Who isn’t familiar with Amazon’s impressive products? Amazon is a tech giant that much can be agreed on. They are no longer the booksellers they once were, they are now much more than that. One of Amazon's products of Amazon is its smart speakers. They have developed a brand of very advanced smart speakers for a small price.

Amazon smart speakers are known for their flexibility and the Echo Dot does not disappoint in any way. It is smaller in size compared to its predecessors – Amazon Echo speakers. Nevertheless, it packs all the functions and accessories that come with original echo speakers without breaking a sweat. In fact, it is preferred by a lot of people over other smart speakers because it is relatively cheap.
How To Connect Echo Dot To Bluetooth

Like any other smart speaker made by Amazon, the Echo dot speaker comes with its own virtual personal assistant –Alexa. This means that even if you cannot afford to buy the Original Echo speakers, buying this would give you access to all the things Alexa can do. Alexa is a very useful virtual assistant that was made to make things easier for anyone who owns one. Alexa gives you the power to control and decide what your speaker does use only your voice. It can also respond to you in speech. Alexa can play or stream music if you want it to, it can check online for weather updates and give you a report on what to expect. It can even help you create a shopping list. Impressive right?

While the echo dot can do all of this impressive this, it is still a stripped down Echo speaker and as a result, it is not as good as the Echo smart speakers. However, it is a smarter choice should you need a smart speaker. One thing that is noticeable on the echo dot is that it has a built-in audio jack where you can easily plug in an external speaker to the Echo Dot in order to improve the audio quality. It is not surprising then to see that you are wondering how to connect echo dot to Bluetooth? This article will put you through on how to do that.


The amazon echo dot comes in the size of a hockey puck. It is a smart speaker with the abilities to do a variety of tasks. It comes in different color and it has a fabric texture when handled. It is a stripped down Echo speaker but it can still do a lot of things the echo speaker can do thanks to the presence of the popular Amazon virtual assistant – Alexa. The echo dot uses Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to the internet; this is how Alexa is able to function on it. It has built-in Bluetooth and an audio jack for you to plug in external speakers if you find the acoustic ability of the speaker itself wanting.

As stated before, the speaker is made to recognize voice commands. The impressive thing about the dot is that it does not really have Alexa but taps into the cloud to access it. It does all this in the twinkle of an eye it is almost difficult to believe it taps into the cloud for anything.

How to connect echo dot to Bluetooth

The echo dot comes with inbuilt Bluetooth features that allow you to connect your Bluetooth devices with the smart speaker. To do this you need to follow some steps. They would be highlighted below:

Turn on the Bluetooth on the Bluetooth device you want to connect the speaker to. Move as close as you can to the Echo Dot speaker.

Next, there are two steps here.

- If you are connecting you echo dot speaker to your smartphone, you need to open the Alexa app. If you do not have the Alexa app, you can download and install it. Log into the app and navigate your way to the app’s menu where you can tap the “settings” option.

- If you are trying to connect the speaker to another Bluetooth device, you need to make sure another Bluetooth device is not connected. Then you still need the Alexa app to control your echo dot speaker into enabling pairing mode.

- Select your echo Dot on your Alexa app and then select Bluetooth. A new set of options will show. You need to select “pair a new device”. Once you do that your speaker is now in pairing mode and can now be used with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities.

- Enable Bluetooth on the device you want to connect it with – your smartphone, Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. after a few seconds, your Echo speaker will detect the Bluetooth device. Alexa will then tell you if the connection is successful or not.

To disconnect the Echo Dot speaker from the Bluetooth device, you simply have to say “Disconnect” and the connection will be cut.

Benefits of using the Echo dot

While the main use of a speaker is to play music or videos, you can do much more with an echo dot speaker. They include:

·  Stream Music: with the Echo Dot speaker, you can play music online from platforms like Spotify, Prime Music and Amazon normal music source itself.

·  News: Alexa, while connected to a Wifi connection, will check online to give you news and weather updates. It can also keep you reminded – reminding you of an upcoming event in your schedule.

· You can even shop or order food with the Speaker’ virtual assistant. It also serves as an intercom device

The Echo Dot speaker offers good value for money. If you cannot afford the big Echo speaker device, this would serve you well.