Everyone wants to have a good jobs in his hands. If the job is confirmed in a reputable organization, it is a plus point. In this connection, we all have ready for our desired job on regular basis, sitting in front of internet the whole day.

You have been also heard about the work from home jobs. It is going to be very common in all over the world. People can make a handsome amount from his home by doing a lot of work online. There are a variety of platforms that allows you to make a profile there and share your skills with the world. If anyone needs your services, they will approach you on that platform and hence, after mutual correspondence, they started working. The amount set for the work will be credited after completion of work.

Amazon jobs

Amazon also offers jobs of customer service positions for people. The job of customer service positions is to solve amazon website issues facing by the customer, Amazon app issue, shopping app issues, Amazon Echo etc.

There are numbers of people serving amazon as customer service. They help out the customers located in any part of the world. As Amazon’s motto is too happy the customers so they have formulated such amazing services that the customers can avail it any time and everywhere. The trend of these positions is going so popular, that almost everyone has a desire to be a part of Amazon by any means. So some of the people with one job is also seeking work from home job at Amazon to help out the customers.

Amazon pays $15 per hour for customer service positions. As Amazon tries to facilitate customers to the best they can, but if any discrepancy comes, they have their representative there to overcome on that discrepancy. To see the popularity of Amazon services and the performance of their team, the scammers are trying to get an advantage from this.


Scammers on the internet are expanding day to day. They have received a lot of people by offering amazing jobs with an outstanding salary. Due to which a simple person, with a low job, applies to it and then the scammers get their unfair profit from the pockets of the simple person. These scammers acting too professional that most of the people consider it real. They make a professional website, a proper logo, catching content and also send a promotional email every day to attract people.

They have also a grip on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They write a catchy post regularly there and also posts their website link. So a common man with no knowledge clicks on the post and goes to the website. So as they have a well-designed website and content, the common man wonders that there is something he had missed for a long time. Such an easy work and an attractive salary package.

Just like that amazon work from home scams are also very trending on the internet and on social media. The scammers offer job for Amazon with an attractive salary package and with a normal and easy job.

So as Amazon has left a remarkable image on the world, so if anyone finds this scam job, he does not waste time and go for it to apply. There was the first attempt done by the scammer in last year, a lady by the name of Sarah called someone about the Amazon work from home scam jobs. She told that there are jobs available at Amazon that pays you $27 per day and called for sign up at a website, she told.

She further told, that it is simply a normal job and you will work from home to facilitate the customers of Amazon nearby you in your area. So, a lot of people at that time, who have no knowledge of Amazon customer support jobs, go as Sarah told them.

It was then proved as a scam because the website for signup was not the Amazon website of job. There was another website that the people were directed to. Hence they were stopped at that time and the scammers were highlighted.

The verdict

In this article, you have been introduced with the scammers that how they act. The whole process of engaging people in their command and how they earn money through it. Internet is full of scammers. We have seen a lot of people that were facing big issues and have lost all their properties on the internet due to these scammers.

These scammers are for a short time as they are caught early as and when notified. But in this short time, they fulfill their mission by deceiving people with a lot of money. There is also a type of scammers in the market that they will first credit you for some months so that they gain the trust of the people. When they get enough trust, then they make a plan to snatch money from that group of people they hired.

So we have to think about it why these websites are offering so much money for such a simple job. As we all know that earning money is one of the most difficult jobs. So it is not easy for someone to work less and earn big money in return.

There is a big sign of scammers that they need some registration fee after signing up. As we all know that there is no fee for any type of registration for working at home. So be careful while entering any data on the website. First, read all the website and also study it. Then make a decision of signing up for registration or any type of link. And so far Amazon is concerned, Amazon does not offer any type of work from home jobs. They only offer customer support jobs.