Dear friends, ​I am writing this letter only for you, whom I know personally, who are my friends beyond the Facebook wall. I am grateful to you all for standing by me, for supporting me, for encouraging me, for loving me unconditionally, this letter is for you only. My life was never so easy. You all know I was an average student, shy, introvert, unpopular in my school. I was hardly talk to any girl in my school-life except some of you, who created a comfort zone for me. I liked one of my classmates, she was my crush for a long period, but I never told her that, I was really shy. As I told I was an average student, almost no teacher knew me well. But I was favorite student to all my computer teachers. I loved this subject and still now. Do you remember our computer science teacher in class 11 and 12? I can't recall his name, but he loved me the most. 
An Open Letter To My Friends
I still remember the day, after our class, he told everyone to leave the classroom except me. When all of my classmates went out of the class, he said- "Sourajit, are you studying at home properly?" It sounded like as a careful father asks his son. After a little silence, I said, "Yes sir". He advised me to study well in the house. He also added- "Look, I did not call anyone else here, I just called you, I trust you." Unfortunately I didn't make good marks in Computer Science [HS]. I didn't meet him after that, what will I say him especially when I failed to fulfill his wish. Not only that year, I never got good marks in Computer Science. The reason is very simple- our board's main preference is theory, and I hate that. It's always better to know how to code than memorizing "how a microprocessor works". It was like a phobia for me to go school every day. I would like to stay at home sitting in front of computer. You all know I'm dropout, but many of you don't know the actual reason. First of all, I have kind of phobia to go any institute one anyplace where needs regularity. Honestly speaking, my lifestyle is very irregular and very reckless. My first semester's attendance was only 27-28%. College authority forced me to sign in bond for the next semester. If my attendance were below 75%, they would not allow me to give the exam. You all know sometimes (or maybe always) they consider it, take fine and allow for the exam. But as they said those words, I did not agree to go college anymore. It was one of the biggest decisions in my life. It even could destroy my future, cause which software company will give me job especially when I don't have even a B.Tech degree. Not only that, probably I am the only one who does not have any degree, any certificate in Computer Science. I was depressed at that time, worried about my future. At that time, a few of you stopped coming at my home whereas a few of you gave me company unconditionally. I am grateful to them. You gave me company when I had nothing. When a bad time comes in anyone's life, some people even reaches at ZERO level. But in my case, I went to minus level. Still, you gave me company. You stood by me. I don't know how to thank you. I went every day to my best friend's house, and we used to talk about random topics and laughed a lot. Many of you think that I left my college because of my breakup. It's completely wrong. But the matter is that, breakup and leaving college both incidents simultaneously increased my depression. Anyway, I have somehow passed it. I started my professional career when I was 22. Most of the credit is yours for my stable life, my achievements, my happiness, my everything. When I was depressed, I wrote a letter to my friends like this, and I requested- please don't misunderstand me for not going to college, believe in me. I didn't have any idea what my future will be. Right now, I'm very serious about my career, I work hard, I love my work, and I know how to improve further in my work. So I will request you to stand by me like before. It gives me tremendous inspiration. In the same way, I want to see you all successful; I want to see you all highly established. I know you deserve that, just stuck to your profession, stuck to your field. Thank you all again. Love you.

Sourajit Saha

PS- This is my personal blog. It's not any money making machine. I just express my thoughts, my feelings, my experience through it. The last thing- Srif thanks me kya hoga? Party hona chahiye! Destination McDonald's- Burger- French Fry- Coke. I will be waiting for that day. :)

PPS- I did not mention anybody's name here. Those who know me well, it would not be difficult for them to guess the names. Again, thank you.