​Recently I heard news that a 14 years old boy made a record by flying a jet in united states and he is an Indian. According to our country rule, you are not eligible to drive a plane until you are an adult. He got a vacation, and his parents sent him to USA flying academy. And he made this record. It's really a prestigious issue for our country. Some people are so career focused so that they can aim perfectly what actually they want. The computer was always my favorite subject, and I wanted to be a software engineer. But later I feel that going to office daily at the same time, spending time with same people, working almost same is not my cup of tea. I never mean that it's terrible. But I'm unable to do that. It's my fault. I left my college after the six months of admission, started blogging, failed, failed and failed for too many times. But I learned one thing clear from this. Success can never give you any lesson; it's just enjoyment. Failure makes you perfect, failure makes you humble and down to earth. Failure is really important for every person's life. Failure is the best teacher of us. undoubtedly. 
Good Thoughts About Life

In the last post, I wrote about the perspective of life, which we should follow. We need some good thoughts about life, some positive thoughts of my life. When I was very young, I thought every night, what will happen after my parent's death? Who will take care of me? Yeah, I was a little bit scared of those. It was nothing but pessimistic view towards life. We all die one day, but if we continuously think- when I will die? What will be then? Your living experience will get better. It's better to think like that- we have come to earth for few years, and we should enjoy this fully. Think something good about life and enjoy. Apart from that, motivation is also important in our life, which helps us to move forward.
Sometimes I watch motivational videos from YouTube. Motivational speeches by my idols like Bill Gates, Shah Rukh Khan, etc. Sandeep Maheshwari is also a brilliant people who can motivate thousands of people truly and change their point of view toward life as well as their life. If you search Sandeep Maheshwari motivational videos in YouTube or motivational speeches by Shah Rukh Khan, you will find a lot more. If you want to hear those in Hindi, you will get that too. There was a time when I did not believe in motivation- hehh, a video, a story, a speech can really change me? Is it possible? Yes, now I can feel that. My life changing motivational person is Imran, my friend, Imran Uddin, who is very famous in the blogosphere. To be honest, what you see me today, the respect people give me today, the love I get from people, from my friends; there is a huge contribution of him. I'm grateful to him for my entire life.
I follow a Facebook page on a regular basis. Millionaire's Sayings. They are very active and really awesome. Even I download sometimes. They are doing a great job, and according to their last update, they announced their app, which you can download to your android smartphone from play store. Unfortunately, it is not available in app store. They are working on it. Even they will bring more features in their app near future. I will recommend you all to follow this page. No I don't know the admin, or they don't ask me to promote their page, but if you follow this page for one week, you will understand why it's so important in everyone's life. This post is all about good thoughts about life. If you have any experience, I mean someone motivates you, that can be anyone, your parents, your friend, your teacher, anyone. You can share it here. I love to hear from you. I will end up this post will a motivational quote. Have you faced any breakup incident in your life? Or somebody hates you even if you have no mistake. It's a Cristiano Ronaldo's quote- "Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable". Is not it really good? Hope you like it. No more today. Take care. Yours, Sourajit.