Google Map services have been around for a long time. It has been helping out transportation workers navigate through unknown areas, hikers through unfamiliar terrain and even folks that like looking at the stars (hobby astronomers) are part of the people that enjoy the service Google map provides. A web-based service that utilizes satellites, cars, underwater cameras to show us stunning views of the heavens, street views, and ocean reef displays.

Google map is a very important tool in measuring the distance between points. You can also learn about traffic, road conditions and other vital pieces of information right from your device.

When you launch the Google map app, you will be treated to views of your current city. There will even be names of specific locations on the map. Places like the Pizza Parlour near you or the closest hospital. This leads us to how to add locations on Google map ourselves.

In easy steps, this article will explain how to add a location on Google map and it will also explain a little bit more about what other tasks Google map can accomplish.
How To Add Location On Google Map

Step 1

Open your Google map app and log in with your Google account details if prompted. If you already have a google account saved on the device, you will just have to select the account.

Step 2

In the upper left corner of your screen, you will see three horizontal lines. Click on the lines and a pop-up list will be displayed. The list will contain many functions but the function you're looking for is "Add a missing place".

Step 3

Click on the " Add a missing place" function and you'll be taken to the "Add a place" page. Here, you will have to give general details about the place. Name, Address, Zip code, City, State are some of the info you will provide about the place.

Note: Type in the name of the place exactly how you want to see it on the Google map if it is added.

Step 4

After all the relevant information has been added, you will be asked to choose a category that meshes with the purpose of the place you're adding. School for instance (If the place you're adding is an institution for learning). Then some non-relevant but good information like phone number, websites, opening and closing hours.

Step 5

In the top right corner of your device, you will find the "Send" button or a "paper plane-shaped icon". Press these buttons to send your information to Google. Google usually takes less than 3 weeks to reply to your mail. Sometimes if the place already is in existence, a pop-up feature will appear, informing you about the place's current information.

Sometimes the information about the place may be wrong, it is possible to edit the location information if you know the correct terms.

Note: You have successfully sent an inquiry for a place to be added. Most times, it will be added after some weeks. Google does not charge money for the process of adding locations, it is a free service. If after a few weeks and you don't get a reply or the place isn't added, you can email Google. Adding location on Google map isn't the only thing you can do on Google map, here is a list of easy tasks you can fulfill using Google maps.

Other Tasks Google Maps Perform

Transportation routes/methods/directions - Google maps can inform you of bus schedules, train arrival times and routes to take from one place to another right from your device. Transport workers navigate through areas that are unfamiliar to them daily through the use of Google maps.

Traffic Information - Using Google maps can help you avoid congested areas. This information is easily gotten from the app. Now you can navigate through your city without getting caught up in traffic jams.

Voice Instructions - Google uses voice instructions to search words on the internet, the same function is in Google map. You can just say the name of the place you want to go in a clear, concise manner and you'll be directed there.

Location Sharing Service - This is good for party/hot spots sharing. If you're on a cool night out in a particular location and you want your friends to join, you can just share your location to them. They will follow the instructions from their own Google map.

Find Out Your Current Location - Good function for hikers and campers who might get lost easily amongst nature. You can find out exactly where you're standing using Google map and find your way back.

Measuring Distances and ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) - It is possible to measure distances between two or more points and even get an estimate of how long it will take you to get from one point to another. It is useful in planning sightseeing vacations.


Adding location on Google map is easy to do and you will usually get either an acceptance or a rejection in some weeks. There isn't much difference between the Google map on mobile devices or desktops.