I saw cellphone for the first time when I was probably in class 3-4. Owned by one of our relatives. It was a reliance CDMA phone with small screen and keypad. (note that: I'm a 90's kid, I was born in 1992) So that was the first cellphone, I took on my hand and was so excited that- communication is now possible with this small wireless device. I heard before that- people can watch television on the cellphone too. So when I got it, I was looking for the option to watch TV. I opened the internet; it was not even 2G at that time. But after surfing the net from that device, I understood, it was not possible from this device. 

I got my first cellphone when I was in class 10. it was a java operated Samsung sliding mobile with a 2-megapixel camera. And I was so excited- a cellphone with a camera. We had no film camera before. I started taking photos of everything. My mom, dad, that mango tree, spider web and all. It gave me so much pleasure which I'm unable to describe with words. I took that on my first Mumbai trip. There was a tourist spot named- Elephanta caves. I went there with my father. The place is very beautiful. I was quite busy to take pictures of the place, inside the caves, outside the caves. At that time, I found another person, and he was using Nokia N95, which had been considered the flagship model of Nokia at that time. It had a 5-megapixel camera. And I thought if I had that 5-megapixel camera probably I could take better pictures. 
Bangkok Trip 4
Captured on iPhone 4s
Then I moved from Java to Symbian operated phone. And it was Nokia C5. It has a 3.2-megapixel camera, and I never got the courage to ask my parents to purchase a 5-megapixel camera. Two things mattered to me that time- internet connection and camera. I used Vodafone 2G that time. And it has probably the best internet speed among all 2G connection. I still remember, I took it to our playground, and I played any YouTube video and asked my best friend- "Look Uttiyo, it is running without buffering." it was so exciting that we were able to watch YouTube without buffering. Today's kid won't understand what the buffering is! Cause in general, you don't have to face the buffering issue in 4G. But some places where the 4G connection is not so strong as my city, they might have to face the buffering issue. And the camera of C5? I took more than a thousand pictures with that phone. Unfortunately, I don't have the backup of all those pictures. I searched my entire gallery backup on my computer hard disk and found some pictures clicked on Nokia C5. Here are three of them.
With My Bestie Uttiyo

Sourajit Saha 1

Sourajit Saha 2
My next move was from Nokia C5 to Apple 4s. 4s was still a very popular model at the time. When I went to Bangkok, I had this phone, and I took a lot of pictures with it. In this consequence, I want to share- it was my first apple product with an 8-megapixel camera. Here are some pictures of Bangkok captured by iPhone 4s.
Bangkok Trip 1

Bangkok Trip 2

Bangkok Trip 3
After that, I have changed my frequently cause at that time I started to earn. And I didn't have to depend on anybody, to ask for a smartphone. Forgot to say, now phones are getting smart, so they are called a smartphone. iPhone 4s was my first smartphone. Next model was iPhone 6s. Then Samsung Galaxy S8, then Samsung galaxy note 8 and my current smartphone is google pixel 2. in last 2-3 years I have changed my smartphone so frequently because I was chasing for a perfect camera. But every smartphone camera has its own pros and cons. for example- Samsung Galaxy Note 8; it couldn't capture day time photo well, I mean when you are standing in sunlight, and sunlight was directly on your face, the photo appeared so much saturated. But google pixel 2 can do that job perfectly with artificial intelligence. But pixel 2 is unable to capture great pictures in the night time. If the source of light is not too bright, you will find grain in the picture. But Samsung S8 and Note 8 both could capture night time photo perfectly. So I have stopped changing my smartphone rather than moved to Sony full frame mirrorless. It is Sony A7iii. All my latest pictures have been captured with this camera. And my pixel 2 is still here with me. And nowadays, you can even watch live TV though several apps like Jio TV (for Jio connection only). As those are so much available now, I have lost my interest in watching TV on a smartphone. We have a huge interest in the rare things, and we can't understand the value what we get easily.

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