Before reading this post, you can read about me first. I came from a lower middle-class family. My parents were unable to fulfill all my wishes in childhood. Later when I started earning from Adversal and Adsense, it was really a great feeling to me as I'm now financially independent. I can buy something I want. I can buy a smartphone; I can buy a good home theater. So in the beginning, I have spent a lot of money to fulfill my wishes. Gadgets and clothes. I have made my own wardrobe, and it's full now. And my room is full of gadgets. Dear reader, you are probably considering me as a show-off guy, but I'm not. I just gave some examples to you. My father always says- as you work from your home/room, and get money directly to your bank account. You will never understand the value of money. It's quite true. I didn't feel how much important the money is in someone's life.
Value Of Money- I Realized

When I was a teenager, I love to eat lays. and I have eaten so much lays at that period, now it feels odd to me and now I never ever buy a lays packet. Or if someone offers me to take lays from him, I denied. I think the same thing almost happens with gadgets and clothes. Maybe I will still purchase any clothes and gadgets in future. But the attraction has been decreased dramatically. And now I can feet it. I never open the app "Myntra" or "Shein" to check clothes. I never search on TechRadar or CNET for the latest gadgets. Now I feel like- we (my family) should go for some trips in India. As we all have plenty of time, we can do that. 

I have purchased my latest gear Sony A7iii on Diwali. And I took this at EMI. so now I have to spend a handsome amount of money for EMI. and I never invest in this blog properly, I invested, but it was not worthy. So no I feel like, if I can make it as a good authority blog, it will be great. Google will crawl faster. My post will be indexed on google faster. And every blogger wants to get a high authority blog. My blog on search engine performs well, and Google really loves my blog still it takes a longer time to index. And nowadays I post an article every day, so the crawling rate should be faster than before. Anyway, I was talking about my camera. When I spent so much money for the camera, and now I can realize "the value of money", as my all money has been deposited on the bank, and I can't take out even a few percents from there. So right now, I'm completely unable to work on with this blog, invest on this blog. Yeah, money is so important, and I never realized that an expensive camera would lead me towards a financial crisis. But it helps me another way. It makes me to understand the value of money and gives me the enthuse to working on this blog again. 

As this blog holds my name, so I am always aware of the quality of the post. Whenever I hire any article writer for my blog, I always mention them- write for the readers, so that it can give a value to them, they should find my article as a helpful guide/resource. So I'm really working hard on it. Not only for the money related reason, but I also love to write. I wanted to be a writer in teenage after reading Humayun Ahmed's books. So, blogging is something that helps to fulfill my dream. As it's a digital world, writers now prefer to write on the computer rather than on paper. That's why ebooks are now so popular. Even I read a book of Bill Gates' quotes, and there was a quote like- I love the paperless office. Yeah, as he worked on always to develop a computer and operating system, so he will definitely prefer paperless office. And I don't write anything on paper except my signature on official documents, cause I'm very lazy, and my handwriting is extremely bad. You can even call it the worst. 

As my idol, Bill Gates/ Shah Rukh Khan/ Cristiano Ronaldo all of them do philanthropic work. I have a great desire to do that. Once I will be at 45+ or 50+, and if I have enough money that time, I will definitely do that for Kalyani. As charity begins at home, charity begins with your city also. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question or query related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Messenger, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc. Take care.