad company. Though AdWords are costly slightly, you can easily run your ad campaign in BingAds for a budget campaign. Paid advertisement should be done with proper strategic planning. Forget to tell, if you want adult traffic then, TrafficJunky and Exoclick are reputed in the market.  

Which are best off page SEO activities for present time?

Best offpage SEO activities- well, I will suggest you go for blog commenting on blogs under your same niche. This is quite natural. And moreover, it can give you citation flow to your blog. But never spam on them. Make some comments that put value. So, you can get some traffics to your blog, as they considered you an expert after seeing our witty comment.

What is the effect of a logo to increase web traffic on a website?

There is no direct impact of a logo to your web traffic. But indirectly it has tremendous value. The logo is one of the important parts of your blog. It defines your blog; it represents your blog. The logo can create a brand. Without logo which is impossible.  Just like Adidas, Nike, BMW, Apple, Audi, Rolls Royce and much more. When you can build a brand image, definitely you can get a better position in SERP. As a result of that, your site will receive good traffic.

I ran a test on my site, and I scored poorly on site load speed especially for the mobile test. Is this a major concern if I am worried about high rankings on Google?

If you check your blog in google page speed insights, they I will say no need to worry. You can check there some famous blogger's blog which scores very poor like 55-65 out of 100. The best tool is tools.pingdom.com; you can test your blog here and check they ways, how can you improve more. All the best.