There is no app – be it a game app or otherwise, you won’t find on your device’s app store. As long as it is legal and licensed by Google and other concerned bodies you would find it there. Have you ever wondered how many apps are on the app store? Every time you log on to the app store, there is almost nothing you type in the search bar that won’t come up. There is different application (app) store for different devices. In other words, Android, iOS devices, Windows devices all have different app stores. This article who look at just how many apps are on the app store of your device.
how many apps are on the app store

Google PlayStore

This is one of the most popular app stores in the world thanks to a large number of people using it. With over 2.1 Million apps for Android users to choose from, we can say it holds this record of being the most popular and largest comfortably.

The google play store previously called Android Market when androids are just being released in the tech world. The google play store allows developers to upload their apps for a user’s download. The store contains games and apps you can download free of charge as well as those you have to download at a cost.

Together with google play store, you need to download google play games. This app will ensure that when you play games on one device and later change the device you can still continue your progress.

In addition, Google Play games rank android users based on the number of achievements they make in the game. The google play store offers more than just apps. You can also download both free and paid movies in the store. There is also a part of the store that hosts ebooks for users to download.

Apple App store

The apple app store (also called the App Store) is a platform made for only iOS devices. In fact, only iPhone, iPad and iPod users can use the store. There are over 1.8Million apps available for download on the store as at the time of this writing. Just like the Google play store, it allows developers to monetize their apps i.e. they can decide whether they want to offer their app for free or for a fee. Apple computers (mac PCs) have their own app store where they can download what they need.

The store is open for anything apple. From Apple smartwatches to iPod devices and what have you, you get everything you need to enjoy your device.

Note: The store contains more apps as of 2017 totaling well over 2 Million but criticism leveled against the store for offering redundant apps has led Apple to remove a huge chunk of it.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon app store shares a lot of things with the google app store. In fact, it is an app store for Android devices. Some Blackberry devices also have access to download some of the apps on the store. The Amazon app store is present on all Amazon devices. It is the main go-to store for Amazon devices without having to rely on the Google play store at all. As of 2019, there are over four hundred and seventy thousand (470,000) apps on the store. There are a lot of things that make the store particularly impressive. One of these is the app of the day feature. This means that everyday trending apps are made available on the front page of the store so that Android users, as well as Amazon users, can use the service.

Microsoft store

The Microsoft store is as the name implies just for Microsoft products. They can be really useful as the risk of buying software disk or installing software online is great. Microsoft phones can access the store just like an android user or iOS device user will use the google play store or the apple app store.

There are over six hundred thousand (600,000) apps available for download on the Microsoft store.

To host your apps on the platform as a developer, you need to pass certain requirements. In fact, this is required by all the aforementioned stores. Failure to meet up with the standard will lead to your app being taken down.

BlackBerry World

Although the percentage of Blackberry users keeps reducing day after day, there is still provision for the users to download apps they need. It was being called the BlackBerryApp world but has since moved on to removing the app. The store allows blackberry users to update or download applications on their devices. There are a limited number of apps that come pre-installed for blackberry users hence the importance of this store.

Most of the latest Blackberry in the market has moved away from the blackberry operating system to the Android operating system. The implication of this is that all new blackberry devices can now download apps they want from the Google play store.

It is important to note that the Blackberry world will be shutting down in 2019. This is because it is no longer required and also because it would be hard for the store to compete with google play.

As at the time of this write-up, Blackberry world store has more than two hundred (200,000) apps available for download. These apps can either be downloaded for free or paid for at a small price.