​When you start a story, think about the ending fast. I mean ending, moral, all. And genre too. It can be romantic; it can be horror, can be comedy anything else. Select a particular one. And then start thinking about what you exactly want to tell your audience? Provide something that they can make you different from other writers. Humayun Ahmed was such kind of writer, hugely popular in Bangladesh and I was just a blind fan of his writing. How can people write such deep thoughts in such a simple language? He is my favorite writer. You may have a different choice. That does not matter. Always carry a notebook or use mobile notes. Whenever you get an idea, note down it immediately. One thing I want to share with you, all posts in my blog has been written on iCloud notes even. Still, I'm using this. When you start writing, you will find few points. Start with them, but at the end of the story, you have to compile them all just like a spider's web.
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As soon as you finish 2-3 stories, start showing them to your friends to get their opinions. It's very important cause this can help your writing ability or allow you make change your style of writing if that really needs to be. But also remember one thing, your parents or friends never give an honest opinion to you. They always treat you like you are next Arthur Conan Doyle. Do it's better to join a creative writer's forum (you will get many forums like Writingforums.org and Writers' Digest) and ask them for feedback. Start with a free blogging platform first like blogger, WordPress or Tumblr. Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan has a blog on Tumblr, and he writes on his blog daily. As you will write a story, so I think it won't appear in the google search result for a couple of months, so within this period, share your story in the Facebook group, tweet them with the proper hashtag, share it on google plus. There are many circles in google plus, join those which are perfect for you and share your story with attracting title. But remember don't spam anywhere. Otherwise, people will recognize you as spammer rather than a creative writer.
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What will be next? Your blog will gain some visitors. Organic and social (if you share your post on social media) both. Now you can monetize those visitors. Don't know what means monetize? Monetize means to convert your traffic into money. The easiest option is Google AdSense. Even I use this. Apply there, after writing 10-12 posts. Otherwise, they may disapprove your application for insufficient content. Another way you can try, you can join in any creative writing competition, or what we call short story writing competition both in online and offline, the motto is never left a single stone unturned. I heard about an author who sells collections of short erotica and makes $15000 a month and works hard to make more by writing more and more stories.
There is a website named "Your Story Club". They arrange short story competitions since 1st May 2012. They encourage budding writers to write and publish their story on their website. That's why they have a vast collection of stories. If your story got selected by them, then you can make money writing short stories online. But remember don't copy paste from other place and put it on their site. There are few tools like Copyscape which can detect plagiarized content, so your all work (?) will go in vain. Here is the prize list-
Your Story Club Competition
Women's magazines have a lot of short story opportunities. Magazines like "My Weekly", "The People's Friend", "Woman's Weekly", all accept all submissions. If you already a reader of them or you start to follow them, you can understand what exactly they expect from authors. When you have a collection of your own stories, then you can compile them and make an eBook. And you can sell the e-book on Amazon Kindle or some other places like that. At the very beginning, you may offer a free story or two for readers so that you can make a readership and then ask them to buy the rest of your stories as an eBook. If you have good graphics skill, then create a good book cover otherwise spend only $5 on Fiverr to get a professional designer who can make a fantastic book cover. Even you can pay a little bit extra for a premium service. Don't worry; all your effort will not go in vain cause still people judge book by its cover.

Kindle books are quite popular nowadays. There is a writer who writes well short stories. I just want to share a little statistics of her earning. In March 2013, she published no e-book and made $7862.25 by selling 3533 books. In April, she sold 3338 books, published only four books and made $5536.23; here you can understand that even writing short stories can help you live.
Earn Money Writing Short Stories Online
Can anyone steal your story? Well, someone can still your story, but not your creative and innovative ideas. The sad thing is that, if someone steals your story, you have no way to resist him. People may suggest you for a DMCA file, but they take longer time so better not to go there. But you should keep writing. When you get famous, people will automatically believe the story is yours. One thing I do, when ever I post an article I share it on google plus as the provide me with a given time and date which can not be modified. In that way, you can make a protection. I found this method in a Quora answer and trust me it's really helpful and logical.

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