You know that getting a visa or Rupay card is quite easier. But if you are applying for a credit card, it's a little bit tough especially if you are a college dropout and you are not involved without any office type organization like cognizant or Tata or Infosys, or you are not a businessman. Because the bank is giving you the loan and they want to make sure from their side that the person can return the balance to the bank again. A few days ago I was planning to buy Sony full-frame A7iii. And with a Sony 50mm prime lens, it cost 1.80 lakh rupees. So it's not possible always to pay the full with liquid cash. So I was planning to get a credit card from my bank- Axis bank. I went there, and they demanded a lot of documents including income tax files for the last 2-3 years. Then the bank sent me an agent to my home.

I can't understand how bank employed such kind of employees who do not speak properly and to be honest I'm smart enough then this kind of rubbish stuff. Anyway, I submitted all the documents to him, and he said you might not get the credit card, the bank will probably deny you do give that. I was going to use slang to him. Somehow I controlled and said politely, kindly check my last year it file before telling. that. Then he did that and said might be you are eligible to get one from Axis bank. And after completing all the official works and I got my credit card in my hand just after one week. Thank you axis bank for considering me as an eligible honored customer. Here is the credit card I'm holding on my hand. 

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