Airpods is somehow a new shape of Earpods that is the creation of Apple. Airpods are the wireless Bluetooth earbuds that were first released at the end of 2016. In this first generation Airpods, there was the facility of built-in microphone. This was the most popular Apple accessory in the year 2018.

As there was a demand of these Airpods, due to its amazing functions like its sensitivity was so high that if you put it in the ear, it will start and will be quit if take out from the ears, the Apple has introduced its 2nd generation very soon in 2018 and the 1st one was discontinued.

As in 2nd generation, all the functions of 1st generation was already there with the addition of some new functions, so in the market, there is the rule of 2nd generation Airpods. The functions that distinguish the 2ndgeneration from the 1st one is that there are H1 chip, a handsfree and a charging case in the 2nd generation.

The charging battery of the Airpods works for almost 5 hours. If you charge the Airpods with charging case, it will be active for 24 hours. These Airpods are designed in such a way that Apple has set its compatibility with iPhone 5 and the latest model of iPhone. It also has the compatibility with iPod, Macs and Apple TV latest versions. Some of the users criticize Airpods 2nd generation for its high price but still most of the users are using it as Apples has assumed that due to the battery timing of 2nd generation, it will be 50% more demanded product than others.

Now, in this article, you will know about how to connect Airpods to android?So it is a very entertaining and useful article you will read. After reading this article, you will be able to make a decision for whether Airpods is good with android or not. So keep reading till the end.

Connecting Airpods to android

As you have heard that the apple devices are famous for their own distinguish features like the apple devices cannot connect with another device via Bluetooth due to its no compatibility with other devices.

Apple devices can only connect via Bluetooth with Apple devices. It is sometimes a good thing that it makes its image in the surrounding other companies. But sometimes it feels bad as not everyone has apple mobiles or devices. So if are in need of some information or apps that are in android or windows or another form of device, you will not be able to get that information from those devices through Bluetooth. First,you will copy the desired information to PC, and then you will get those data from PC to your Apple device.

But the Airpods have the quality that it connects with android and other devices that support Bluetooth headphones. You will manually connect these with one another because the automatic connection is only from Apple to Apple.

Here is the method of how to connect Airpods to android?

There is a simple way of connecting Airpods to android. For connection, you will have to open the charging case of Airpods. There you will see the pairing button on the back of the case. It will be on and will be shown at other devices. Then open the Bluetooth from your android.

You will see the names of the devices, select or click the Airpods there. Then there will come the pairing option. So pair it with each other and so, you will get the Airpods to connect with android.
Are Airpods best with android?

Upon the reviews of the users of both Airpods to apple devices and Airpods with androids, both of the families have a remarkable comment. So far as the Apple to Apple device is concerned, it is the fact that that device will work perfectly as the Apple device has its own standard compatibility with one another.

The main focus is on what is the behavior of Airpods with android while connecting to one another? The comments of the users were astonishing. One of the users said that he was experiencing the connection of Airpods with android. When he connected both the devices, he said, he went two-three dozen feet away from the device but there was no issue in the voice or music. No change in the quality of sound there. Then he went upstairs, the connection was still the same. He experienced on the close door and he had the same result as for others.

Are you ready to go for Airpods to your android?

After reading this article, if you are asked whether you want to pair Airpods with your android? What will be your answer? And, if someone asks me, I will definitely go for yes. Because Airpods are far better than other Bluetooth headphones. It is easy to carry with. It will not disappoint you at any stage. Its battery timing is too good and it has also a charging case which also has the ability to work for 24 hours. Its sound quality is amazing both in audio and also for talking. It is the only opportunity to avail that an Apple device is pair able to Android devices with no issues. Although Airpods has a high cost than other headphone there is no compromise on quality.

We have experienced that in other Bluetooth headphones, there are plenty of issues and sound problems from time to time. There is also connection problems in other headphones. They will disconnect very quickly if you went for some feet. So, it is not a facility, it is a burden because if a technology is not going to facilitate you, it will become a load on you because you have in mind that you are all dependent on it and if it fails you will have no other option to do.